Science is Pretty Freaking Awesome!

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Watch a bunch of stuff fizzle, pop, expand, and explode all in the name of science. Music Credit: https://soundcloud.com/cowb/cowbell-science-and-technology BuzzFeed is the world's first true...

Wait, if a object can levitate in a copper magnetic field. Couldn't we make a suit out of that, and make our first superhero?
do you think the world is covered in a copper magnetic field?
 Pharoa's Serpent for Halloween? 
...And this is why I'm a chemistry major.
+Young Padawan What? :P i assured it and it is propane sodium, didn't see the third carbon atom there. Its also called propane nitrile :)
How do you post comments?
This shit is trippy. Why can't I learn this is science? I'd pay waaay more attention.
This is cool science, but it's not especially helpful science. If you're lucky, your professor can demonstrate the laws of nature with this kind of thing, but not as effectively as he would with conventional means.
Serkan Haytac Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Science is Pretty Freaking Awesome!: http://youtu.be/hGn7aSe8e6w
I fucking love Science it's the best
In my school a lot of popular kids are in gifted science. On the first day I school I was like, "GET OUTTA HERE DIS IS SERIOUS STUFF"
1:08 Its A SATAN Octupus! Run for your LIEF
1:05 i have Magnetic thinking putty, it is really hard to bend. Don't buy it.
Fun Fact: cover a huge water bottle's insides with rubbing alcohol and set light to it from a distance, sounds loud :O
I think I was too drunk to put comas so it became science bitches
If I saw the Pharoa's Serpent I would just scream and run away because that stuff looks like some sort of snake demon.
Everyone who tridw the one at 1:09 tried to shoot it
The first one... I thought that a cup of coffee just exploded into a charred human leg out of the cup omg
The last one was cool :P
This is why whenever some says "What happened?", I just reply with "Science happened".
Science is my new favourite school subject
Procrastinating is my favorite subject.
Lunch is my favourite subject
it would be more awesome when we get portal guns and gravity guns :D
This is the coolest thing i've ever seen.
These videos are ok, but I either constantly pause-and-goBack or watch muted at half speed. Maybe it is just me, but too fast imo. This one looks like a half speed mute deal
Isna Ramadani Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Science is Pretty Freaking Awesome!: http://youtu.be/hGn7aSe8e6w this is why i loveeeeee science, the experiment are ridiculously exciting!!!
Just get nightmare after this video. WTF
1:15 remembers to some kind of alien thing...a bit creepy
Dat bass drop tho...... 
Awesome picture right there.....
+Buzlter Thanks. :) I like yours too.
i saw poo from somewhere
Yes that's why I love science. Wonderful video.
so there is a use for feathers
1:07-1:17 that's Satan rising from hell
1;14people who dicoverd that probs like octipus from hell going to eat us DX
Posted on mah b-day!!!!!
u can create drugs with chemistry thats fuks your brain up even more!
Calm down Jesse...
Chemistry's the one with shapes n shit right
1:12 Eldritch Abomonation/Gateway to Hell has been born
0:24 me: i wonder whats going to happen? BOOOOMM me: OH MA GAWD
Science. It works bitches. Damn I love science. Anyone else who disagrees is an imbecile.
01:25 Cu means ass in portuguese
the poor fellow who discovered magnesium thiocyanate
ok, h2s04 is sulfuric acid, but what are the 2 other molecules over it.
if I understood any of those chemicals names it would be a lot cooler
Who would dislike this? lol
I bet i could convince the Westboro Baptist church that im Christ reincarnated by pulling off some of these. just tell them it was god or some shit like that.
I did the last science experiment before and I burnt my hand. Please do not try it. GodBless the world!!!
abidul wahab ramadan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
weirdest chemical reactions ever 
What song is this?
1:05 Vat19.com, anyone? :D
Oh my god- that song is so damn catchy.
I did the last science experiment before and I burnt my hand. Please do not try it. GodBless the world!!!
that blob eating the magnet is from vat19
Yeah! Science bitch!
reasons why i am going to do chemistry in college...!
Every single video literally BLEW MY MIND
all these mind blowing awsome things were the result of scientists or regular people that said "I wonder what will happen if..."
1:07 - 1:18 looks like something is coming from hell
Did someone just fucking apparate at 0:09
This is the kind of video that makes your teeth and fingers feel weird. lol!
0:09 and 1:07 Yeah lets use "science" to summon from the underworld!
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HEY! The magnet going into the black slime is magnetic silly putty from vat19
Lee H. Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
The last and 3rd last are the best
Someone should do the first one under someone's crotch >:D
Why didn't they show the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide using yeast as a catalyst and Dish soap to trap the oxygen forming "elephant toothpaste"
Was the first reaction a mix of Nitrogen Dioxide, Amidogen and Sulphuric Acid or am I wrong?
Sodium acetate crystallizing
another reason to make me love science even more than I already do
0:06 so THAT'S how to make an instant dildo... 1:08 so THAT'S how to summon Cthulu, lord of darkness...
phaoroahs seprent was scary
And this is why I love chemistry
I really don't understand some of the words that video said
Science like researching countless hours? Or this?
the pharaoh serpent sure impress me :)
working in science =/= doing badass reactions all day
Yeah... science bitch!
So that's where my penis went
The pharo's serpent is some creepy shit.
Chemisty* is awesome
in the first experiment. one chemical is sulfuric acid but what is the other?
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