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Lovestory :/ (Blue October)

by loVeliNe63 • 143,757 views

BLue October - Amazing Es ist nicht meine Geschichte^^ Ist ausgedacht !

1994merk... it's not swedish.. it's german..
@Dethclops7 It is either german or deutsch, they are similar in structure, yet still completely different.
I hear the words but I cant understand the language.... FTW?
Well that just wasn't English at all.
Justin is the singer for Blue October; thats who she was prob. talking about :) Great band anyways :) So peaceful and yet smoothing :)
i love the song.... but what is it saying??
Can i get a tranlistion to what itsays? im curious now?
How Pure~ What Talent~ I honor you<3
hey where did you find the pictures you have in this video they're amazing and do you think you can type up the words it says in english or tell me where i can find an english video
*Attempts to sing along with words on screen even though i don`t speak that language.* WOOOO. c:
Are you guys able to find any of these songs in mp3 or something. id love to have them on my ipod.
Oooohhh justin,i just love this song sooooooo much.and when i'm with some1 i think of it so much like this,like i belong to him,and he belongs to me,and no one is more special to either of us than each other,and when we're together the whole world would just fall away and it does,it does.i know that, thats probably my biggest problem,i'm just too romantic,and yet,i don't know how to be any other way.i love you so much justin,so much.i'm not crazy.well thats a lie.i am crazy, not in a badwaytho
es ist im deutsch i speak wayy better english though
da gana b za da khapal lala jee pa wadu ki lagoma
@BloodyRMassacre Yes they are great! They changed my life too!
i, for one, agree. O, how did i JUST now found this song? i soo wish.
I'm pretty sure I obsessed with Blue October when I listened to Into the it's more like I fell in love with them. They walk on toilet paper cuz they are the shit! :)
this song is actually called Amazing and its a great song. :) its from their cd History For Sale. Check it out.
Erstaunliches Lied. Danke für es aufstellen.
wow. haven't heard this one before. It's been... ages... since I've listened to this band. Looking back, kinda thought it was a fad or something. I still love this band. cheers to Blue October!
crying now. havent heard this in forever. and now im all grown up and just got out of a bad relationship... i totally understand it. </3 FML.
A wonderful story of love, made for a friend. (Brief german translation.) =0
Yeah, I like the one from Argue With A Tree better, but of course Ryan is singing with Justin instead of Justin double tracking himself.
Love love love this song! I wish I knew what the subtitles meant.
so schön die geschichte.. ich musste wirklich heulen.. und der song ist auch klasse. gute wahl.. gute arbeit :D
@veganallison She never said the word Bieber you did :( She could have been talking about anyone named Justin; How sad you thought of him tho :( Blue October is my Escape Goat :)
And to think you can choose an favorite song by Blue October, if you choose just one you have to choose them all. This band has changed my life. <3
Can you pretend I'm amazing?
The real title of the song is "Amazing" and it's featured on the album History for Sale.
i know.;) just look at the information right ;)
great vid, even if the words are in German, don't know German, just know what it looks like, lol. but anyays, cool vid. um... do you speak english and write in german or what? just wonderin
Ich wohne in den USA aber ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch weil ich in Deutschklasse ich weiB, was das Video sagt :D
@MantorakianMetalhead German and Deutsche are the same thing....Deutsche is German in German....and Dutch is completely different...
@loVeliNe63 I want to take a gues at the language. (I'm not a hater) I am guessin german, just wana know if im right
This song is not called Love Story but,"Amazing" A fantastic song.
wow such a beauftul song i kept crying its so lovely...i didnt know his voice could get so soft and powerful....<3 this song so much and the pics just moved me to....5 stars
das ist 'ne wundervolle geschichte,wirklich. ich musst eben mit den tränen kämpfen !! hast du echt gut geschrieben !
This is the bad version of this song Listen to the live version! its waayyy better-
awsome shit here completely awsome =]
blue october is soo good. They put thoughts into words so eloquently.
@veganallison Shut the fuck up this aint no Justin Bieber.
this song made me cry cuz it reminds me of how ill never get the girl of my dreams cuz she doesnt like me anymore
So eine schöne, traurige Geschichte ö.ö
Awwh this is cute! Sehr gut ~! <33 Ich liebe es! =D
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