T-rex Attacks Small Children (1.19.11 - YTO Day 21)

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Da Pants Bar Eh!!!! Such a Yucky day in Halifax!! Today I take a trip to the past... a trip to the museum!! A world renoun exhibit is in town and I wont miss that!!! WisemanTimes Twitter:...

tim bits aint only in canada well i live in taylor michigan wich is basicly a part of canada and realy close..i have a question(please answer cuz you always ignore my qeustions im not saying intentionaly but you do)im 17 and when im 18 or older i plan to move to cannada cuz its like a better version of america...but i hear its always snowing wich i love but is that true?
@ArcheysGames ya after a day im already used to it.... like i mentioned in the vid...it will take itme for people to get adjusted!!
That's some disgusting weather, also the small star fish at 7:07 looks like its dancing :D OH and the new youtube homepage sucks because i have over 400, so its impossible to see any video i want the old one back :)
@relytm i totally agree... people always seem to complain at first when websites change, but in the end everyone gets used to it and finds the good out of the bad and time moves on... facebookers complained when facebook changed, but now everyone's happy with it, go figure lol
I totally agree, that new youtube homepage sucks. I am not digging this and can't find anything!
@randomcrazyfun76 so is walking down the street!!! lol my favorite quote from lord of the rings...." the most dangerous thing you can do everyday...is step out your front door."
I can't wait to go see Sue!! and Gus!!
@55andyb i Bought this the cam im using on dec 29 and posted my first vlog on the 30th..... before that ive never even used a camera before...not to mention editing!!
@WisemanTimes u r tellin me u live in halifax ? well yh they told me its very very friendly and very nice .. i might visit them one day in halifax or vancouver cus in the next few months i`ll move to seattle .. and its pretty close 2 canada ..
@zaksitchin12 no its not always snowing, in the winter it snows, but it really depends where you are, if you live in ontario by the great lakes you'll get snow squalls and get hit alot, but if you live in BC(west Coast) its more wet than snow
the little girl at 3:39 has the same boots as my 2 year old :)
why is that writin in arabic .. ( in the musem ) :P and yes am a saudi
@WisemanTimes wow .. small world lol am like .. on the other side of the world :D hope i visit halifax someday .. and try the timbits haha but u gotta promise me a free meal when i come :P
I think I'm pretty glad dinosaurs are extinct :)
@WisemanTimes well well .. that means u got alot of arabs there .. or maybe tourists .. i have 2 saudi friends who study at Dalhousie University - Halifax .. they are loving it there :)
I agree with you on the You-Tube face. It seems disjointed and messy. Thanks for taking us to the museum, I loved it.......much love.......donna
@UrSeanshine im used to it already although i dont know how people with over 100 subscriptions is gonna think having to go through all those....but everyone is forgetting....you can go to the top right and select subs and it will take you to a better part to get you vids
@OdyLMAO lol funny you mentioned that!!! Sky will be making her return next video!!
@CrazyIDuff im not too sure.... most things in canada are writen in english/french/mandarin/arabic gotta please everyone right!!
@jemerr haha always quick to tell people to settle down and take time to look before you see its not that bad! :P
@VieLaVlog well i am relitively new to the whole filming and editing....im still using windows movie maker....havent found the time to try out vegas pro...but after a few videos i started noticing cut points and when to turn on and off the cam which made it easier to edit...im down to about an hour of editing now
@relytm I was going to say that, but you beat me to it!
Keep up the good work.. Stay Wise..
Did u make videos before ur blogs or did u just start with these
great vid, good day. thumbs up if you miss Sky ?! :P
I watch YouTube from an iPod so nothing ever looks different to me
@WisemanTimes been in the -30s here in sask last couple days =[ not fun
@CrazyIDuff i do live in halifax!! born and raised!! with a 12 year span being away and just got back a little while ago
@zaksitchin12 no not really...majority of the time its warmer up here in canada then in the states... but we do have our moments where canada is canada and most of us cant leave our houses!!!! generally though its not that bad...just stay away from the prairies!!!
@CrazyIDuff halifax is extremely friendly for multi-cultural living.... we have a world renoun student exchange program here
They've ruined youtube too many times already. I hate the new interface and i only have 25 subs.
SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU!! ...just sayin'
with the new youtube just go to the top and click subscription uploads instead of all activity right beside where your msgs are, its a simple fix iv been using this new layout for like a month now i find it a lot nicer once you change it to Subscription uploads
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