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Zurich, Switzerland

by Hoosier Tim's Travel Videos • 406,094 views

Recorded August 12, 2011: Video of Switzerland's largest city. From:

I LOVE the fact that your videos do not have narration or music added, makes you really feel like you are there!!!
Someday I going to zurich <3
even better than japan
zuricht  te quiero  y te querre siempre 
mis dach isch de himmel vo Züri, u s'Bellevue mis bett woni pfuus...
beautiful city just came back last week
mein schone land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leyonberger woot woot American : Lionberger
Lucie Volná Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Geneva is much better than Zurich. Who agrees with me?
zürich, i was in both cities and in my opinion zürich is better
I just went back in September and saw many of the same sights you showed in this video. Truly a wonderful country. I would go back in a heartbeat if I could, it was an awakening for me. A real eye opener.
this is my hommmieee! lieben die stadt............. i will always love it
Greeting from China, Swizerland is such beautiful place, I hope I can travel there someday in future !
This Upperclass... is kinda stupid, I am swiss and have have NOTHING against muslims.
would nice to go for vacations in spring but to live I want a city with many buildings :)
I will visit this country in one day :-) Love Switzerland -Zurich :-))
Zürich ist eine schöne Stadt. Ich wich war im Zürich dieses Sommer und es war sehr klasse. Ich würde gern wohne in Zürich :)
I live in Norway. I love it here.
thanks for not fuckking the vid up with music
c'est tres belle cette ville. je reve d'etre la bas un jour
Bellissima citta,beautiful city ,lindisima ciudad.
zurich sher schone stadt das war meine stadt aber jetst nicht mehr....ilove zurich
Switzerland is almost like a paradise on Earth.
Cada pais en el mundo tiene sus atractivos , no hay ninguno perfecto ni switzerland America , México,Guatemala,Brasil etc.
Switzerland is sooo beautiful :))
That's not true, there are many muslims here and we like them just as much as everyone else. Sure there are racist people, and some are afraid that there will be too many people living here some day, but saying we don't like muslims is not true.
bbald werde ich wieder geliebte stadt!!!!!!!!!
@JohnRhysMusician It is funny that you mention Mercedes. Mercedes Benz has actually shifted a lot of the production it had outsourced back to Germany, because of major quality issues with their US built cars. Many other German high tech companies producing industrial goods have also moved their businesses back to Germany because of a lack of qualified personnel in the United States! VW,BMW&Audi only produce in the states because Americans want cheaper &lower quality than EU!
Where the people with the Sig550's? o:
beautiful city. Would like to visit some day. Thanks for sharing.
no , i was in Oslo 2 weeks ago i can't say that Oslo is more expensive than Zürich.) The prices for cloth are a lot alike in every country in Europe but the only difference is they are getting a lot and paying a lot for apartments in Oslo ,what really impressed me is that Oslo is a really small city))! But u can google it anyway;) thx 4 reply)
Why dont u just google it? Google "weeping lion" and ull understand that hundreds of years of wars on all european sides. Spanish, french, german, italian, british eventually led to the conclusion that neutrality is the only way to escape this madness. Maybe some hundreds years of war the US will cem to the same conclusion...
You're dirty in your mind,in your character.....India rocks though am not an Indian...Got it....!!
thanks mate! i'd love to visit china some day aswell :D
hey,I just read your comment and I assume you’re Swiss? Can I ask you sth,it’s very important to me- what is Switzerland as a country ‘from the inside’? Are people there nice,open to foreigners? Please,answer me,I’ll be very grateful :)
there is no real beauty at all !!! just medieval buildings , humidity from the lake and thats it !!! the only thing that makes it good to live its just that swiss is real an organized state with excellent quality level of life concerning the education , health and jobs. the more small is a state in the perpsective of the people amount the more organized it can be. thats why australia or canada are far more good couyntries than usa. swiss,norway , nz are in these club of these countries also.
@JohnRhysMusician nope....Germany has been quite a bit more important for technological progress than the US. The US is good at doing business and selling to consumers, most high end industrial products are developed and built in Germany. Now count the UK, France and Switzerland to that and the US is just a broke country with a crappy legal system, tons of poverty, no working social security and a bunch of useless wars. The US has a decent elite, but 97% of the population suck!
More about Zurich
First thing you see in the station: "Schweizer wählen SVP"
Zurich is the most spectacular city in Switzerland and most expensive city in the world. :-) Bern can never keep up with that ........... sorry!!!!
I just want to say that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.You obviously have never been in Switzerland.I live in Bern and there are no Nazi's in Switzerland.Then Swiss people don't fund muslims, im not sure why you think that.America is much less free than Switzerland.
I like Switzerland but will always be proud of my homeland.... Syria.
Io credo che ai ragione a dir questo,eppoi dicono tutti che e il paese dove si vive meglio per tutte le cose
I just left switzerland but I wanna go back really bad
my country is going through some problems, but I agree switz is pretty coo
The city is great and its very nice place ...u
I will visit to Zürich on 2013 too.
Hört sich sehr vielversprechend an. Ich kann es kaum erwarten nach Zürich zu fahren mit dem Fahrrad von Deutschlannd, Singen (Hohentwiel). :-D!
lol me too. i just got back yesterday from zurich
I think Oslo is the most expensive, I could be wrong
I've lived in Zurich for a couple of years. What a fantastic city it is. Undoubtedly one of the best places to live on this planet.
and youl be a fat assassin which is not agile wearing high socks
we got direct democracy here, which is more induvidual freedom than you'll ever have in your fucked up country.
What makes a man turn neutral ... Lust for gold? Power? Or were they just born with a heart full of neutrality?"
Oh you live in Zurich and that's what makes you think it's better than Geneva? you could try to be a bit more objective...
great english, this isn't swiss english!
u mean the u.s. right? well id love to move out ther if most people spoke english, n if it wasnt so cold n jobs of course lol. greatest country i dont no but it does look nice. the u.s. does stink n the people freakin blow lol. i see y the people look so fit lol. most of them walk instead of drive
i got ham sandwitches there for breakfeast
The...GERATEST country in The World is only Afghanistan......Not Othersss...if you Understand..i Respect All The Countries & All The Religions
After living in Zurich for a year I can tell you Switzerland is wealthy, safe, clean and green. One of the best places to live i.m.o.
Merci beaucoup pour partager la vidéo, c'est beau Zurich
Do we need to liberate you with M4's and McDonalds?
ASK 100 people from all over the world who would like to immigrate to another country...I am sure..VERY SURE Switzerland is not gonna be on that list. I am sure it is a wonderful country. Clean, peaceful, high standard of doubts about it. I am Brazilian and I live in Canada. I always wanted to live in the USA before I came here. USA it IS a dream country for most people. It is a PEOPLE and culture that influenced all the WEST, there's is really nothing quite like the USA. Sorry.
Zurich is great...made a travel show about Switzerland - it is called " Swiss adventures with Tom " check it out .
with the hidden blade replaced through the swiss army knife
I prefer Geneva to Zurich... the french-speaking area of switzerland is much nicer!!!
ull be cooking bakking and cleaning for the first 5 hours
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