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I Was Wrong [Eng Sub] - 2AM

by 21Meru • 18,564 views

I don't own the video, nor do I own the subs. No copyright intended.

This song expresses how i feel right now about my first GF that broke up with me. 
a wonderful way to express their love for her
They each spend what time they have with her left, because, yes, she is ill. She ends up back in the hospital and the doctor and parents tell the boys that she has some sort of heart failure. Of course, they're upset and it does a simple recap of their times together. After that, the boys are in class and they recieve a text message. Because of this, they go and sneak Soohyun out of the hospital. She dies after that, and 2AM cleans up their act and solves their social problems in her memory.
Does she come back into their life because she wants to see them before she dies?
Have you seen Dream High 2? Because Jinwoon acts in it as main character.
Sorry. My account doesn't inform me when i have comments. If you haven't figured out who they are yet, Jinwoon is the basketball player, Changmin is the hockey player, JoKwon is the DJ, and Seulong is the motorcyclist. I hope that helps.
It's a typical Korean MV. Four completely different guys who used to be childhood friends suddenly have the girl they all liked from when they were kids pop back into their lives. They've always liked her so they compete for her attention and end up getting jealous and ultimately it turns into a fight. She tries to stop them, but faints and they take her to the hospital. The 2nd part shows how things have changed from when they were kids, but the boys "fix" things. . .
That would be Jinwoon. He's the youngest member of the group. I believe he just reached nineteen or twenty.
i thought jinwoon is the one with the golden earphones
I think so. I mean, if I knew I was going to die, then I would wish to spend it in the place I love, with the people I love, wouldn't you?
Of Seulong? Some. But you can just go to google images, type in his name and find pictures of him yourself. ^^
That would be Seulong. He's also an actor. Changmin is the hockey player. Jokwon is the DJ and the basketball player is Jinwoon. I hope that helps and I hope you enjoy more of 2AM.
I didn't understand the plot at all until I read the comments... That makes sense...
Can sum1 Explain the vid 2 meh plz? From My understandings iz that their old childhood friend came back ad they developed a "crush" on her, but then find out she's . . . sick?
Can someone tell me the name of the guy that has the half pony tail..please
The one who ride the motorcycle is hot.
He's 25. I don't consider that old at all. lol. But I don't know how old you are, so it may be old or young to you. lol.
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