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Sexy Girls Night Out Tutorial

by Beauty4two • 190,951 views

Beauty4two: Products used: - Primer Potion, Urban Decay - Club, Mac - Steamy, Mac - Carbon, Mac - Fluidline Blacktrack, Mac - False Lashes n. 1, Mac - Jumbo...

good wonder my sister takes so long in the bathroom when i need to take a dump
i wear make up because its fun to be totally honest with you i prefer my face without make up. but thats just me i know people who feel like the NEED IT but i do it for fun and i know a lot of other people do too.
You pretty much answered your own question... we like to feel sexy. Is there anything wrong with that? I don't think so. I think everyone has a right to feel good about themselves, and if it takes a bit of powder and mascara to feel ready for the day, then so be it. It's really no different than you guys shaving or styling your hair in the morning, we just do it to feel presentable. Further more you should note that most girls do not wear this much makeup on a daily basis. This is a club look.
onorina non sapevo avessi anche questo canale :) la mia scoperta giornaliera. un bacio :)
eh ma non è questione di quanta gente hai sentito parlare o che sia dello IELTS o del TOEFL... se si mette a parlare di muscolatura e accento si mette a parlare di acquisizione di fonologia di una seconda lingua... e se dice quello che hai riportato dice delle emerite vaccate! Con tutto il rispetto per lo IELTS! ;)
"Thanks! I can also do male Russian wrestler when I'm fucking my dad."
Wow. You are SO COOL! I bet you get ALL the ladies talking like that. I bet they fall all over trying to be with you...
This is stunning!! I love how club e/s looks on your skin tone. That e/s is so versatile with all skin tones! I have tanned skin, and it looks more bronzey with green flecks in it!! Nice video and I LOVE your accent!! :)
If I had your accent, I'd never shut up.
If she "ask" you for some you'll say yes stop with the hatin :p
Here's how to get ready for a night out as a guy: Hop in shower and scrub your balls heavily with soap, in case you wind up bringing one of these chicks back to your place later.
I wish people would realize people look better without make up than you do with it. Im a guy, and i find it more attractive when you dont wear it.
exactly all this is just girls glamourizing themselves, the only reason why we like girls because of their wet puddy!
She still looks pretty without makeup. Not all girls can pull that off
I always thought that all over the world people should be more open minded,and...oh,that's not at all. People are just stupid as your neighbour, calling another unknown girl "slut" just because of her makeup!!!!Oh, stupid people :(
and may I ask why are you on this video page in the first place,,,,maybe just maybe you cant even get girl and just looking through this vids to get off!!!!!your so pathetic,, go make your complaints somewhere else.
Purtroppo è vero...anche se imparassimo a parlarlo perfettamente un madrelingua si accorgerebbe che siamo stranieri in meno di 1 secondo! è come quando noi sentiamo uno straniero parlare italiano...I miei professori di lingue all'uni sono in Italia da 30 anni eppure l'accento straniero ce l'hanno eccome ed è chiarissimo! a me però piace :) e Onorina è onesta, non finge l'accento inglese, non si atteggia. We've got to be proud of our italian accent :) Brava Onorina!!
they call it make up because its to make up for what they don't have
scommetto che se una ragazza inglese avesse fatto lo stesso identico trucco starebbero tutte a dire "wow you're S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!" -.-'' Quanta invidia in giro per il mondo!
When I clicked on this I thought it was going to be a funny spoof or something...I was wrong
way too much shit on your face
people seem to have the wrong idea here. women DON'T need makeup to feel beautiful, we DON'T use it to fool men, and this look HARDLY defines a slut. yeah, some use makeup as a crutch because they're insecure, but most of us use it because it's FUN. it's fun to pamper yourself, to discover what looks good on you, and to explore. playing with makeup is something we eventually associate with good things. basically, it's a form of self-expression. ever heard of it, you bloated dickwads?
I wish people would realize everyone else's choices don't revolve around what they think looks best.
yay! I really like the colors for the look every nice thank you for the video :)
I love how women have to add so many fake things to their face to hide how ugly they are.
hello, can you do one with organic makeup??? do you have recommendations??? thanks. dont worry about all the negative comments. most of them are women who are Jealous.
Makeup only covers the ugly you posses....
Sempre belli i tuoi trucchi. :) Ma gli orecchini che marca sono?? Mi piacciono tantissimo *__*
it seems like its really hard work to look beautiful
2) quando dici "avere un accento" significa produrre sia i tratti segmentali che quelli soprasegmentali in un dato modo. puoi fare errori a livello di fonemi, puoi fare errori a livello di ritmo, puoi fare errori a livello di posizione dell'accento, puoi fare errori nell'intonazione di una intera frase. Gli errori li fai perchè arrivi da una lingua con struttura differente. Ora è difficile.. ma non impossibile allenare questa serie di cose. ma non c'è niente a livello fisico che te lo impedisca
My gender is "retarded" huh? What is the extent of your education exactly?
If you clicked on "SEXY girls night out makeup tutorial" you were clearly interested in learning how to do sexy makeup. So the joke's on all of you insecure little girlies calling her a whore. If you think the makeup is too overdone, that's chillin', that's your opinion, you're entitled to it. Just search "subtle makeup tutorial". Sexy means over the top and glamorous with lots of dark colors. Work on learning your vocab and refining your search tools before you start judging others.
What camera do you use and where do you edit your videoes love the quality <3
Hmm ... Calm down she's really beautiful and she has not the area of ​​a bitch ... It is class :)
chi mi consiglia un dupe del club di MAC? lo adoro!!
I find it funny that the guys complaining about women liking or wearing makeup are usually the ones that ogle celebrity women who wear tons of makeup...
can you give yourself angry eyebrows?
Your hair look beautiful and i love this make up! xoxo :**
Well then she must be really desperate if she's going out with someone who treats women like you do.
u kind of look like britney spears when u look down but ur ten times prettier. :)
I don't understand what you mean! I think that constructive criticism is fine but insults and vulgarity are intolerable. And yes, I want this people to go away from this video because their comments are more than useless!-.-
or you chicks could just stop decieving men in how you look by practicaly wearing a mask,i dont get it girls will act to hot for most guys when they themselfs arent so great looking either,its just the make-up,hiar extenstions,high heels to look taller,fake tits,botox stuff,when you think about it all chicks are all fake ass's but i sure love bangin em'!
She reallllly takes her time with it, doesn't she ?
want to get fucked up the ass type a night
Is it weird I just like hearing her talk?
men merry pretty and humble. They use "sexy" for one thing then through them in the trash. Enjoy.
I'm all for makeup, and spicing it up for a night out... But you should only wear this much dark, metallic makeup if you are, a) an actor on stage, so people can see your face better, or b) a hooker.
Very nice! I love the way you talk! @The haters....c'mon, it's a look for "sexy girls night out"'s not like she's going out during the day with that on.
Fair enough, everyone has different opinions on what looks the best. Although I find in most cases, some basic make up does make a difference to enhance the woman's features and hide her flaw. Different women do it for different people. For themselves, for fun, for artistic purposes, for other men or women, for the general pubic, or for fulfilling the social obligation, nothing really wrong with any of those.
Mhhh non direi... guarda un pò ora! ;-)Quando ho caricato il video, stavano ancora dormendo poveri.
This doesn't look like a kitchen to me...
i want to know the same thing!! i hope she answers!
lovely video, btw. :) the blush looks stunning on you!
dopo tutti questi commenti per riassumere..quel che dico io è ..è possibilie che un italiano abbia lo stesso ACCENTO non pronuncia ACCENTO di un inglese? nooo .. a meno che là non ci nasci..
0:37 i like the left side better.
Vorrei sentire tutte quelle stupite che hanno commentato x l'accento come parlano l'italiano..
ma li hai usati bagnati gli ombretti soprattutto il verde???
Ammazza a ste inglesi come je rode la patata! E fatevela na cazzo de risata, che magari domani ve svejate fredde!
turn on captions, funniest thing ever
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