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Andrew Garcia's Audition for American Idol 2010 [High Quality]

by Holystrikers • 3,418,872 views

See more from Andrew Garcia on my Channel Hopeful contestants from the Golden State bring out their best performances to prove to the judges, as well as guest judges Avril...

Came here for the music, not the fucking soap opera. Take the fucking drama out of these shows, seriously. You dirty manipulative morbid fucks, how I hate you
American Idol is a soap opera. 
i agree with cap curse
how the fuck does this video has dislikes u bunch of fucking haters -_- THIS MAN CAN SING AND I WISH HIM ALL THE BEST IN HI CAREER
Watch Ryan higa's vid - gtfo out of my room
Katy perry thinking shit this guy can sing better then me.
Look at him now! He's got friends like nigahiga, dtrix, and his own youtube with more than 400,000 subs!
Katy Perry is jealous
Love how they play a daughtry song at the end xD
He sounds like bruno mars
he is a horrible singer
Since I watch this video I don't think simon is a bad guy anymore
Think again, he made one direction
ironically i didnt know he was on american idol but i still know he's a singer
Holy shit Simon complimented him? Shows how good he is.
He sounds like Bruno mars
Well.. im her because ryan higa video.. gtfo my room
Doesn't he work with D'trix
4:04 that was just so unbelievably sexy of Katy Perry....
Yes she was. At first, I thought you were talking about the guy being the sexier version of Katy Perry, and then she came up all hot.!!
Skip to 1:45 for the actual audition
That's when he was thin No hate
katy perry's like "oh shit that's what talent sounds like?!"
No offense but lets be objective, she can't sing...
Born in long beach and rais3d in compton
He sounded a little Bruno Mars-ish when he hit the high notes. Love Andrew's voice!
Katy Perry a judge?! hahahahahahaahah😲😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
crazy because I remember seeing him on the show and just rediscovered him on youtube a year ago. glad hes still at it.
simon looked so happy when he said yes
I didn't know that he had been to the audition before!!!!!!! I've just seen him in Chester's and Ryan's videos! OMG
His baby is soooooooooo cute
How far did he get?
Bruno Mars' long lost brother
The year American Idol died...
And now hes preforming with RyanHiga 
He did that before he went on the show...
3:24 he held up a piece of paper with the number 9 on it, didnt he finish 9th??? lolz that had nothing to do with it ;D
yup  coincidence I think not :/ lolz
999 upside down is 666......
Like if you're here from NigaHiga
It kinda tickets your heart a little
He really sounds like Bruno Mars.
Sounds a little bit like bruno mars :)
is it me or Katy Perry looks fake?
Andrew should of won. He was the best singer on that show. I quit watching after that upsetting season.
Hey i never knew that he was on America Idol but I knew he friend with d-trix and nigahiga
simon looks so stupid with that pen inside his mouth
Omg that's the Guy from d-trix
He reminds so much of Musiq Soulchild
daughtry - life after you <3
Is it okay that i cried? 
That's Sunday morning by Maroon 5 :)
"wow, very excellent" what sort of English is that? the panel are soooo ignorant
Every time I watch this I always tear up! Amazing singer and amazing family! God bless!!
Katy Perry is beautiful luv her as a judge
Am I the only one who thought it was a little ironic they played a Chris Daughtry song at the end?
Katy Perry mmm baby
He shoulda won the competition
Naaaah, Katy was like "Oh yup, no doubt no doubt. I'd smash."
in 3:38, wasn't it AJ Rafael there?
Katy Perry was there
Anybody that chases their dream, deserves a chance.
Katy Perry is a nice slut
I refuse to cry!.. :|.... D': shit.. <33333333 :')
Great singer u go u got this
He's nigahigas friend
Um did anyone else notice katy perry lol
Wait...are the judges reading from scripts...?
+Victor Low No, it's pretty clear that they are all reading..
+Jeffery Miller no i don't think they are reading scripts. I believe they are looking at his information while giving feedback.
god katy is hot!!!!!!!
annnd why he didn't win! He's phenomenal!
who the hell disliked this??
Sunday Morning by Maroon 5
He kinda sounds like Bruno Mars
I love Andrew Garcia he is so good and if you guys really like him check out his channel
i get so emotional with this video
100% better than Carmelo Munzone!!!!!!!
Why is Katy perry a judge? She's terrible
He kind of sounds like Bruno mars :|. (•_•)
His son is so beautiful soo friggin adorable im so glad Andrew auditioned
Intro background music is "Black Tables" by Other Lives. You're welcome
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