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by Funk Roberts • 689,680 views


Abs Hip Thrusts = that is how Stewie Griffin hits it
If you want to keep belly fat off eliminate all Wheat from your diet ! Period. Eat grass fed beef for breakfast , followed up with power greens spinach, kale, Only cook with Coconut oil, and olive oil. Eat tablespoons of Coconut oil . Eat eggs every day and as many as you like. You have to say good bye to fast food chains. Once you decide to drink only water and stay away from cookies and doughnuts and Pizza. Bagels and Burritos Anything Wheat based. You will shed pounds. And belly fat will melt You will be what God created us to be. Fatigue will not be in your life.
Assholes giving commercials for other fitness regime please remove your comments and do your workout and advertising job proper way. Lazy idiots!
Vincent Reynolds Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
Abs in and Out are the easier version of that one work out ;o
Daym funk ur getting it done with ur vids! Close to a milly
you talk more than you work out ... get to the work out and no talk ... thats how it works in the fitness
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Very good funk but I'd say this is for more advanced already in fighter shape people like myself.
i gotta say, these moves are hard as F**K,
Nice workouts…this is a great way to lose belly fat and get six pack abs!
2:10 Dude, you have to provide pics of you having a spare tire for anybody to believe you.
go watch his 44 best burpees video, and you will see the tire.
Should we do this everyday? 7 days a week?
He said everday 7 mins
Google Fast Fat Furlong... Its the best way to lose weight. Nice video but wait until you discover the diet taught when you check out Fast Fat Furlong... My brother cut 5 lbs in just one week.
Ok here is the deal ,my wife lost her job so our whole world sits on my shoulders and being sick in Dec.2013 we almost had no Christmas. Money is few and never for exercise. Can this "and my back is against the wall here" keep me healthy as 24 year old. Im grazing 40 by the way. Please help.....
Ok here is the deal ,my wife lost her job so our whole world sits on my shoulders and being sick in Dec.2013 we almost had no Christmas. Money is few and never for exercise. Can this "and my back is against the wall here" keep me healthy as 24 year old. Im grazing 40 by the way. Please help.....
Google the phrase Sweet Weight Shredder... Its the best way to lose weight. This video is great but wait until you discover the nutrition plan you could learn when you check out Sweet Weight Shredder... My brother cut 9 lbs in one week.
Hey Gigaman, You sure can..all depends on what your overall goals are, but yes you can supplement this workout with your training.
A few things. First you don't get abs, you already have abs you're born with them. Getting a 6 pack requires to things, muscle definition and low fat around your midsection. This workout isn't all pushups it alternates pushups - ab excercise. This is to tone your ab muscles and burn the fat around them. Also pushups do work the abs since your abs stabilise the body while doing pushups, particularly jumping pushups and the spidermans/circulating ones. Finally bigger chests show your abs more too
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Seems like a good workout. Thanks man.
I loved how more then half the comments below are them just advertising different work outs on google and stuff, great video btw.
Do you train MMA fighters or train in MMA. If that makes sense,
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crazy! I got tired of just wachting!
Shut up you dick he Is a spasy
Absolutely diet is the key. But you don't want to starve yourself. You need the proper nutrition. Plus its takes confidence to work out one day at a time. We all have to start somewhere and just don't give up. My mom always you to say you can be what ever you want that also applies to getting in shape. I have a great video too boost up your confidence and be in the best shape of your life. If you interested email me at:
no offense but how will doing pushups get u abs
It's amazing how dumb people can be. There is a BIG button which says, "CLICK HERE[...]TO SKIP..." and people still complain about too much talking.
I wonder if he speaks like that around his black friends because i have a feeling he's using dave chappelles white man character
Hey Freestyle, Thanks for the question. Every day is waaaaay too much. Your body and muscles actually grow during rest and sleep. You need to give your muscles time to recover and training everyday will just over train your body leading to injures and plateau. 3X per week is good. It is tough to say how long it will take to see a noticeable difference as I am not sure what you look like, but stick with this for at least a month and come back to let me know - also you have to eat clean - Funk
How often do you recommend doing this workout?
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do the side planks really work? i have doubts about it
damn man this is some good workouts
They do, and less stress on the lower back than the normal plank. Try for three minutes, see what you think.
¬¬ man, why always when you do excercises, always the place is alone? but nice videos! im your fan!
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That is meant to be two things but i ran out of space
damn man.. im an experienced gym person and have done a mountain of workouts. but this is tight. props to you man. gives me something to work toward
To burn fat with maximum results then the burning must begin from within first. High protien diet, your carbs should only be from green leafy veggies. No other carbs. no grains, no breads and no fruit until you start loosing weight.
This is really incredible ! God bless you !
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Hey guys. Another great explanatory video. Some things I also do is eat a great diet, cardio, and light weight training with the ab exercises. Check me out for more info.
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Just the right amount of action if u ask me!! GJ man.
Hey Funk I've already asked u a question but uh, I'm 14 and I'm doing this everyday and once my body gets used to it I'll do it 2 times a day is this healthy or over the line and when I'm doing this should I be doing cardio workouts to please respond, RedTiger
Me funciono en solo 3 semanas. Enserio gracias!
Yo funk im 15 and I have 6 pack abs but my track coach says that i need a really strong core. Will this workout help, and how many times a week should I do it?
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Hey Delaware, I put that button at the bottom left of the video for people like yourself you want ACTION!! - LOL Funk
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how does the pushups help the abs? (i am a beginner)
well done Funk you really nailed it right there
How many times in a week should i do this????? answer asap please
extremely Dope.. this is some core building craziness.. this is whats up right here.! GET SOME! and the old school RUN DMC FAT BEATS BRING IT ALLFULL CIRCLE..
Cool! I feel every muscle in my body after this workout, thank you very much, it really helps!
Hey Red Tiger..Thanks for the question. I can definitely say that you are overtraining and doing way too much bu doing this workout everyday and will go overboard if you do it twice a day. Your body needs time to rest, recover and recoup plus your muscles actually grow when you are sleeping and resting. My advice head over to my Bodyweight get lean and ripped program (it's free) - Funk
Dont mention it! I am now on week 1 of your Spartan 4 week workout challenge. Hope to get a bit of that 6 pack soon. :-)
For someone so ripped, his push-up form could be better.
Where are you from? You have sort of an accent. P.S. love your videos.
well, you do engage your core during pushups...
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robert my weight was 320 now im 298 cuz of u need more help
i have a 6 pack now (after aloootaa hardwork lol ) but am looking for a good fast routine to for abs and obliques to do on alt days after my cardio...would u recommend me doing this without the chest exercises as a good way to maintain or even make them better?
hey funk thanks for this awesome workout bur let me ask you something ive been doing your routine for almost two weeks and it really pumps my chest but my abs dont burn.should i add extra ab exercises?
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Thanks for this workout! I was looking for something to change up my ab routine! If you do it with complete proper form its hard. For those who are more more fit, try to complete with less or no rest in between sets to push yourself or hold each position for a few seconds before doing the next rep
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