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Dire Consequences: 50 Mile Walk

by CollegeHumor • 295,680 views

REAL LIFE SUPERMAN See more Two men. One game of Rock Paper Scissors. One really long walk home. LIKE us on:

I walked 50 miles ones, but then I took an arrow to the knee
Yeah! I said it, I meant it, I'm here to represent it!
i once walked 3 feet to my computer to watch youtube
Frodo did not travel alone he had Sam and golem and before that the fellowship. Sorry bitch.
+Steven Flanagan And he actually ditched Sam at one point so...
Still had Gollum.  Also FUCK U STEVE U CUNT!
Walking 50 miles in a day is possible, but it is very hard. My group composed of another 5 17-18 year olds completed it in 15 hours 57 minutes at an average of 3.4 mph and burned roughly 5400 calories l. We started in the afternoon, continued through the night and finished in the morning of the next day. Our time was above average because we are all realtively fit ( 2 swimmers 1 rower 2 tennis and 1 footballer) but the quickest ones (xcountry team) did it in less than 14 hours. This was hands down the biggest attempt to break my willpower that I have ever faced and I can relate to all of Murph's reactions which makes this video much funnier.
how does someone sprain a knee by walking not even 30 miles
+Mitch Awesomefoot then you should know that it is completely fine that he sprained his knee! Are we NOT agreeing that Brian isn't pitiful for spraining his knee after this walk? By the way; a sprained knee would have had him limping after the 30 miles if he sprained it back at the 29 mile mark.
I walked 5 miles once....
Man the most I've ever done is 14 miles in a day.
the longest I ever walked was 12 miles
At the 25 mile mark: That`s the pallor of England all the time! Lol. Pretty cool idea for a vid. :)
I would have hired a mariachi band to set in the back of a small truck and follow him, then when they got tired switch them out for a polka band to shake things up
50 miles is 80 kilometers, and i would only have to walk 2 kilometers... Jealous Murph? 
Murph's song was the best part
This is an awesome idea for a series. Continue it
the camera man walked with him also 
he followed him in a car with one another person driving so he could follow at some points and hop back in
For some reason I'm always on Kevin's side on these. Really don't know why that is, maybe I just relate to Kevin.
Can dire consequences come back pluz :D
It really took you two days to walk 50 miles that's just sad
Haha I live in jersey so I know most of these places
This deserves way more views than it has.
Wait, what happened with the backpack?
Damn you disney, fucking 30 second ads I can't skip...........
Doesnt the camera man walk the same distance
No, they worked shifts of about 30 mins to 2 hours probably, and there was a bit where it was just the MurphCam.
He's not with Murph the whole time.
I miss this college humor show
Oh god I died when Murph tripped ha ha ha ha ha!
Imagine a foot massage after this omg......
Simple, fast and clean. Playing with my boss tomorrow. 50 miles.
I had to hike 50 miles with a 14 pound bag on
this was fucking dumb...
sucks for da guy recording i mean he didn't lose rock paper scissors
take that merph! lol he is always such a sore winner!
Am I the only one who feels bad for the cameraman? he has to walk backwards sometimes...
hahahhaahaha ight i love murph but bruh how the hell do u get a knee sprain from walking lmao
you need to stop sucking so much cock you mothersmuggling klondike fucker
You guys must have fun and easy jobs... But do they pay well? I guess it doesn't really matter as long as you enjoy it.
His (sister?) at the end is really hot.
2:33 Paramus Catholic Highschool!
1:55 But Murph... One does not simply walk into mordor...
i would never do this fuck rock paper scissors and fuck bets.
so this is why murph is the way he is
I wonder how many calories he lost
Yes, it must be so hard walking 50 miles. Try doing it with a 50 pound camera.
Bull fucking SHIT!! I doubt you could do half of what Murph did
50 miles is like walking malta twice! malta is an island 100km far from sicily and its like 30x20km lool
50 miles, is an incredibly long way, thats the distance for Gold D of E
I wish they did more Dire Consequences, these are hilarious, I loved the tiny clothes
fuck you you dumb niggercunt. ur faker nd gayer cuz ur probably black hahahaha. ur jokes arent funny. i bet you dream of using my cum as mouthwash u fuckn fag. lern to type too becux u suck at it
MEEEE!!!!! I need a Friend T.,t ill do anything
they had alternating teams and they got to drive to keep up sometimes.
This is probably my favorite collegehumor video
ill be your friend.. rock, paper, scissors, shoot! rock beats scissors i win, now go walk 50 miles
Oh I believe you walk 60 miles, but that breast cancer part really seems suspicious..
"kevin's a doucheeeee" i lost it there
cameraman had to walk with him XD TWO people lost XD
1:22 When did Murph switch pants?
1:58 No clue why he had to reference LOTR, but okay c:
Doubt it. Seems like they probably followed him for certain parts, then just met him at other parts.
omg. I know exactly where he is at 0:35
feet would be the worst part about this.
They probably switched out the cameramen during this...
Why does murph ALWAYS lose the ones with terrible consequences?
I think you missed the part where it said miles, not metres.
I think "walk for the dead" would be a more accurate translation. At least, it conveys the meaning better, right? Or do you guys over there in the south actually walk until you drop every year? In the Netherlands there's also a yearly walk event, the "avondvierdaagse". But we only walk 10 miles, over a span of four days. I guess we are just wimps.
In Belgium there's a yearly tradition to walk 100 km (62 miles), it's called "dodentocht" (=deathwalk)
Not Gunna lie. I wanna see more of these vids
wow your a fucking loser. you can reply with your idiotic comments ive got better things to do then flame war but just so you know your a tool
this is why he's such a psycho now
A sprained knee... that's a cocktail right?
walking 10 miles is hard for someone whos not in shape
they probably followed him in a car, and got out at some points to film him.
Of course, I expect your xbox avatar is at the height of fitness.
I think that is the only time murph lost
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