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MW3 M.O.A.B. METHODS - Model 1887 on Bootleg (#1)

by Muzzafuzza • 24,754 views

You guys think this is a cool idea for MW3 series until BO2? Send your best M.O.A.B.s (YouTube link) to Thanks to Sl0w for the gameplay, subscribe to him here:...

this guy playing is fucking good
did u guys notice muzza was sniping in the the kill fees
You should have called this FMG9 M.O.A.B. since he mainly used it over the Model.
You sound retarded when you say M.O.A.B. as one syllable... -_________-
that was a fmg moab...he idn't realy us the modle
i have a thermal m16a4 moab on 2v2 face off, but i don't have a pvr to record it and i wouldn't mind if u use it.
that was not a model moab that was a fuckin fmg moab but anyways sick intro though
well it is a model.. i barely get a full specialist package with it
Fake and gay where's the knife at the end ?
I got a pm9 moab yesterday! I wasn't even going for moabs and then I went on a streak and was like oh damn, I'm close to a moab!
Thats a SICK intro. I almost came.
Well his main wepon was the model so thats why its a modle M.O.A.B
i dont really like this idea, i want to see your gameplay
from now on I shall call it Mwuhb... one these days u gotta get all ur subs to spam tweet that at Whiteboy7thst :D
2 assists count as kills which means he got 22 kills in total. 12 were from the model. 12/22=more than half. so shut the fuck up about it.
IM not sure, but i think you do! But just try it cause it wont hurt anything! :P
@TylerBiss1 How about double weapon moab or multiple weapon Moab. Clear and precise.
Muzza i dont have a pvr so can u add me on ps3 and ill tell the gameplay to chooze and u can record it and what is that song at the end
He got only 11 or 12 plus assist kills with his MODEL ❶❽❽❼
yesterday i was in a game where an enemy got a MOAB and 2 seconds before it exploded i commited suicide with a semtex. XD
Hey guys i didnt prestige in black ops so i didnt got the prestige token. If i prestige now will i get the prestige token? I really need to know any help would be appreciated
A little less than 4 min is a short amount of time to get all the new info across, but the name of the series pretty much explains it all. Hopefully in future episodes of moab methods, I might actually hear a thing or two about how to get a moab.
OMG I GOOD QUALITY VID FROM MUZZA :::))) !!! it kinda sucks its a the end of mw3s life but i like it haha
name of this video should be mistitled moab, bc he got enough model kills for specialist and then it was pretty much all FMG9... -__-
At 1:10 look at the kills he git sniped
I have a crazy triple ac130 assault Moab but I Don't have a HDPVR to record :( I'm on ps3 if u can record it and send it to him tht would be soooo amazing
Anyone know the song that is in the outro plz
saying mobe is lazy.....just sayin
i know i friend of a friends aunts brothers cousins dad mums sisters friends uncles son who got a riot shield MOAB!
at 1:11 it says [sux]Rebirthless sniped Muzzafuzza...?
Nice new series but us subscribers also miss how to pwn
Moab Methods #1: Fmg9 and a few model 1887 kills
how to pwn for mw3! or if it's too late to start that then at least do it for bo2
i got a dragonuv moab today but it was on hardcore so its a little more campy?
The single FMG9 isn´t even that good. Atleast not overpowered.
intro was awesome, kind of reminds me of the awesome high roller one
The letter "W" is two syllables. :D
Damn Muzza's views have gone down like crazy. He used to be getting around a 100k for each video, not its only around 10,000. :(
Muzza do you plan on doing any more Muzzafuzza Plays?
Sick intro, similar in style to your high roller interview
Mw2 how to pwn was how I discovered muzza :)
It's like saying BO-AT instead of boat
I dont want to be a hater but he barely used the model 1887
He got 12 kills with Model 1997 and 12 kills with fmg9 that cant be called 1887 moab rather call it ' Fmg9 and Model 1887 moab'
Loved the intro, And the music..
i agree. u dont say so-ap say soap
He got more kills with the fmg9 than the model? Definitely an fmg9 MOAB
So if i put on like a thermal pm9 but then used a silenced mp9 secondary for every kill, then it would be a thermal pm9 moab?
its a fmg9 silenced moab not a modell moab ;) if id use overkill first primary weapon modell1887 second primary acr and i would make 20 of 24 kills with the acr its not a modell moab either noob ;)
I liked it, in fact I think its better than the gameplay:D
well muzza, I dont really know how to tell you this but the intro... Shit, how do I put this politely? Your intro is kinda the FUCKING SHIT! Seriously its pretty bamf
1 at least it wasn't fmg9 akimbo second on a nother guys moab people said it was a dual scorpion moab stfu watch and learn
So when did the word "method" come in play in this video?
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