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Ubisoft E3 2012 Press Conference

by gamespot • 155,916 views

Join us Live for the Ubisoft Press Conference from E3 2012!

It was ok, only one problem. Why in the holy mother of ass did Ubisoft had to bring that talentless hack of Tobuscus? I left the conference as soon as he appeared.
And what a disappointment Watch Dogs turned out to be.
There's a difference between good comedy and random shenanigans. Most people at E3 aren't amused by "derp-humor". Maybe if there was a different venue maybe people would've laughed.
BULL. SHIT! If he was meant to act like that Aisha wouldn't have been so upset
Why is Aisha not in the kitchen??
What? What else has British as an enemy? xD It's always China, Korea, Russia, Middle East, etc.
Toby tobuskins I'm done... Fuck this The man has no talent.
Why do they have rappers and people trying to pump the audience up at a game conference do they not know that gamers couldn't give a fuck,its just awkward for everyone involved.
lol how do u know the specs? even two tribes don't know the specs and they have dev kits, u just embarassed urself
where is Aisha ? their official Speaker ?
@Seti13rU we do u dumb rayman three in xbla and rayman origins
boring boring boring TOBY YAY!!!! boring boring boring Toby is soo funny boring boring boring aww toby is so cute boring boring boring TOBY
the start of the far cry 3 gameplay reminded me of avatar for some reason
i had this whole thing dvr'd but i just rewatched it i lov e3 to the max
Im gonna get zombiU first if i get a WII U,who is gonna do the same?
Far cry 3 is what crysis 2 should have been
toby can make anything akward :/. Even if i'm just watching the video i still feel akward every time he is on screen
umm i think flo rida is jus there to promote himself lol
After reading her response to the haters doubting her being a gamer. I don't doubt she's a gamer but I don't care. This was painful to watch and we can't blame it all on Tobuscus.
Holy shit! Goosebumps when Assassin's Creed started!
"You know what girls like Tobi?" "No what?" "When they go first" "really?" "No" LOL I wonder if he even got it.
You dont understand what acting is. Toby was genuinely being annoying and immature towards a mature professional woman.
"I'm just here for Flo Rida" Said no one ever
take a chill pill, dude, no one likes assholes, even if he is a kid
Bad choice on the intro, you cant stand with everyone having laptops on their laps
I hated Microsoft press conference they only talked about the kinect
it said it will play mopnday and im like "aww hail naw"
if i do get a wii u it will only be for exclusives
why is that lady wearing macaroni?
There's a difference between being an ass and being confident.
1:19:15 is when we figure out that the youth is fucked. They actually laugh at that douche on stage. Mind of a 10 year old.
Aisha Tyler is perfect as host. I love the way she talks
Black lady is hot. Sexy heels.
did u really have to say that? everyone copy this language and go to google translate and paste it. i give this comment, a thumbs down
if this is on live can we watch it on tv
How is the name of music on 28:46?
you should try one of the many other games where you can kill american idiots like yourself then.
No LOL im not a sony fanboy. I am gaming only on pc. I know the specs.. and its crap thats all.
no his conetent is actually funny if you have a sebse of humor so......
You could tell the host hated Toby
31 mins of looking at the logo. What the hell!
what is d name of dat song which has whistlin in beginning
If they didn't want any comedy in there why would they hire a comedian like Toby to show up and make some jokes. Think about it.
Jeez, a lot of the people in the comments are rude and ignorant....
Actually, yes this game will also include some American killing, so Yah theres one
neh toby was funny, it made me laugh at least.
Mant developers stated already that this will be only a stupid xbox360 clone. You just proved you are an idiot.
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