Helpful Dog Gets Ready to Play Frisbee by Jackson

by Lars Anderson • 1,952,858 views

Jackson gets ready to play Frisbee: opens the door from outside, closes the door, gets the remote, finds his Frisbee, gets his water bottle from the fridge, closes the fridge, and stretches his...

This dog is more intelligent that most kids
Oh my goodness! Hes adorable and so smart. . Of course a smart dog takes a good trainer too. 😊
This guy is an anti semetic A-hole. Israel is our only ally in the region. How does he feel about aid to Egypt? What a f'n dick!   
+HawkXe Ahh that makes more sense. Regardless, I wouldn't say not supporting Israel makes him an antisemite.
He's too cute!!! Great job!
He understands english better than me, that's lame man. Now I'm depressed. 
That is awesome! Amazing dog :)
Trisha Bramwell Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
While some people can't even remember to shut the fridge, he does it right after he's done with it.
omfg that's so cute really cheered me up! xx
Holy shit what an awesome dog haha
Hopefully there is no eggs in that fridge door! :)
Nice pooch! Can't wait to see the next one my kids saw you make at the park!!!
Great dog you have there! You treat him with kindness and respect, I am sure that's how he's been able to learn so much and be your best buddy. Dogs are so smart, and they just want to see us smile. Thank you for being a good dog owner :)
2nd best dog ever EVERYONE KNOWS IT'S FENTON!
Seu cão é uma gracinha, doce, inteligente e amoroso, e você fala com ele de maneira muito amorosa, parabéns aos dois. Qual é o nome do seu cão?
Saw the video and thought "unusually smart dog". Saw the "stop aid to Israel" sticker and thought "unusually smart human"
my dog shits and pisses everywhere and i'm trying my best too train her
Saw your comment and thought "unusually watchful person"
Pamaj what r u showing me , pamaj , STAHP.
why does he have a bell on his collar? that seems more like what you do with cats so birds are warned. is it like that but than for bunnies or something?
Well, a dog is as good as his owner. Not that you shit on carpets. Hmmm... Or do you?
All the tricks are based on teaching him to fetch you a beer. I like the way you think, sir.
This is awesome, bet it took loads of training.
i think he knows. he just think it means yes! bahahaha
once you taught your dog how to open the fride,it´s too late
wow, he must be smartest dog in the world.
great but everywhere your dog has touched (the walls) look filthy
You're welcome! He looks so lovable, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. :)
LOL. Now imagine they'd put dog brains into hot girls. WIN WIN WIN. Also very bizarre if you think about it longer.
I wish my dogs where as smart as that dog.
Your public schools at work, ladies and gentlemen.
I like how you got this all under one minute.
I can't even get my stupid Siberian husky to stop running away from me every time I open my door. Fml
Can you possible show me how to train my dog?
we had Shetland sheepdog many years ago--she was hyper as heck and I watched her die of a heart attack right in front of me eyes--never got over it
Man's best friend at his finest
Nice dog bro, I'm thinking of getting an Australian Shepherd. 10/10 would feed treats
Did you know that parents are starting to give their children soil tablets to give their immune system something to practice on? Because the world we live in is way too clean. Besides, the Frisbee is no threat compared to all the butt-licking a dog will inevitably do.
SO CUTE. Love this video. Want to pet that pet.
@thetonycaroselli aslong as you don't blame the breed... I got a york and at 8 months of age it ready won a trick contest against some 2 and 3 year old dogs!!
nice dog. But your house is dirty as fuuu...
Your dog is so smart and cute :)
What breed is your dog? But wow, you did an amazing job!
Well done , great hound, love the ears
you could make so much money off his pups. is he neutered? i want one haha
you barely got any carpets on the floor. damn
I saw your name :) Are you really from USA? Nice name, but it sounds a bit Norwegian or Swedish? Am I right?
LOL..I was just thinking the same thing. I was distracted by it. That poor dog is gonna catch something nasty from that filthy frisbee too. Dude...clean up!
Thanks! I started training him as soon as I got him. He had a ton of energy, so I taught him all those tricks in an effort to tire him out. It didn't really work, but it was fun.
He is smarter than me. I never find the remote control.
He reminds me of my border collie who passed away 4 years ago. She was so smart, I swear she could understand what you were saying. The way Jackson is listening here and his actions remind me alot of her. Once in a while, you get a dog that is just exceptional above all others.
You really love your dog. My dog is just a mess. Ewwwwee. But I still love him. :)
This dog is more capable of understanding English than most people commenting on Lil Wayne videos.
smart dog. your apartment is still very scratched up though.
i love how you talk to him not in a baby whiny voice
So sweet and smart. You're a lucky man.
Fuccccck i want a dog like that
thats a highly intelligent god--is he a German Shepard?
He's some kind of an Australian Shepherd mix . . . I'm not entirely sure what else.
Can he help me find my keys I freakin lost them lol
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