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Taylor Momsen Hugs a Girl OnStage w/ her Mouth!!

by Philip DeFranco • 1,708,245 views

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I don't like Taylor because she's hot (which she is). I like her because I genuinely think she has a good voice. Listen to "only you" just fucking listen to how good the actual singing is. And yes she does live versions, it's not all edited shit splurged out by Miley. Honestly give her a chance.
I hate it when people say 'As a Christian" and then there sentence.
@hatredskyscraper why haters gotta hate? srsly? gtfo. honestly, i applaud her...its great to see that glad taylor momsen doesnt give a fck. good for her. quit hating.
he didn't say anything about miley and yes miley is a slut
@missmaddyblair1 stupid fucking idiot *cough* *cough* Vietnam Nam, Who said that
Anyone else get ear raped at 0:52? D:
@crosscountry1225 we dropped out ya dumb fuck. besides we are better than any other country anyway sochill your effing tits and u can get out of here. at least i defend the place i live.
because.. i was..banging.. your mother.. WINNING!! hahahah
laughed so ahrd at the start... causei was bangin your.. uhh mother. LOL
I think both promote it, but Natalia Portman promotes being much more responsible than a 16-year-old slutbag.
lmao.. i was never retarded enough to be a follower. out of 10 of my friends 6 became teen moms while the other 3 had atleast 1 abortion leaving me being the smartest of them all. I see them and I feel sorry for their crappy life and laugh when they try to make fun of me for being 'lonely'. I feel like kicking them sometimes and saying it's called being busy in school and work then partying on my free time because I have NO KIDS ishes! They're just haters because i can still have a life
Mega #FAIL : I'm 4yo And since I care SO MUCH about what ppl think of me, Im gonna reply to you first, bfr I jump off a bridge cuz ppl laugh at me LOL For someone that supposedly don't keep Miley in her radar, you seem to know a whole lot about her, and worse, you seem to bring her into ur "discussions" without her even being mentioned.. So I think, you should hide, cuz ur obsessed with someone that u don't even appreciate, I know it must be difficult to live like that, so u no what to do ;)
@Blake4months You, clearly, do not know how an argument actually works. You just made a ridiculous statement, I told you that you were wrong and supported my statement. You then say "I'm done arguing." If you are going to say stupid things with no basis in fact, you should be prepared to defend them. Alternatively, you could just stop saying stupid things.
Okay, just putting this out here, a.) I would be fine with the Taylor Momsen thing happening all the time, and b.) girls should be allowed to go completely topless in public.
Huckabie is a psycho religious freak. Governments run better without these crazy fucks in office.
If you're going to call someone stupid, you may want to use proper grammar. Guys chill out. It's just a video! People have their opinions. They're free to express whether they like something or not.
You know, I almost took the time to give you a proper response, but then I saw your username, and realized you just called me a "little stinky bitch". I'm guessing your 10-12 years old, so here's a word of advice. You sound retarded, stop posting such immature comments. People are laughing at you.
i feel so sorry for those Muslims why can't the world just stop being so stupid -.-"
ur hits are fraudulent. Ass-wipe u get people here on false premises to get hits. No one wants to listen to you or look at your pasty ugly face. FO
So was taylor singing??? Wow, I officially want to take my children into the mountains and survive the craziness out there. Those who commented on liking her and actually listening to whatever she calls music, there is our answer to the burning question, is our nations' youth doomed. "LIKE IF I TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF AND LICK SOMETHING SEXY WILL YOU SAY NO,TEE HEE." Judas Priest everyone....start using the thing inside your skull please.
and ur a no life hoe jerking off her classmates for a few dimes
and I thought I rambled on about stupid crap.. Man I totally have to amp up my insanity.. LOL
He's right, not all black people rob people... All black people rob WHITE people
I somewhat understand what would be wrong with swearing in public, but there isn't a thing wrong with wearing a miniskirt in public.
He mixed up the terms "racisme" and "stereotypes"...
You're missing the point of every single living person is a role model whether they want to be or not. SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE is looking up to Taylor Momsen. Someone is looking up to their parents or their friend's parents or your friend or maybe even YOU. There is no choice to not be a role model, thats just how the shit works.
im ashamed to be an american im just ashanmed (so ashamed i spelled it wrong)
i'm not sure abut the lesbian part, she might just be bi
@apsodifugyht5 America is not a country, America is a continent. It includes South America(Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc...), Central America(Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica etc...), and North America(Mexico, THe U.S and Canada). Perhaps you were trying to say something else or you don´t know a thing about geography.
You're dick and you're not funny, title your vid properly you fucking idiot.
I feel so bad for those people...I recently had musliums go to our school and they weren't relly bad and they barely had any friends....yea they moved....the point is that you shouldn't judge
@JesicaYesicaRosa I forgot about this comment........
I think it does, to a certain level. Almost every girl in my school watches 16&Pregnant... And now they want to be.
Natalie Portman is a GROWN WOMAN having a child on her own - alot of women do - how does that influence teen girls to get pregnant? Jamie Lynn Spears did (15 at the time) and The Secret Life and Teen Mom definitely have (both showing teen pregnancy as managable, sensational and rewarding). I have had a single mom that I admire, but I'm not gonna go get pregnant because of that.
FUCK YOUUUUUU i don't wanna see you talk i only wanna see taylor
Miley cyrus is a horrible role model, she smokes weed, uploads pics of her self in the shower, and is a lesbian (i don't mind that at all but christens do) she is a singer, and a actor but NOT a role model
"I blame it on not being loved enough as a child" *wiggle*
she was actually 18 last year, and is 19 now, get the fuck over it. She's hot.
Teen pregnancy is caused by teens having sex and not thinking about the consequences, besides getting caught. Duh!
@Blake4months ajjajaja Commenting on a forum only takes 15 min tops, it´s not a big deal, and in my case it helps me exercise my english. I guess you don´t give a shit, have a nice life.
I watched two minutes of teen mom and i was utterly repulsed... My stupid dectector went on the fritz, caught on fire, jumped out of the window, ran to a gun store and bought a gun and waited for the documents for gun use to go through, came back home gave me the gun, went to a doctor and was diagnosed with cancer and died of aids because of two minutes of teen mom
you talk so much for nothing! it's incredible :0
im black and i never robbed well im a teenage girl, well i was raised around by white people and black people call me oreo black on the outside white in the inside so i dont count and cant argue with u
Teen Mom. Natalie Portman is old enough to make her own decisions and be able to handle them. Plus she is very financially stable - that child will be raised in a pretty decent life style LOL Plus I don't think teens really look up to Natalie, it's more like the 20 year olds in my age group. Her movies are mostly for an older audience, if you do not count Star Wars.
When they gave the drug to the mouse, they found out the drug is okay since the mouse was able to remember where is her food.
just say this words: "Good Bless America"
stracone minuty mojego cennego życia.
I think thbe cause of teen pegnancy is the resalt of bad parenting for not teaching there kids what it is to think for themselves.
Dang PHIL.. I am so late in responding to this vid that I prolly won't get any prize.??? was there a PRize? A date with Charlie Sheen and Momsen or a mouse with a great memory? Forgot already. .. Portman. Oh yeah. Well, she is not married so she is obviously a fornicator who supports teen pregnancy, irresponsible sex and hopes to be a role model for single mommies on Welfare, anorexia and lesbian ballet.. I am just guessing tho. . Is my answer pointless enuff? I am a dumbass Amerikan.
not really she is right its not her responsiblilty to teach children how to be its the parents so i agree with what she said.
miley cyrus the fuckin slut id still boing her
haha i like his little shoulder dance at 3:45
@missmaddyblair1 America pulled out of Vietnam but isn't that the same as loosing and a better country than the US is The UK (i don't live in America)
Im a American but Americans are feghs
Two weeks without internet have killed me. It's good to watch PDS again :D
wtf white people shouldabeen wtf rednecks?
@dingo596 hahahah shut up dumb asssss, we didnt lose we dropped out. besides losing would have been better than any other country anyway, and if you dont like it here, then you can leave.
Hell ya MetalSoulReaper i love her! LONG LIVE MIKU!
@Blake4months Buddy, you're a fucking idiot, and it's biased, prejudice, and ignorant comments like yours are why people think white people are racist. Not all terrorists are Muslims, have you ever heard of Irish terrorists? They bombed English squares during Christmas, get your facts straight before you make dumbass remarks like these. Douche.
Well were so far into det everyone will soon remember of the americans owe us money :/ then mexicans will take over the us mwahahahahah
Mike Huckabee and the Tea Party rise to the occasion for stupidity once again. I barely know who Taylor Momsen is other than the next tragic celebrity story. She needs to hook up with Chuckie Sheen for a real party.
j'en peut plus tirer moi une balle please!!
but he sexy though and every one love geeks soo... your in the wrong
Single moms rock, fuck men! ^^
errrrm... the protest should've been in the WTF AMERICA?? anyone else think so?
Sex, everyone just loves sex.
@missmaddyblair1 We lost Vietnam and Korean Wars. After WWII, we went downhill in battles.
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