Leopard Cubs Rescued From Floods in Cambodia

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Super cute Leopard cubs are rescued from floods in the Takeo Province of Cambodia. After being saved by a local fisherman they now are living at the Phnom Tameo Wildlife Rescue Centre. Click to...

wow, how nice to know that they are well taken care of. They are so lucky. Best wishes for those cubs
Aww, I would hug them all day and kiss their little noses. So cute! = ]
we can't tell if their mom really abandoned them. their mom might have died trying to save her babies. can't really tell.
The Mom Sounds Like.. A Butt Head.
@theautumnsnow first off, you dont know jack about wild animals, as clearly stated by your hippy "be free" attitude. The cage itself is not permanent, obviously you've never raised an animal from infancy. No animal should be left in an open area at that age... Sooooo many things can go wrong in that so called "Free" environment.... As for the mothers priority, if you knew, is for herself to survive.... If a natural disaster occurs in any area, mothers of wild animals do NOT have the -
@theautumnsnow Its stated that he went to a wildlife refuge that's teaching him the appropriate way to raise them. This would include how to behave in the wild.
theyre going to eat him when they get older hahahahahahahaha
How cute! Such tiny little kittens! They couldn't have been more than a week or so old.
more kittehs.... and less of the guy talking--Thanks.
@xxxhannahxzx bird cage, dog cage, bat cage, all in all it does its purpose, to house them, maybe its all they had on the spot
Cubs who are raised in captivity don't need all that training, their food is provided. Besides it's instinct. And Wild cats never leave their cubs alone, they know its too dangerous. Should he have let them drown in the flood?... And they're tiny cubs who don't require lots of space yet, so you don't have to worry much for them.. :p besides he said he was being trained, so they would provide him with a makeshift house for the time being. And I believe their future will be bright.
Oh my goodness, I totally want to hold one!
@Winlaw2008 A leopard cat isn't the same thing as a leopard.
OMG the cutest things EVER!!!!! I can't stand it they're so cute!!!!!
The beautiful side of Life
adorable! Now im not asking for a dog, ill be asking my mom for a baby leapard!
:) The way I see it (I'm not saying your wrong btw, just expressing my opinions, which aren't negative so please don't be offended) they will be put into a safe environment after where they will be provided with food shelter and medical attention. Not to mention no natural predators. :)
This is an explosion of CUTENESS!!!!
What an absolute hero, well done to that keeper for helping raise the two cubs that was found by the fisherman. And they are so adorable and its good to know there are people out there that are willing to help raise awareness for this big cat.
How? He's caring for the abandoned cubs. Even being trained special for it. I say good for him. :)
Most of these big cats fear being killed ,shot,or hunted by Human Being who are destroying all their NATURAL HABITATS! I am a LEGAL ADVOCATE FOR ANIMALS ALL OVER THE WORLD. Lots of love to all the animal lovers this is 1/29/2012. Love Dr. DJ DEB, #1 DJ,VJ,Producer,Talent Scout,Modeling Agent,Musician,etc....
It's really cute but it seems like a BAD idea to me. Is he going to teach them to hunt? To be stealthy? To hide? To fend for themselves? How does he know they were abandoned? I think he should have stayed back an watched for a while to see if the mother comes back. And good lord, they live in a bird cage. What a miserable existence for two kittens genetically designed to run and hunt and play in the wild. I feel terrible for these two poor prisoners. Grim future for those two :(
theyre in a bird cage because...?
higher brain function to say, "Im staying with my babies, weather I make it or not!" That's the animal kingdom unfortunately... they became a liability... again, unfortunate... and from what was said in the video, when they grow up, they'll be put on ranches where adaquet space, time and love for their natural behaviors and environment will be taught to them.
awwwwwww!!!!! they are so cute!!!!!!!
I want one and they're so cute.
Awwww ! No words to describe this moment. The fisherman that rescued them deserves a medal ! :o)
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