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Guest House for Rent PRANK- Plenty of sunlight, great ventilation (Bad Ads)

by BadAdsFromChris • 75,349 views

Check back every Monday for more Bad Ads - Seeking additional roommate for guest house. Fully furnished, skylight, all utilities included. Asking $1,200 per month and last month's rent for deposit....

I can't tell if some of these are real or not... Still funny, so does it really matter? Hmmm
I'm thinking the exact same thing.
you're so handsome.
I'd live in that tree house, Shit.
im dying love your stuff
I think this was the best one ever. is it me or does the guy in the blue shirt look like its 1980 or some shit
this is scaring me i had that exact same profile pic before. 
yeah this one looked fake af tho
So, as a long time subscriber to your channel, I have to ask...  when do you plan on a season 4?  Or just some videos every now and then?
Who the hell pays $1,200 a month for rent.
What kind of box do you live in bro??
bro next time put peoples reactions
its like this guy is stuck in 70 thousands ages now
I really hope these videos from Chris aren't fake. If they are, they are faked pretty well. hahaha
they all look like they wanna cry when they realize you're "selling" a treehouse ahahah
Holy shit! This is one of the funniest guys Ive ever seen! For real. I gotta meet him one day haha!
The guy in the blue shirt had me crying.
want to see the final reactions on this one
"Woa! Hold on, where are you goin'?!" Haha gold.
Bring it down to $1,150 then we'll talk. 
Lol your too funny mate, love the awkwardness!!!!!! i cant help but feel sorry for them though hahahaha
the shorter tubby guy with the hat just seems so.....lost and confused lol.
Shoulda put porn in the tree house
Actually most "touching" laws that exist in the U.S. generally state in some form or another that the law only applies in a public setting. If your on private property, most of these laws seem to vanish. You can't physically restrain another person, but you can touch them however you damn well please, now obviously there is exceptions to these rules, such as in the case of minors but it is what it is
I agree completely but it's kind of a double edge sword. The more he get's known the harder it would be to do cause his face becomes more familiar. So people would come round and be like 'Wait, your that youtube guy right?'
2:56 *smacks his ass* "my mom's got pigs and blankets" HAHAHA!
Lol don't be so defensive man. I wasn't making a "judgement" on the video, I was just saying it's hard to believe that the people are genuine.
I was half expecting the guy in the blue shirt to throw you out the window xD
1200 $ a month? Are you kidding me. Where the hell do you live. And thats for a roommates half. I pay half that for 3 bedroom townhouse all inclusive. On the Thames River
Best part is end, "Whoa whoa, where you goin? Imma getcha!"
Lol do whatcha gotta do SLAPP
You should do a "Wine making class" and add weird things to it and make them drink it. And pretend you know alot about wine but just bullshit like you do best. Love ya dude!!
The last guy was just TOO perfect!
blue shirt guy looks like he was gonna go hulk and punch your ass
Not fake, guy in the blue shirt looked sincerely pissed off XD
but this house is awesome, I would love to live there
I dont think ive seen anyone look a like another person as this guy looks like ben affleck.. The resemblance.. I mean, he could be his twin.. And even though im a guy, he would be the more handsome one
Okay, the best part of this entire video is when the guy says "I just don't... understand," and dejectedly ambles off to the side. XD
Dude I love comedy and you def DO NOT get enough views. You're hilarious. Keep it up please.
seems fake. too funny to be real
If they are all actors then they are all really good actors. To keep a straight face while Chris is trying to tickle you and making awkward comments is more difficult then you can imagine.
hahahahahahaha you smacked his butt and he took off running LOLOLOL BEST VIDEOS EVER
Bahahaha you could've sold it to the little guy he was thinking about it
I wish I could see more of that guy getting married cause he looked like he was gonna cry
Dude, I'm tryin to get u out there, i've posted ur vids on fb to spread your humor. I will try to help you out! :)
Lmfao. This may have been the funniest video I've watched in the years I've been on YouTube. Thank you.
I love how you did your best to make him feel as uncomfortable as possible.
1:07 i swear thats the waiting for a mate guy
Should've showed the reactions when you told them it was a prank. ):
Your videos deserve to be the most viewed on YouTube mate !
Seriously, this vid must be faked. Those two are clearly actors. Right? Must of your other videos seems legit, but not this one. Please prove me wrong! I love you! :)
*This is a fucking tree house..........This is a fucking tree house*
This is a Fukcing Tree house. This is a Fucking Tree house.
Would you happen to be Ben Afflecks brother?
lmaoo to the dude in the blue shirt shured of showen when he told them it was a prank tho
2:58-3:10 watched sooooo many times almost died loove this
Oh God, the one guy couldn't even get his hat off for a bit :'D
that was by far the funniest one u rock dude
is it normal that i'm laughing so hard
Guest HOUSE, not guest room you moron. Aren't you a lucky faggot.
I'd love to believe this because it's hilarious, but it seems really staged. Especially the guy in the treehouse. No one would climb up into the treehouse, only to then turn around and have the conversation of "IT'S A FUCKING TREEHOUSE". However I guess only the guys in the video know if it was real or not :/
ummm what? that was a weird thing to say and then follow with an insult.
Did you get to tell them it was a joke?
Oh my God I totally lost it when he spanked the guy!! I haven't laughed that hard in God-knows-how-long! You rock, man!!!
Not when his material is so great. He should have well over 100,000
What no reactions?! I wanted to see how the dude that was getting married was going to react :(
Did you ever get the chance to tell that guy it was a prank?
Getting married in 1 month and is looking at guest houses??????......hmmmm
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