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Frictional Games: The Gathering

by frictionalgames • 25,453 views A mishmash of clips relating to Frictional Games first in-real-life meeting. Presented in iMovie's blockbuster trailer format. Yeah,...

The Shadow is a pretty fly musician.
Duckface should be hidden in an easter egg in your next game.
@Daelitegamer You can make it through a "Custom Story". No need for FrictionalGames to spend money to make that stupid story. I'm sorry but it just doesn't make any sence at all.
@Ultimate7Maker Indies don't have money for food. :P
@MrTitanosaurus Or let the developers do what they want to do, so that their jobs aren't boring and the continue to make original games.
6 people made my game of 2010 o.O (and made my crap my pants a couple of times)
You guys are my heroes. SRSLY. Keep up the good work! <3
@Tieroid It is just the developer of the game making a funny short movie of them meting for the first time ;)
@Ramizello Because thumbing up your unoriginal comment will decide whether there is a sequel to amnesia. Some one needs to go outsiiiiide.
The graphics of this game look so realistic.
@1337Func7ioN You don't know about "Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs"? Look it up. It's the newest Amnesia game set to release at the end of the year before Halloween. It doesn't involve Daniel, but it's in the same universe.
@Seversher I'm actually in college for architecture.
HAHA, i love the "A H.P. Lovecraft film" And i love frictional games <3
The truth behind Frictional Games: racing Segways.
It should be illegal to mention Peters name, at least when it has to do with games.
(very fast speech ) PRODUCT NOT YET RATED
Får man köra Segway i Sverige nu? Sweet! Måste fixa en.
They are best cant wait new Amnesia a machine for pigs
You guys are seriously my favorite people ever. EVER.
Amnesia is the best game that I play... is scary but excelent ... thanks man .. :D
Explain for a Russian person, please - what is it? =)
The Gatherers sounds like some sort of jazz soul band... Do they make a special guest appearance?
What about a new horror game "not amnesia" i mean come on that game is made to only have one story and that story has been told but a new horror game with VS!!!
@Joey5537 I don't know anyone, but it would be fun to have the choise of picking between the two, am I right? =)
@mrbitbot I'm guessing it's not a movie. Check the description, theres a link there taking it to The Gathering
oooh, that brute in that one room produces this fine film? i must see it immediately!
As far as I remember (Not much, I'm drunk right now), there is a thread about co-op on the official forums. Pretty much every good point is done in it. I suggest you check it out sometime.
The ending made me die of laughter. xD "Executive producer: That brute in that one room."
This is the kinda group I'd love to be part of
This falls under the category of "unnecessarily awesome"
Haha! The biggest joke was the Frictional Games World cube xD
i guess nothing of HPL3 then...
You guys might be interested in hearing that Frictional are not making a sequel for Amnesia, but a new IP.
@biohazzardnoz Ett nytt spel skulle vara fantastiskt men jag tror att co-op skulle förstöra atmosfären?
That brute in that one room, best exec producer of all time.
@Joey5537 Actually Obscure had co-op although the game wasn't popular. Fear3 will probably have one but I think it's more like a FPS with horror elements rather than a traditional full survival horror tps kinda game, if you know what I mean.
Lol, the duckface. sure frictional game likes the retail cover.
the brute in that one room lol
whats teh name of this song and from where is?
The gathering... of... Gatherers?
@myrtorp yep i mean, there isnt really a way to follow up the story of amnesia. the end of amnesia pretty much closes off any kind of sequel.
Can I get a quick explanation of what HPL is?? Lol, I'm new to the Frictional Game thing xD
I love this kind of indie company, relying on almost no one but themselves, having so much creative freedom and fun in the process. That's what it takes to make great games.
This is why Indie developers are the best. They feel like real people, not a normal "big" company. Haha, I love you guys!
I'm sure Agrippa would make an awesome constume designer.
I want a new game soon:D frictional games=best game developers ever:D
Friction is a force that opposes motion between 2 objects/surfaces
There are so many 304th viewers out there....
Jag gillar att ni använder iMovie xD
@isagagenius Yes, they should (and I think they will) stick to what they do best! Co op and multiplayer would be the best way to kill a good horror game. And amnesia 2? I dont see how that could work. I think they will make an entirely new game.
These guys are fantastic. Who would have thought the creators of the scariest game of all time would have such an amazing sense of humor?
Executive producer : That brute in that one room xD
I guess you could say.. They were 'Gatherers'. YEAAAAAA- And yes I am too poor to buy sunglasses..
its amazing you guys made this game without even meeting.
I like how you guys made this trailer with Apple iMovie.
Knowing that you use segways in your creative process makes me love your games even more.
seriosuly, fuck that brute in that one room
Jag vill ha en uppföljare till Penumbra, jag skiter i att serien är avslutad, Penumbra 3 skulle vara bäst, och istället för Grönland, så utspelar sig spelet i en äcklig järngruva i SVERIGE! =D
I usually don't ask for thumbs up, but like this comment for the sequel of Amnesia!
Who knew that these guys would come up with Amnesia.
This video should be called Frictional Games: The GATHERERS, lol
Amnesia 2 comes with shotguns, zombies and mandatory Kinect support.
Coop is easy... long periods of being separated... or never seeing each other, but being able to trade items via revolving containers in walls. IDK... :)
I find it funny, most indie developers are healthy, but the big corporations aren't as healthy they're over weight.
@biohazzardnoz I'd rather not. Being alone is probably one of the most important things to make a game scary. Name me one scary game with co-op.
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