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Second Annual Glee Flash Mob - Seattle [OFFICIAL]

by flashmobtheworld • 1,075,374 views

On April 10, 2011, 1200+ Gleeks reunited for the the largest Glee fan event in the country! Produced by Egan Orion of One Degree Events and choreographed by Bobby Bonsey and Beth Meberg. #flashmob...

Is it just me or did you guys get really excited when that man in the blue suit went into the flash mob?!
I love these Flash Mob Videos. 
Yeah that was a clever idea to invent tht. Sad it seems to get out of fashion or not so intersting anymore there are hardly once to find from 13-14 and I would love to have joined one but I am mostly live in villages in Germany and have no clue who wold do that kind of stuff here. Alslo I would have loved to see one of those Glee and other music ivolved flash mobs in the US (they just do the big things better most of the time) (sad but true).
Alton Hardy Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Second Annual Glee Flash Mob - Seattle [OFFICIAL]:
With the power of Washington ohhh this is why I love my home state.
Best flashmob ever!
estas bellas expresiones artísticas, nos demuestran que nuestro mundo puede ser un bello lugar de armonía y paz, es sensacional ver estos videos
I love everyones sassy faces at 3:51
I really want to know all that songs
Who hate this have no life
the cool part you can hear them singing with the song
what is the name of that very first song when the girl started dancing !
Trebor Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago (edited)
Flash Mop at Seattle Westlake Park 2011
I would die just to be part of one of these glee flashmobs!!!!!!!!!!!!
WTF is wrong with these people, lack of sun?
What's the name of the song starting from 3:48 to 4:30?
They did the "clean" version.  The clean version is called "Forget You".  CeeLo Green.  You can imagine the "F" when it isn't the clean version.
Raise your glass is such a good song for underdogs
I want to know what is the name the first song? Please:)
watch the name of the first song??
Valorie Bauer Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Look at all the HAPPY faces!! Makes my heart jump with joy, thank you Glee for giving all the people something to smile for <3
They look so happy and that was awesome
They look so awesome.
what was that old lady doing there? I bet She was not a part of this flash mob
近江聖 Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
OMG. I only live 20 mins away from WestLake. Damn wish I was there! :'(
Anyone else think they should have done Loser Like Me at the end?
Flashmob's can change the world!! God bless everyone!!
Looks like good fun and exhilerating for participants
The first song is called "The Dog Days Are Over" :)
i'm sure she's not one of the original flashmob guys. ^^,
age is not a barrier for having and sharing passion to dance and feel free for few moments...
Please come to Japan and showed!!
think about it, if that was actually Lady Gaga, the place would've been PAPARAZZIED!
I just about died when Lady Gaga showed up. And then I died a little more when I figured out 'she' was a 'he'.
Its not really a flash mob when you mull around afterward and celebrate. You are supposed to come in, do your thing, and be out.
please tell me that's a drag gaga!!
Thank you for making the world a better place :)
6:40 Dude, that's why you shouldn't wear a target on your shirt, lol. Awesome vid...8D
haha Seems like the old man with the blue shirt ( 1:06 ) is doing every glee flashmob around Seattle area haha Look at this flashmob. watch?v=_AR6d3Lh-TM
i like how at 2:55 the old guy is singing
I wanna flash mob the world with gleeks :(
72 people just don't know what it means to laugh and just have fun
Awesome vid bro it awesome congrats to all da dancers!!!!
Flash Mob makes the World Smile, Rock on !
what is the name of the first song?
This IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! I am soooo proud to be born & bred of Seattle, Wa.!!!!! Great JOB to all of you!!!! xoxoxox! Victoria Torres, Burbank, Ca.
omg i wish my city did a flash mob
i loved the old boy last time and again this time he wins again. he's awesome.
it was soooooo awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee waaaaa LIKE!!! <3
What I like the most is that its so many different kinds of people. That makes it so much cooler.
OMG I just spotted one of my friends in here....I had NO idea he did this LOL
Except here in England. Health and safety and being poor means were not aloud to be happy and dance unless the EU give permission. Love the video and the music and would love to be able to lay on something like this in my sons school it bring happiness to the heart and a smile to the face. So if you ever do find out how it happens and goes on let me know Please. We could do with some cheering up here in England, well a t least where I live. Respect
This is wonderful, these things are what really put you goosebumps
that little kid is the kid from the missy elliot video!!!!!!! cant believe nobody commented about that!!
it's hard to understand how people can dislike, but even harder when they say things like "what a shame" or "this is pathetic", like they did in my facebook feed about flash mob in general. Stupid people! Art is not for everyone, definitely!
Cutest kids EVER at the start!! They must be Thai, I've never seen kids dance like that
I love how the dancers are singing along with the music.
Anyone here who knows the Anime Fairy Tail? Love like they put their hands up at 6.09 like members of Fairy Tail do it :D <3
love the woman with the orange scarf :) eventhough she doesn't know the dance she is still dancing and having fun <3
"Second annual, event, choreographed, reunite, specifically is NOT a flash mob.
Those 2 boys at the start were awesome !!!!
Dude in the blue shirt with the Bluetooth - I recognize him from last years!! :)
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