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Revolver Showdown ~ ttcool233

by DayrenX • 3,585 views

A gallery item request from ttcool233, this is an in-development place where you basically shoot anything and everything with a revolver. And also occassionally spawn out of the map and fall to... i can't say anything but YAY.
:o I gonna play it when I finish eating my pizza XD
0:35 Playing socker with Guest 6500
You are teh best at aimzoring!
I'm making a map for this. C: Account: Bloxxingregulerman
MLG PR0 N0 SCOEP!!11!!!11!!1111!!!!
lol im still workin on my map for this.
Why dont you take off your mask, IDC If every one dies!
@Dayrenx Can I be in one of the episodes my name is tom5213 on ROBLOX I shall be waiting!
0:40 "I LIKE COOKIES NOT BAKED ALL THE WAY XP" did he smoke what kind of acid?
Who the hell disliked this? :(
i see you have TF2 Stock Revolver sounds there, i approve.
You know gallery items can be max 30 seconds right?
...I might join Back to Roblox just to play this game...
As always, the best trailers created by you.
I'll be honest with you. That game actually sorta looks fun.
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