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Freerunning Girl 7yrs old Parkour Ninja San

by Nexus of Guardian Art • 2,821,668 views

We at the Nexus of Guardian Art believe that girls are just as powerful as boys and Guardian Britney is a perfect example of this. Ladies and Gentlemen visit to learn about...

Pssshhhhh I could do that... breaks my face
i dont care what that is but i want to do it :)
a little work on the speed of climbing up walls but other-wise awesome especially for her age
you are very good :) :D
Does she drink red bull
btw YOU SUCK! this is to the 1,949 people who dis-liked she's amazing
She'd could be a assassin she has the right skills
ya know wath I think I think she is the girl in mirrors edge
When I was 7 all I could do was grade 6 math
She probably about 11 now... I wonder how far she has come???
dude shes amazing /.o i wonder how good she is not o.o and i wonder does she still do it !! o.o amazing !!!!!!!!!1
I would have given anything to have a playground like that growing up...!! She's amazing. I wanna be like her when I grow up! ;)
I meant SUPER good
Well Julia it's been about 4 years since this video was made so just on more year.
This amazing I hope to meat you when I am a bit older I am nearly professional :) Awesome :):):):)
I can hardly do a cartwheel never mind that but I asked my mum to go into a club near me doing it on wednsday wow btw shes amazing at that
how good are you doing now
Amazing video. Parkour looks fun. I enjoy jumping over things.
So awesome. I can only do half these things and I'm 11.Keep it up!
why is she better then I could ever be even if I trained for eight years???
I thought I was crazy at her age,but she would put me to shame if I were still 7 years of age! As a matter of fact,I've still never managed to get myself to commit to pulling off a wallflip to this very day,and I'm in my 30's! Man,I'm getting to old for this. LOL!
Sep for back flip :-)
She is skilled doods
Shes 11 now 1 year older than me
Mann sollte nur so etwas ins netz stellen wenn man es auch kann!!!!
that is just cool keep goingXD
Today class we must study a girl who has the jumping skills like a monkey
One thing... Legwarmers :|
she's good for a seven year old probs better that ma
Awesome childhood detected...
If you keep it up I will see you in The Guinness would Records
Ricardo Jose Vital Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Sabrina O'Connor Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This 7 year old girl is kicking some butt. I'm beyond impressed with her determination!!!!
She can be Faith daughter for Mirrors Edge :D
7 yrs old. shes good. keep on going girl ! :D
how much money does she have to get that much practice?
Marniplayz you are a fucking racist even if she is Asian it doesn't mean she's a fucking ninja grow up ypu asshole
She us good and I can see that everytime she makes a mistake she makes up for it and learns from it.BRILLIANT
She has to be the coolest of her friends
shes really good and awesome (becoming a ninja some day!!!) but shes also luck she gets to use mats and other things
i fear how good she is going to be *__*
good job keep going with parkour
Damn I'f I could do that I would be the Jungle Jim King FTW
I wish i was able to learn in a gym too =_+
young Faith from Mirror's Edge :)
I cant believe so many people disliked this video. It just show how many haters are out there. This is simply amazing and inspirational. I'm 41 and started Parkour a month ago. I can only hope to be this good one day. : )
Wow, very nice job! I would never be able to do that a the age of 7.
She's good for a 7 yr old needs more training But she could be a ninja
inspiring-this generation is setting a new bar!
Protagonista Do Mirrors Edge xD E Nos Ataques Ela Precisa Ser Um Pouquinho Mais Rapida, Mas Ela Está Só Começando, Então Td Bem :)
NIce front and Backflips i wish i could to them so good :D
Wow! 7 years old! You should post an outdoor vid!
future traing camp for runner from the game mirrors edge the future is theres
that is really good for u only being 7!!!!!! i cant even do a flip in the air and im 10!!!!
this is really good for a 7 year old imagine the skill she will have when she's older she can be the next ronniestreetstunts but britneystreetstunts and i do parkour i can do alot of what she did but im 11 i was so bad when i was 7 she's so damn good!
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