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Top 10 George W. Bush Moments

by Zack Martin • 367,547 views

Bloopers of former President George W. Bush taken from certain videos such as David Letterman top 10 George W. Bush moments

@Viggaracci Yeah, never mind Hiroshima and Nagasaki. ... He came pretty close, though. @zackhmartin20 That debate and that press conference, did he really go that long chocking on his own words or was it edited? love the song during the debate, and "I know that human being and fish can coexist peacefully" just might make it to cellphone ring.
of course it wasn't, the kerry one and the last one were edited to go on for much much longer than they really did.
I hope Bush runs again in 2012 we need more humor in the white house.
i love the look of the people in the crowd on number one!
What was the question for the - Is George W. Bush Retarded?
Holy shit, how have I not seen this?
Hahahaha,, you are really not a wise guy! i´m a swede but i know more about the English languge then you. Yeah sure some videos in this montage are edited, but if you look to the right you find a lot of vids that are not! And idiot and stupid is not the same thing,., the definition of idiot is "a person with no knowledge of politics". you don´t know anything. But i guess i shoulden't expect better from someone like you.
#10 Didn't pay attention much in school. #9 Too many war movies as a child. #8 Gift of Charisma. #7 A.D.D. #6 Tunnel vision. #5 Deer in headlights. #4 Tennessee/Texas, WMDs/no WMDs. Same thing. #3 Dog is telling us something. #2 What they can't see, wont bother them. #1 That about sums it up.
Imbeciles are people that never question things. I too enjoyed this video but was astounded at how a lot of retards actually thought this shit was legit.
lol damn. yep. he had nothing to do with how shitty our economy is now....nope. not at all. LOL. good god and dumb asses still PRAISE him. he FUCKED our country.
i feel sorry for this stupid,beyond any imagination...
anybody knows the title of the music in 1:20?
So is y'all doin' betta right now... ...or does Obama still continues were the 'biggest mistake' stopped? Please let me know, since they sort of filter out the news here in Amsterdam... Vigga
American dreams already had a rude awakening
how the hell did this guy become president
I couldn't even watch the old saying from Tennessee
OMFG... the Bush-Kerry Debate... is that for real??? What a jackass. And the number one?? How can that be possible?
Don't call president Bush "a stupid idiot". That's why you get 1 star from me. My second point: The top1 is a montage, that did not take place. Be aware of that...
8 years of this. It is a wonder that any Americans survived.
There are a few there I dont remember seeing especially that last one and the one where he couldn't answer anything...I was wondering if they had been edited...Unbelieveable...
#5 is hilarious.. and #1 , others you just copied from the other top 10
its his stutters pulled together from the whole meeting, meshed as one.
oh really would u mind telling me who please u see i am very political and id like to keep on track
@Drifter191 The USA doesn't suck, we just had a dumb ass President. I would never say that the UK sucked, even if your leader was in bed with this dumb ass!!
1:07-1:50 srsly.. what the fuck is going on? I have never seen anything like that ever!
Daaamn pronehone is an idiot!!!!! He made me laugh, actually Bush is another idiot like pronehone, who thinks he knows all but hey what can we think from a thing that doesn't even know that grammEr is actually written grammAr
this guy is so pathetic i cant believe he was actually our president what a fuckin idiot
what was he asked befor he walked off????
@TdrdenCO11 Thanx for tha feedback, nice to know...
I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ...... I don't know..... Did that really happen? Looks fake to me cause he can't just say I don't know and leave.
How in the world did Kerry not piss himself???
3.5 isn't Ivy League caliber. Get rejected with a 4.5 and you'll have legitimate grounds for complaints.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha damn that shit was so funny at the end there i wouldave straight up laughed at his dumnass not bein able to say nything
Lol...0:37 with the fu, I wonder if that's real?? Confused stare so funny. What's with 5?! He seemed so nervous and couldn't crap... Lol..2:14-2:16 & 2:22!! Wish I can do that 2
this is dumb. it lends credibility to those who think bush's stupidity is taken out of context. we do not need editing to make this man look unintelligent. History will reveal this man's shortsightedness and ineptitude
bush is a chump. classic example of dumbass ignorant americans.
No he dosnt he is not the one who was elected president dipshit. don't get mad because you voted to be lead by a moron.
OMFG NOW I JUST SAW 2:31?!?!?!!
Anyone seen Bush's transcript? lol it made me laugh, all those C students. BTW for all those who complain about USA and the President, the President doesn't run the country, how many actually know what the presidents job is as stated in the constitution?
yea, good thing Im not running for president either...Just getting a PharmD from the University of South Florida....Bush is still an idiot. It don't take a doctored video to tell us that period.
can't get fooled again ? well people did he got another 4 years
i dont get number 2... is he going to run into a tree or...??
"stupid idiot?'' sounds like something bush would say
After bush left office that was the last time i watched the news. not funny anymore without him making an idiot of himself
lol the left hand now knows what the right hand is doing
And yet, we RE-ELECTED that son of a bitch!
@sillygrl23 i know the last one is super sad :( he just left...
its kind if sad when he is speech less at the end
I love how to make bush look like an idiot this guy had to edit some videos. haha, just proves you hateful libs (not all libs, just the pricks) are jackass's. O'h and I love the description. "This is the stupid idiot President running our country" . Just so ya know. stupid and idiot mean the same thing. Saying it over and over in different forms of the word just makes you sound uneducated. Terrible grammer. But i guess i shoulden't expect better from someone like you. Sorry. :)
you people think Bush was worse than Obama though? At least the economy never hit 10% with Bush. Heck it dropped down to 4% which in this time is unheard of. And yet Obama continues to make us look like fools to the rest of the presidents of the world. Theres also something known as confidential status on things. And getting constantly hit with stupid news attacks (which Obama gets all the support in the world from) its a wonder Bush didn't have a nervous breakdown and go mental!
Bush is funny as hell.Amazing he has fucked up so much on camera over the years. Wow Bush really froze up on camera there on C-Span.If you like reviews of video games,movies,music,band history and other type so review videos check out my channel.
First of all i hate George W. Bush just as much as you, but when you are trying to make fun of someone you sure as hell need to make sure you aren't making any mistakes. Second, Internet big guy talk doesn't scare anyone man. Please don't get your panties all in a bunch over comments if you cannot take them. Don't dish it if you can't take it.
some of this is on repeat for so long
at : 2:36 this makes me sad, poor guy.. all the people watching him ... i think he have's a problem to talk, for the nervousness or something like that..
we didnt re elect him ppl were cheated out of their votes like theve been cheating ppl out of their votes in 2012 with ron paul
Everyone bitches and bitches about Bush, but you elected him TWICE, so don't complain or act like your not responsible!
fool me once shame on u fool...fool me and u cant get fooled again priceless
i gotta know if 5 is real, it seems to hilarious to be true
no wonder y other countries thank we re stupid we elected this doushebag
George bush is a stupid bad ass president
i just don't know.... how he made it for 8 years.
OMG. did this crap really happen? The debate and the #1 moment when he just couldn't speak?
i believe human beings and fish can coexist peacfully
Lol, bunch of retards. God bless america..
at 7th place he looks like Ahmed-the dead terrorist :)
Number 4 still has to be my favorite!
the last one is fake... so is the one with kerry debate... but there is no funny bush is one funny mothafucka... I would love to go to vegas with him and smoke some bud
the part on the end never reely happend
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