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Slapping Game Gameplay and Commentary

by penguinz0 • 837,447 views

This is the greatest slap fighting of All Time

"touselfuckdenkoji" I have a new name for my firstborn 
that comment and that username  oh my god that's too much
You are going to have a lucky child, think of how unique he/she will feel at school
Should I have a boner?
+Griffith Salutations, Band of Hawk!
+Griffith It's just a joke... :/
Float like a butterfly, sting like a beeyotch.
"Why the fuck do I have to slap Mike Tyson around now?" Still laughing. Everything about that last fight was funny as fuck.
Yet another awesome video, Cr1TiKaL! 
Just imagine if your girlfriend walked in the room just as he would say "Show me your titties, show me your vagina"
"How are you supposed NOT to explode when you get hit by this thing?!" This man is a genius. Besides: I don't know if you like bronies or not but those guys make a lot of animations and if you would ask some of those animators they sure would give you a job.
+FatDuckBeak >implying every fandom isn't complete shit >implying every fandom doesn't try to shove it's show down peoples throat lol what
+inb4 well, i'm obviously not "implying" either of those, since the existence of bronyism completely contradicts both of those hypotheses.
He's using real military lingo.
Cause I'm the best around
You were supposed to say "beeyotch"!
lunchbox hands XD
i actually took time out of my day to translate Tsubakikoji, it means Camellia Story, i feel accomplished,not really... -_____-
You, my man, are the true killer of my sides.
anchor arms! LOL!
Shizuka sound like a gettho japanse name
+Layne Amador i ruin everything! just ask my parents.
Well you didn't necessarily ruin it, you just started it back up when it was finished at a funny level.
this game is better than dark souls
+IAMSTRINDOM i always thought of la mulana as "that vague metroidvania/indiana jones simulator" everyone compares shit to souls dees days....
I was almost crying with laughter for the third opponent
She is slapping the shit out of her daugthers
"I am the fucking Clint Eastwood of slappin'". Few lines can claim such perfection and versatility.
This is already the second Japanese slapping game Crit1kal has reviewed. The Japanese must really like slapping.
``don`t even act like your asshole is clean`` where does he come up with this comedical one liners?
died laughing how the f*ck do i. shes like a building
when he said "why the fuck do i have to slap mike tyson around" i nearly shit myself with laughter.
my dad came in just as he said "show me your titties. Show me your vagina."
+Salt Broclily hah nice spongebob reference xD
And to think this is game was made by NIGORO, who made the pretty kick-ass La-Mulana
LOL,fuckin hilarious, the last one x'D
..Leave it to the 
wtf Pride and Prejudice?
You are no more powerful than a chia pet!
Best youtuber ever
Crap my sides hurt from laughing ≧∇≦
I just realized this is from the same creators as La Mulana
"I've been trained by Mr. Miyagi him self" im dead xD hahaha
Holdon someone wants to say hello...
this was one of the funniest videos he did
"Omg she's coming at me with bear claws. Just look at her she trying to hit me with her lunchbox hands and I lost. Omg I'll never get by her it's like trying to slap a building down. I was slap boxing against shao khan. I mean look at those things their like anchor arms. You can't expect me to explode after every hit." LMAO died laughing XD
"you cant expect me to explode after every hit" you must have watched a different video
I don't know what his on, but I want it on my desk by tomorrow
Ghetto japanese name XD
.... Dodge ..... Counter..........Show me your vagina..........
"I had to slap fucking Shao Kahn." Brilliant.
I actually played this
"I had to slap fucking Shao Kahn" I died XDD
This game just shows me that when she's being a bitch, it's okay to hit her. Multiple times.
This is a good comment. It highlights an excellent part of the video, while still providing input. Kudos to you, Cody Fuqua!
"Why the fuck do I have to slap mike Tyson around now?"
I've sen him in the top comment of many other YouTubers.....
1 tampon left of health, while i have 4
hahahhhaha! your voice and what u say are the better aprts man, you make me LOL
this vid was so nice, i never wanted it to stop, please finish some game's!!
Is this what Japanese women do all the time?
I'm about to break out my ultimate technique... I call it... the Slap!
They're anchor arms! They slip on like a glove! How big do you like 'em? Normal? Veiny? And for the ladies, hairy. Me: in this case you are correct, cause that lady is hairy as shit
I always count on you to make me smile :) Thank you for being so funny and amazing
Yeah, this prank call was so in depth, it's almost like a video game!
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!!: Bitch-tits Edition
'that name dosent roll off the tounge like i thought it would' hahahahahahah
I just realized that the guys who made this game also made La-Mulana. Holy shit.
I lost my shit at the end when the old lady raised her hand and he said oh shit!
i'm pretty sure mike tyson was a maid in his previous life.
oh god the chemistry joke oh god my sides
Level 1: Stupid Superhero wannabe (because of cape) Level 2: Rule breaking Owl Level 3: Chuck Norris's Daughter
That was not wat I thought it would be but XD that was fuckin funny
"it seems you only have one tampon left of health younger daughter" lol
hahahahaha "who is this im fighting fucking mike tyson". XD
I was Loling so hard when heard shao kahn
The next level is even worse, I wish Cr1TiKaL had played it.
did it literally take you that long to notice she was hitting you 2 or 3 times
It's like a lezbo's house on fathers day
You know shits getting real when Cr1TiKaL calls a game weird.
I love how sexist this game is. "Womanly art" of slapping each other.
*gets beat by old lady * Cr1tikaL - I had to slap fucking Shao Khan!XD
lol "fuck these fucking names, i cant read that shit!"
at the very start, notice the word "Niggoro"
She's got fucking anchor arms!
I lost it at "What's up everybody, it's Cr1tikal"
Okay, elder daughter Suzuka Tu-- FUCK THESE FUCKING NAMES
The elder daughter looks like Kristen Stewart
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