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Cry of Fear: A normal day in Sweden

by Alix1723 • 7,864 views

Samuel L Blackson, Sven Svenson and John embark on a journey to defeat evil and deliver sticky justice. Feed me upvotes here:...

As easy as that? Awesome. You are as awesome as your videos.
about the same, tho since i have lived here since i was born, have i been fighting creatures about everytime im going out. The rest of the time do i sit inside
2:58 Im pretty sure im not the only one who shit themselves
I've been playing DayZ a lot recently, the only thing now is to sort out a better recording setup
DOGSMART is the name of my DOG now!
That giant dead guy disliked the video. =/
you can look up Pewdiepie playthrough, he translated a few :3
You know if your crouch right in front or under that giant dude he can't hit you.
Im swedish and i this happends all the time here.
I'm from sweden and this is exactly how shit goes down.
As an Englishman that just moved to Sweden i can tell you, only 20% of my days are spent fighting off unknown creatures of the abyss. The rest of the time i spent having Fika.
Your DayZ videos are hilarious! you need to start like a lets play or something with that!
1:56 -- Jr. Edward Sciss0r Hans!
birgirpall, alixbox, cricken2 and chinchilla dave should play bf3 together...
Now I want a chocolate orange. Great.
I'm from Sweden, and I find this Swedish.
I'm from offensive and I find this Sweden
not always, on midsommar its nothing like it here, btw GLAD MIDSOMMAR ALLA
There aren't enough Vikings in Sweden! If you had to fight Viking Zombies, you'd be dead in seconds!
0:30, suprise buttsecks for Jawn :D?
I find this Swedish and im Offensive
Why don't we have zombie games like this in the US? Oh yea, 'cause that shitz real over here D:
and a STICK!! (insert zelda treasure noise )
if those are mixed up, then what do you do at school?
I want to play with you guys. In a sexual and non-sexual way.
This game is called Cry of Fear?
4:34 Funniest part in any lixbox ever xD John's lolol and alix's WAT?!
Can we get some video(s) of you guys playing DayZ? I think you guys would suit that, what with the glitchyness of it
It's a good thing you had your stick to defend yourself as there is clearly no superior weapon.
He is a friend of mine and has created a simillar video, it too is hilarious!
Are you familliar with a user by the name of: Bedbananas?
im from sweden and i find this offensive
you really are a criken copycat
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