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Xtra-Large Soda Drug Deal

by JestComedy • 61,707 views

See more at In Bloomberg's New York, you gotta go to the streets for more than 16 ounces of the good stuff.

M4 with no magazine? A lot of use that will do you...
This is actually a really well-made video. Goes to show that anything can seem bad in the eyes of the public if the man labels it so and criminalizes it.
At 2:04 she has no magazine in her gun.. 
24 ounces is small to you guys!!?? My local subway sells 23 ounces as an XL!!
pibb xtra > dr pepper
Very funny video. I loved it. I kinda wish more people were watching your videos.
Cole Lederer Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Nutella's gun didn't have an ammo clip in it....
Cocaine provides a similar high, and is a harder drug. Your comment is invalid.
And how likely is it that a soda dealer has a semi automatic hunting rifle?
no lie? were can by live in ohio too bra, need a sugar hi
he's showed humiliaty so why don't you shut the fuck up and move on
I'm about to get a pibb xtra. I didn't know where I live was considered south.
its cut with diet! oh what the fuck!
fuk u i only smoke da herb i dont eve n bye it i fukin grow it n smoke out all day fuk skool
Do the cops say "Police, Fuck that soda!", cause it sounds like that!
ya smoke weed is life fuck skool thts for gay ppl tht cant just smoke out humanity wud b alot better if we didnt do stuped shit like go 2 the moon nd study science cuz we can just smoke weed its da best
"Cocaine provides a similar high, and is a harder drug." You are an idiot. They are not even in the same class.
"feels a little light for a sugary drink" *tries to feel the weight difference between coke and diet coke.
actually dumb fuck science proves that addiction to marijuana is placebo as are video games running and sex obviously if you enjoy something you will do more of it oh and btw 90% of the shit you said on this thread was completely wrong cannabis in itself is a chemotherapy so causing cancer does not harm the smoker
Oh boy another one. I'll have a field day with you and enjoy it. :) "paranoia, memory and motor function are minor?" You do not have a good grasp on English, do you? Seeing as you are from Canada this is quite disturbing. When I said "all of these are pretty minor" I meant that the paranoia itself is minor with cannabis use. Not that "paranoia" is generally a minor negative effect, which it actually usually is. But that's besides the point. My next sentence even clarified my point.
"When smoking it, it is difficult to completely overdose in the heroin sense, if you smoke it." Excuse me, but it's not difficult, but in fact IMPOSSIBLE. You do not even know this? Wow. "However, to claim that something like smoking a cigarette is MORE harmful than cannabis is just ridiculous." I just explained to you that smoking tobacco can kill you, while cannabis cannot and you are seriously still doubting that tobacco is worse? What is going on in that head of yours?
the song is called "air" if u wanted to know.
I don't want to see pictures of your dogs shit and some pictures of bud you search on google images.
Yeah sure. I don't do research. Whatever you say. I obviously cannot lost every single possible one. I already listed paranoia for that matter. Vomiting is very unusual so it has no place on this list. Heart problems? Really ? Mind explaining this? Sure it can rise your pulse, but how do you justify the claim that this can cause "heart problems". Working out will also increase you pulse, but it wont necessarily cause heart problems if we are talking about a healthy one. Stop making things up.
And again you go on ranting about this stepping stone idea. It's really getting old and has been debunked to ad nauseam. Please try something new.
Let me give you a real comparison: Negative effects from high doses of cannabis: Sleepiness, drowsiness, confusion,dry mouth, decreased memory and motor functions, paranoia. All of these are pretty minor. The worst of them for me personally is the dry mouth. Oh the agony. High doses of alcohol: Aggression, extremely impaired motor functions, impaired vision, dissociation, total loss of memory, puking. severe dizziness and headaches, extremely impaired judgment, possible death from overdose
yes it is dude. Video games, caffeine, and sugar are addicting. I'm addicted to fucking RUNNING. You better believe an hallucinogenic drug is fucking habit forming.
I read this while my video was loading (dial up) now im pumped to watch it
The cigarette joke actually reflects the hypocritical situation we have now. The police are going after soft drugs like cannabis saying it's bad for you and yet they them selves use more dangerous drugs like nicotine and alcohol.
Good Shit I was Laughing Every Second "your flying too close to the sun Men" #Epic
lol in aruba we have only small sodas
How the hell did this responsible debate about cannabis turn into a fight between whether a 12-year old has weed or not?
I respect that you educated yourself and then you were able to admit that you had been wrong.
immagine if soda were actually like this...
The dangers have already been proven by drug companies and government studies, so actually the burden is on you to prove that there is no danger
And im guessing u were what a teenager when u first saw it. therefore u were just a child when u already believed in legalizing pot. So wait a sec... Im gonna guess ur parents were and possibly are potheads. Go figure.
Thanks guys i just passed y drug exam in health just copying down your crappy conversation.
Now, cannabis smoke also has cancerogenic proprieties, but doesn't cause cancer. Weird, right? Well you might want to look into a cannabinoid called CBD. It has anti-tumor effects and it is hypothesized that this (among others) is preventing a tumor from forming.
i fuckin smoke weed fuck skool im dithing 2maro an friday i dident get a spring brake so fuck skool im gona smoke weed all day 2maro an smoke til i drop 2nite i dont wanna go 2 skool cuz they r teachin me stuped sicence n shit its gay fuk skool smoke weed 4 life i hate gay skool
Officer Bennett from Orange is the new black!
why not just by 2 16 oz drinks? I don't drink a lot of soda, but still, it's only logical
shut the fuck up, harder drugs dont make you "trip" as you call , more than weed, stop saying shit, when you have zero experience with weed
How do you even know they are on? You can still hear sound if there off or even on low.
I remember hearing that. In 9th grade health class. It's a load of shit.
ya fuk skool fuk da cops n fuk science its gay n dumb
Do you get off on replying to people who posted something a year ago? Also, please don't throw around terms you don't understand. Wrong usage of the term placebo. Cannabis is a form of chemotherapy yes, but how does that mean cancer doesn't harm the smoker, wtf? With that in mind, I have no intention of aggravating myself talking to someone who just randomly spouts out words that you don't even understand. A placebo is a simulated/ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition
Well, obviously this does prove there is a connection...
Some of you people are just so desperate at trying to get at me. No, I never said that it would solve "everything". That's a strawman from you. And I was in favor of legalizing before I even saw the stuff with my own eyes so don't try and play that game with me.
i wll send u a fuckin pic of my bong if u think i dont balze i fucking blazed rite now n ditchin skool fuk skool its gay msg me if u wana c my bong
I was fine with your comment until you insulted my state, NJ. i didn't know about the animal thing, but if you think about it, if you have people pump your gas, you can have more jobs for people.
Of course legalizing pot would solve everything. Wait a sec... Im gonna guess ur a pothead. Go figure.
Pibb Xtra's the shit. Go Texas!
Actually, nearly every single person who does hardcore drugs has done weed first. It's pretty much a fact.
Fair enough, I have seen it on forums enough times that I simply admitted it as fact, thanks for the clarification.
Fuck Ohio! Fuck Ohio in it's fucking ass! Go BuckEyes.
Marijuana a gateway drug? Really, that's your argument??? You say there's a proven causal relationship? Tell that to 49% of America! I guess that means we'll all be meth addicts by 2022. God help us all!
Smallest muzzle flash EVER!!! Good video though :)
I never said you were from the south. I am though. xD
Its warm and his finger touched the straw probably 1 million times :Y
Actually, Coca-Cola makes Pibb Zero. It's kind of rare though. I've only ever really seen it in Texas so far. Pibb's headquarters is in Dallas, so that probably has something to do with it.
Actually I was about to say the same thing because you have provided nothing but your own oppinion, which you would need to back up as well. Also why am I going to go through the trouble of giving you something and you obivoulsy brushing it aside claiming something faulty. You are acutally the troll and here I was hoping for a good warm up with good facts put out, oh well
the english language has been around for thousands of years so like all things it evolves the current meaning for placebo is actually to believe something so hard it alters your senses and you fucking idiot you just said why it doesnt harm the smoker if i drop wood then pick it up again then the wood doesnt harm the ground just as such if you breathe in cancer then it all goes away another benefit is my people dont jump to conclusions about other people
Most people don't have the time and/or care to watch the whole movie. So no, I'm not going to be lazy like you and paste a link. It's not like this movie has all the answers anyway. You have to be pretty shallow to believe that.
mag. and there is one there. but with just 15 bullets.
I think your dealer might be selling you crack instead of bud. Just thought I might let you know.
kwl so youve gone personal you now have no more decent arguments like all other anti cannabis people
Almost everyone I know who smokes pot does not do anything harder, or didnt like harder drugs.... Weed isn't even addictive, least not like cigarettes...
ya fck ppl tht think weed is bad..ppl r stupid cuz they go 2 the moon n study math n science n if they just smoke weed 4 life we wudnt do stuped shit n humainty wud b alot better fuck skool n fuck math n science smoke weed is life n ppl gotta here dat.
da fuk kinda quastion is dat lol i fuckin balze til my face sag hoe
It's funny that you assumed I am from the south, just because I knew that little fact.. I'm from the UK :p
you dont know how sales works do you? if two people are selling the same thing and one of them can sell more of it faster like a grocery store they can sell it for less because they are making up the profit in volume which drives more sales of that product this is why department stores and supermarkets exist its also why walmarts opening in small towns forces small businesses under
Right. So they're either convicts who were under the influence of marijuana, or people who went to rehab by themselves. Case in point, there are a fuck ton of people who are physically addicted to marijuana, which was the argument, not "look at all these people trying to cure themselves". The first statement is not a terrible argument. You won't have an organizations called Mothers against marijuana use, BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY ILLEGAL, so no other organizations will bother to raise awareness.
Why don't you just copy and paste the WHOLE script of "The Union"?
forgot to put a clip in your m4 dipshit
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