KC's Sausage Party

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Richard Christy at his finest
I find it ironic how the original song was by a woman named Leslie Gore, who is a lesbian. 
@kbrinks Found it: /watch?v=nH3e-GzdEX4 KC posed for gay photographs
It was during the "Win John's Job" contest in 2004.
Heard this for the first time on the show the other day and I just had to look it up! Hilarious! "You'd kiss a guy too if you loved man gooooooooooooo!"
guys, guys, guys, at the ramrod in fort lauderdale
what song is this a parody of?
@Hooah1984 Not very much i think, seeing as how Richard is willing to be paid 500 dollars to lick Sals balls.... Sal on the other hand was willing to be licked for only half that price.
I love when Richard sings. I'm also looking for the disco/techno "Gay KC"...ow!
this is back when richard was still a listener right?
THese guys obviously aren't rich but do you KNOW they get paid peanuts? I think it's been established that Baba Booey at least also makes a damn good living.
@rcalvarado Dont forget about Fred, Baba booey, and i am not sure if Artie is still technically on the pay role or not
Lmfao!!!!! I remember this the day they aired it! Gaycee.... NICE! Football, baseball, my balls.
This was back when Richard still played in a band i think.... and Sal was successful
@rcalvarado Thats not correct. Fans want Richard and Sal to put there songs on a cd but Sal and Richard dont want to. Howard has offered to give them there own show on Howard 101, but they declined. They have said that if Howard retires, they wont want there own show or continue doing radio. They only joined Howard Stern because they wanted to work with howard.
he's makin out with a gay guy, he'll be giving oral real soooooooooon!!!!! this is one of the best parody songs eveahhhh
Richard really wanted to fuck the shit out of KC
@strawhataddison i believe so. And Sal was a successful stock broker. Now he is a poor comic with a cheating wife, go figure.
"It's KC's sausage party! He'll kiss a guy if he wants to, kiss a guy if he wants to, kiss a guy if he wants to..."
One single dislike vote is from KC.
@strawhataddison or around the time of "win john's job" talk about song parodies, yuko was the greatest on that one.
what happened to the "kc posed for gay photographs" i loooooove that one! lol
u think this is gay, realize that richard when creating this song was sitting naked in a storage unit somewhere in bumfuck florida with a KCPoster hanging on his unit wall... for those who dont know, KCPoster.com was KC's website where he sold "almost" nude fitness posters of himself posing for.....gay photographhhhh with a german homooo
There's another song Richard does where he starts off singing extremely high. I can't find it anywhere.. it sounds similar to this.
you'd kiss a guy to if you loved man gooooooooooo! tff. after his last call in, he should just admit he is gay already. everybody knows.
@rcalvarado - Your words are like an oasis in a vast desolute desert. Thanks for seeing things clearly.
did anyone here the huge compilation of KC songs after he called in? the acdc one's were Gold!
@Hooah1984 They get paid peanuts!! The only people making any money is Stern and Robin. Everybody else is on poverty level pay. Stern is a fucking leech. Why do you think those guys have to do stand up shows and appearances? Because they make no money on the Howard Stern Show. The sad thing about all this is that the show is a success because of sidekicks like Richard and Sal. Their prank calls are gold!!! They wanted to put them on dvds and sell them but Stern said NO!! What an asshole!!
Laughing myself silly at this song!!
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