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Minecraft Far Lands or Bust - #093 - Three Wishes

by kurtjmac • 17,903 views

In Far Lands or Bust we are walking, without any cheats or mods, to the Minecraft Far Lands as a walk-a-thon fundraiser for Child's Play Charity! In today's episode, I go on and on about how the...

I would just wish for lots of money, like to hit a $100M super lotto or something would happen where a lot of money would come my way. Seems to be the answer to a lot of things.
If you had to live on a planet what would it be????? I asked 15times And NASA peps are sending pepole to mars to live there
FML. Going to the international space centre this saturday ALL weekend ; _ ;
I think it would be a bit much to upload all the the 8hr20min livestream to youtube, but I think some kind of 'Best Moments from the 8hr20min Livestream" compilation would be a good idea. I don't know if the streaming site keeps track of the length of the stream, but anyone who pops in can suggest a moment in the stream that was especially memorable; perhaps even submit a video clip, if they want to record the stream while they watch it.
Wish 1: Being able to watch the whole 8h20m livestream without any problems... Wish 2: Being a talented soccer player Wish 3: A TARDIS, so I can save my grandmother...
Tried making a remix on this, but failed.
What kind of telescope do you use? and how big? Also what do you like to watch through it, anything, nebulas, globular clusters, various stars, Jupiter, etc.?
@ThePwnagekiller And you don't know how to spell diseases and you're still gay.
1.more Far lands and stranded 2.JET PACK =D 3. more wishes o3o
@TehBravehood because in 1.8 the farlands is removed
KURT i think there is a zombie spawner next to ur hidey hole at the end! check for zombies :D
I watched the test live stream very drunk, it was awesome. :D
@kurtjmac Morning?! It quarter to five in the afternoon, my friend.
You definitely should do an episode where you do just talk random nonsense like that, maybe for April Fools'
@Khaddo91 you need the age of a timelord aswell
could you make a fan server PLZ? love ALL your vids btw :)
Go to 8:35 to see Kurt encounter another not one, but TWO of the legendary Floating Blocks. This time, he gets to meet the Floating Blocks of Water! You guys know what to do with it. Someone said "KURTSTEP". Please make it happen.
R.I.P. Kurtjmac case of death:wolfie
when will the 8hr live stream begin?
keep pressing 20:05 for boats'n'boats song.
could you update the map at
@Metallion98 If Wolfie ever dies he should build a burial mound and entomb himself inside as an end to the series.
does anybody know in wich coordinates he is in?
three wishes you say? unrealistically a time machine to go back and fix some bad decisions I made. more realistic A good job that i enjoy doing, possibly Partnership here on youtube. And more material wish for my last wish, BILLION DOLLARS! XD
Hey Kurt, I'm a big Doctor Who fan too. I acctually have a Sonic Screwdriver of my own. Do you have anything like that, such as a Star Trek badge or a Indiana Jones Whip. (etc.)
Asteroid 2005, Y U 500? (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ But seriously Kurt, looking forward to the live stream. Reminds me of... -Random Comment Skip- ...and that's where the word lighthouse comes from. See you round Kurt.
@MrRudolf997 You can still do your own - I imagine that an army of creepers would have more than one general.
What first got you interested in Astronomy? Are there any other fields your interested in?
According to Notch, the Minecraft sun and moon actually rose in the north, not in the east. This was a bug, but was left in the game. This was changed in Minecraft Beta 1.9 Pre-release 4, so the sun and moon now both rise in the east.
I wish I hadn't wasted this wish.
A lesser known fact is that if you see a magicked block of floating water, you also get three wishes.
wow... how tired was i when i watched this? (aka yes)
i want to see tower heist and have u seen saving private ryan
I'm surprized you didn't wish for the ability to overcome your introvertedness. That is my wish!
How much longer you think until you get to the far lands?!?!
8:50 This reminds me of the "Feeding Wolfie, cause he's an idiot, and hurts himself often" song. For those of you who have no idea of what I'm talking about, I think that was episode 64, but it may have been 63.
Someone disliked this.... why.......
DANGIT! It appears, as of Monday morning, ChipIn's service is down again. :(
@JmoV84 For what he's doing, there's no need for any mods.
You should just upload the most memorable parts of the livestream, instead of the whole thing.
1: Be able to change my body anyway i want. 2: Be able to manipulate time. 3: Happiness, maybe
what sort of hobbys do you have?
1 - Practical and complete understanding of how to utilize FTL travel. 2 - Practical and complete understanding of gravity thruster, negative-mass, or similar propulsion systems. 3 - 300x the amount of money required by our current technology to implement wish one and two, culminating in the construction and launch of not only a fully functional FTL craft, but also orbital habitats and sub-light interplanetary transports. I've had those wishes ready for almost 20 years.
For your 15,000 sub video you should go back to the "Canyon of Whoa" and make an awesome village there.
thumbs up if you want the dog to die
1.Ability to speak fluently in any language. 2.Be able to talk to anybody and have a enjoyable conversation. 3.Be 5 years old and have all the knowledge I have now.
@CaptainAustraliaFTW Notch did fix the Far Lands.
@WeeeMachine thats in a straight line. i estimate up to 4000 episodes.
you should have an "Indeed-counter"
@Surells We are all living one way or the other so it is hard to get a life. You can take a life from somebody, but I think killing is prohibited. AAAAAAAaannyway. You talking about the Coca-Cola Company reminded me of something. Yesterday, I bought their new drink, Zero (Coca-Cola Zero). I never tried a diet coke, so I wanted to do it. Tasted like slightly carbonated mineral water dyed black. I don't understand why it is being made. BUT... people ARE buying that because it is Coca-Cola. Heh.
This vid gets a 35...but keep in mind, this is a very inaccurate scoring system! XD I saw the patch of red mushrooms and was like "And, of course, he's going to totally ignore them." I was SO happy to be wrong! :D Wishing to have a good, enjoyable job isn't three wishes material?!? It's PRACTICAL! There's nothing wrong with or unworthy about practical!!! I wish for another epic FLoB livestream, enough money to pay for my best friend's college tuition, and to have never hatefully spammed Kurt.
aww dang! the livestream is on the 1 weekend when I won't have an opportunity to watch it. Good luck on the streaming anyways! :)
Watching all vids to the last sec..
Kurt, check out Kerbal Space Program, it's a game where you can build rockets with proper physics, it's really fun and you can land on the Moon!
@Deus0tiosus but, if you have that you would just poison yourself with you're farts
I just came here from the next episode to see how visible the dungeon at the end was.
Wish 1 : Be immune to hot/cold/other horrible sensations when I don't want to feel them. Wish 2 : Never get ill. Wish 3 : Live until I feel I'm done with life.
You started with Hard House. Then, there was Drum & Bass. In 2010, Dubstep went commerical, but now, in 2011, a new music craze is about to grace your speakers!! Inroducing, HARD KURTSTEP! Debut Single, Floating blocks!
Floatin Blocks of water, Floatin Blocks of water you are soo magical!
Hey kurt I had asked about you if you would join my very small server (. 3 people) on the last few videos but to no avail! Here I am asking yet again! Also are you into other video games such as dark cloud 1 and two megaman and or castlevania.?
Hey uhm guys, why is it that I never get any ads on any videos ever? o_o I mean, I do have an ad-blocking program, but I've seen people with ad-blocking programs still get ads. Do they eventually get disabled if you're registered on Youtube for long enough? Or is it something else? :o
1. After he said wish for pig meat and porkchops pigs appeared and he got 4 porkchops. 2. 50 Kaputniks says Wolfie won't make it through the livestream. 3. That water was freaky.
Thumbs up if you think the MW3 ad is the most tremendous waste of resources you've ever seen.
just wait for number 4 and im sure 6 will come in a year or two
Also, to correct myself: a few episodes ago, I said "Kurt = May contain awesomeness". Just to cover all my bases (I've corrected myself on the Kurt vid that came right after that [a Stranded! vid] and on his actual channel), I will correct myself here: Kurt ≠ May contain awesomeness. Kurt = Awesomeness. Period. ;D
I guess my first wish would be just to have a good, happy life. Then I suppose I'd wish for money... my third wish? Either one of these. -The ability to understand 2001: A Space Odyssey. -The power to warp reality. -Some garlic bread. -The Far Lands to return. -The ability to understand Blade Runner. -Invisibility... time manipulation... teleportation... -...more garlic bread. -Do you like garlic bread, Kurt?
What texture pack does he use??
This video got 10,00 views. If half of the people who watched this has donated $1 that would be $5000. Just saying....
Hey kurt. I'm interested in astronomy, but don't have that much money to buy a telescope. What would you recommend? And also, do you take PMs?
@WeeeMachine He's addressed this many times. He knows this. He doesn't care. It's not about the destination, it's about the journey.
1. New computer that I'm looking at 2. Ability to use all spells from The Elder Scrolls 3. Ability to use metamorphisis to change into different creatures/animals, even fictional ones.
1: A MEGA computer with infinite power, memory, un-hackable, invincible to all viruses, spyware, malware, etc, and compatible with anything 2: Probably to know minecraft's programming and java's entire language by heart so i can make AMAZING mods 3:(My benefit to mankind wish) To have a machine that will make infinite amounts of a substance that cures all diseases with NO side effects at all
1:A stick that can transform into anyweapon or tool. 2:Matrix slo-mo powers 3:ninja reflex and parkour powers
They told us it won't hit us, but what about the moon?
Did something happened to you because of the time change?
thumbs up if u agree mw2 is crap
I watched the 8:20 yesterday and that was my first glimps at this series. How are you entertaining? I'm actually enjoying a man walking in a straight line!
My three wishes (aside from more wishes or being omnipotent) would be: 1) A warehouse sized nano-factory 2) The ability to travel to time and space (an possibly communicate telepathically with my past and future selves like in the game Achron) 3) To win several million pounds in the lottery
@SoTheySayy I'm going to be doing the silver tori a power twenty minute live stream...
anyone see that surface dungeon at the end of this episode?
Three wishes, huh? Monetary security, a shy girlfriend with bouncy breasts, my own personal library of old and antique books. OH YES.
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