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Zelda - BRIDGE ERECTION - Part 73

by TobyGames • 114,604 views

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Actually if you fall far enough, someone will pick you up and carry you away like what happens when you jump off of something out of form.
i used to be an idiot. i thought toby said go get the nations top right to watch the next video. now i know different
wow, it always takes me ages to do that bridge puzzle, Toby did it in like 2 minutes
Tobuscus: How did they get that bird statue in here? Me: They probably built the place around it. Tobuscus: They probably built the place around it.
I don't think he's joking... I think he's just another stupid Belieber or something XD
He always manages to land in the exact spot he needs to be in. Is he just lucky or what?
the goddess statue looks like a nutcracker
I've been looking forward to Toby's reaction to the trails for a LONG time! :D
Gjffcvyshjihvdsbofdvjazodj it took me like an hour to get the bridge!!!
yay lets go sky diving i will pay when do u want to go. im being serious
I cant freakin wait untill he gets to the silent realm... :3
well then that was also my opinion so maybe YOU should shut up and excuse me for letting you know how futile your comment is. he's not gonna fucking stop talking it's a let's play and 99% of the people watching enjoy it, go watch a walk through if you want to not have the game (which you already played and know what's going to happen) be "ruined" god do you even hear yourself?
:'D I finally sneezed during one of his videos!
why is the annoying blue sword fairy always dancing?
Toby talking back to Fi is my favorite part of this whole series.
It's easy I just put them in a straight line then hit the crystals until there is no block blocking the way to the center then move the stones to the center
Frustration enveloped me while doing this
actually...he is just doing random things and somehow its what you have to do :P duhhhh he said that
Toby, please shut up during the songs, thanks!
Wanna see some ok videos on some random games??? then check out our channel
This puzzle took me forever, Toby takes 2 minutes -_-
00:59 trust me, i'm an engineer
Hit pause, read the text in peace, unpause and listen to Toby's version. Problem solved.
If u connect the Toby picture in the thumbnail and the title of the equals pure foolishness.
i never sneeze during your videoss!!! :{
You guys shouldn't watch this as a walkthrough. Its more of a video game blog in a way. Go watch ZeldaDungeon if you wanna walkthrough of Zelda! :D
What does he say at the end of his videos? It sounds like "go get asian dot com to watch more videos"
I finally sneezed during one of his videos !! 3 seconds after he said bless you -__-
"Click the annotation to watch the next video." Is what he says. Sometimes its hard to understand cause he says it so fast lol.
i just beat farore's courage a few minutes ago.i feel good about myself :)
4:50 skip the ballad of ear bleeding
Toby...and Kindgom Hearts..Just saying :3
Oh... that title... my mind is in the gutter now... :(
4:25 lolz the legendary birds from pokemon I swear. Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos and Luigia.
You need to play the harp on the island.
click the annotation on the top right to watch the next video
Pshh, ill skydive with you if its free, you don't want to go with Toby!
The song should go i toby games highlights
The bridge took me forever!!!
simple really, the goddess was self absorbed(jk) :)
Dammit. I sneezed at 9:54. Does that count as a blessing? xP
Hahaha Toby, equip the kick a** shield
The reason I want him to be quiet is When I'm trying to read the scripts and focus on the game I can't concentrate because he is singing really loudly
i searched- er, something... and got this.
obviously didnt put the roof on until after it was put in... or the moor likely explanation... any form of magic zelda universe has a massive diversity of teleporting shrinking enlarging e.t.c
I am so mad right now! I had to use a walkthrough to figure out the bridge puzzle! Am I that stupid? lol
Master! The goddess would like you to apply a tramp stamp!
4:24-4:28 aricuno moltrus zapdos oh ho LOL :°
Link is the ultimate mood killer. Super dramatic deep moment, which link ruins with his patented doodoodoodoo.
I have that game i just bought it recently but i don't have a motion plus wii remote :( also Toby i hate Fi as much as you do since ive been watching your videos! :D
Isd it a coincidence that I am learning puberty at school all of a sudden?
i find it funny how he can finish zelda in under 100 episodes but he took over 200 episodes to get to end in minecraft
is Zelda the real game name? i cant find how to play it
hey hey hey look hey listen hey hey hey xD in the water temple what navi hey link those boots look like theyre heavy enough to sink to the bottom of a lake c: :| navi were in a temple at the bottom of a lake hey link have you tried playing the noturne of shadow yet i alrady got the hover boots navi i just wanted to do the spirit temple first before the shadow temple nope nocturne of shadow c: hey hey watch out theres a crab there -_- really navi hey hey look it jumped i dispise navi so much
Congratulations on all your success dude, you deserve it :D
Could you imagine if one of the guests were afraid of birds? "Oh, FINALLY I've solved the puzzle! What a small doorway... OH SWEET JESUS I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE! "
nine dislikes.... guess they didn't see the erection they wanted to....
Yeah, you are(if you were talking against the second person. If not, reply to the correct comment next time).
Toby should play kingdom hearts next! :)
ROFL Now its time to sing a song and dance up a wall with green sparkles coming out of ma body!
that bridge part took me soooo much longer than it should have. XD Toby, you so coo.
Walkthroughs aren't cheating. Cheating is breaking the laws of the game, the walkthrough just tells you what to do within those laws.
Toby it's just a rainbow... Of course there's a pot of gold!
After watching this video, I went skydiving and whistled. Nothing happened.
That bridge isn't really that hard, I doubt he uses a walkthrough.
Damn toby that was a sweet song!
I really consider this to be a tattoo on my lower back... ;D
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