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DayZ: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Ep. 2 - Calling in Backup

by CaptainSparklez • 609,695 views

Adam: Download the mod (requires Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead): Merch store! ● Minecraft...

I love friends you should watch it + Iv seen all the dayz videos like a thousand times you should do more dayz or at lest arma III oh and do evil minecraft for the next modded survival
Jordan is... SWEARING? WTF? But a great series xD
DayZ is 23,99 on Steam so dint buy Arma
Talk about cursing Jordan!
no way thats totally why hes talking
This game makes you lonely if you don't have a friend with you.
Omg, I don't understand why people like you feel the need to put such negative comments like this. Listen!! Trolls and the general public who like putting crap like this, if you don't like what you see.....STFU THANKS. -_-
Can i ask because im new to dayz how do i go in 1st person
No No, Keep Watching... Your Views get Jordan money :)
Dayz is a mod for a game called Arma. To get dayz you must buy both Arma 2 and Arma 2 operation Arrowhead.
yeah I found that out a day after posting that comment, im so excited
lol after watching frankie just LOL
i luv it wen he plays with seananners
You spawn with a fucking bandage
Play mineZ on minecraft ip: like so he can see
get it off of mysexgames. com and its 0.01 cents!!!!!!!!! i seriously have no idea, and dont be a porn--addict. ADVICE
whenever i play my frame are very slow, how do I fix this?
i loved how they were talking about killing him in the begin in direct chat
This was uploaded in June, 2012. Kinda to late to comment! :) This comment is kinda late to...
Dayz won't be on Xbox or Ps3 it's going to be on Next Gen Consoles like the Ps4 and the new Xbox which name hasn't been revealed it will have a 24 player max and dedicated servers. There is a game coming out called City Of Decay which will be a PC and Xbox 360 exclusive sorry Ps3 and if you don't believe me look it up for yourself.
Actually. You can play it with Arma 2:Free but you'd still need to buy Operation Arrowhead
cant wait till the standalone version is out
Because he's funny. Many people have disliked your comment so you lost this one.
there making a pc standalone, if that gets a certain amount of buys/views/likes they may consider putting out a console version but they haven't fully confirmed a console release
When they are talking about the houses I start singing to myself "Shes a brick, HOUSE"
You sound like the comedian Christian finnegan
Its funny reading comments of people thinking its xbox 720 ages ago because sure we know now but even then microsoft said themselves they called it 360 because they did a 180 looked at what they made then did anouther 180 and kept going silly people
she crawled by the fence she was in black when he went to the back of the building
zombies half the time have a can of drink or bandage.
I don't know, maybe i'm a crazy, sarcastic fucker, or am just holding my own about you calling me a dick and all.
This wasn't supposed to be my username, it was just a prank by a "friend" of mine. I am seriously considering making a new account, but the only thing stopping me is my 20+ contacts and my no videos. Accomplishment.
how can i get this game and how much in Canada?
please help me i dont get this game is there other people other than jordan and adam
bandages we don't need bandages if we got a AS50 man he is a noob kind of
Actually it's a pile of sticks used to start a fire.
how does he skip and it sounds like he didnt?
People were saying they did 2 360s which doesnt make sense
if you're shocked by a 9 year old (which we have absolutely no clue what age they are) watching stuff like this you must be new to youtube. what does any of this have to do with my parenting skills, we dont know anything about this kid lmao. the kid made a mistake, live and let live man, is it really worth your time and energy to hate on him for something as simple and trivial as this? cmon son...
Lol i love how they just continue chasing him
If she is still there....bleeding out.....I am going to take her life....I am ok with that.
i got question do you need to buy arma 2 and arma 2: op eration arrowhead ore just arma 2: operation arrowheas
no its not beacuse the games to big its just cus its so realistic its no fun to play beacuse if you dont have a good computer then its graphics suck so bad and your computer wont be able to run it
i just sore you on arma 2 i was going crazy you were with burns can i get a shout out from you or talk to u and burns
yes its a pc game can be like 60 people on servers
These two are so dysfunctional it's hilarious.
Oh I should correct myself. It used to do both, to my knowledge. Not anymore, it heals broken bones though.
Captain spaklez is Kevin bacon?!?! It all makes sense now...
I like playing realistic, But a die hard non stop realistic player is what is fkin annoying.
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