Free Energy Generator- The real deal!

by Th3Generat0r • 366,257 views

A generator that produces enough electricity to run intself and whatever else you want. "Yeah, you heard me right." This solves all of man kinds energy problems. Pack up your camels, the party's...

Th3Generat0r you did a great job with minimizing gravitational drag as well as the Lenz induction drag from the magnets on the coils, but if you want to truly claim free energy, you REALLY need to document the amounts of power going in, and the amount it produces as you add magnets or coils to this basic principle demonstration.   I do not like rude trolls, but you also have a responsibility to provide such documentation/stats in order to be taken seriously, and maintain credibility.    It is wrong when they immediately jump to any over unity machine to being perpetual motion, when they are not the same, just like your own, yes you EXTREMELY REDUCE the effects of gravity, but it will still create SOME drag on the flywheel, even if it is imperceptible or immeasurable, it still exists, also, you have not shown anything to reduce the drag of of air...and in order for this to produce KWV's, it will need to spin quite FAST, and for all your gravity reduction the air will still pull on the protrusions and add load...that I'm sure has not been calculated into any equations.   I would say you are well on your way and VERY close, but not quite able to truly claim free energy, so the trolls will pout in on every video with this in its title.   But you are also not the first or only one to think of and demonstrate using magnets to reduce drag, so it is not "yours" per se' Not saying you did not think of it yourself, but in order to understand you must search for the term "!00th monkey syndrome" on Google...and understand how/why this works like it does.  It will help you to lean why it is  not your own.   Please do continue this work, and provide specs to the magnetic induction on your coils..rpms of the self running motor generator, and everything else you can that substantiates your claims!   I'm sure you will command that audience!! LOL!  
If you have a Free Energy design that works, then: Claim your $100,000 Reward at Sirius disclosure http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/100000-star-challenge-and-award/
Hey TROLLS... give the gut a break... so he had a difficult time communicating his thoughts, lets see you get in front of  live camera and convey something radical without choking on your words.  Whether this is true free energy or not, he has put a lot of work into bringing something positive to us,,,what have YOU contributed to ANYONE ELSE than stroking your self, for being so arrogant and ego driven you can't see what he has produced here, even if it isn't free energy...and I not saying it isn't...how many frictionless bearings have YOU invented!!  Why don't you'all go back to your pasture....your shepherd is calling you!   Wants to feed you more green books that teach limitations instead of creative production!  Too bad there won't be a way to prevent you idiots from getting the advantage of the commercially available overunity devices for putting down the people responsible, even if they do not create the actual invention, they created the inspiration that got those who did to be able to bring it to us!   Wake up or at  least SHUT UP!
Many people try to build the Free Energy Generator Most of them failed as they didn't have good plans The Only one I saw to make it work- An Engineer called John Richard from Chicago To see the design on his blog - Search Google for: Top Magnetic Generator
Gentlemen please! All of this will be irrelevant when the rogue planet Nibiru arrives!
its  not friction less, just very small amount...
you didn't invent it, I invented it 12 years ago and recently found out that Nicoli Tesla created and proposed this theory in 1888
Hello. We sent you a message regarding your video. It would be great if you could take a look at it and get back to us as soon as possible or email us at clips@fullscreen.net Kind Regards
Am I dumb, or do you misunderstand troll physics? I think the latter. clearly If energy = mass, then the faster you move, the more massive you become. jet pilots have a severe weight problem.
the point of a "load" is to run something outside of the system, such as a light bulb or a simple battery charger,.. ect... what is the point if it can barely run itself???
you don't know anything abought patent law.It's still pending and thats far from disapp roved as your try to make it seem.No one can tell anything from any of these Ytube video's I wouldn't trust any of them not even mine so your cool.But you are just looking for a place to run mouth.Are you having a nice Xmas if you just want to talk sci. thats fine.
How do you explain how you could tell that.it's bull and you know it.
I liked the video, thank you.
You are not ignorant. You are 100% correct. The ignorance lies with the inventor.
Free Energy! (uses his hand to spin the flywheel)
What a pathetic video. Dude has no idea how stupid this is. Damn, how many of these so called Do-it-yourself with no proper education in science/electricity upload videos on YouTube ? Quite wicked. It as if they try to talk like they know what they're talking about lmao
I've discussed it many times over the years but everyone just backs down if your saying you will not then lets go.
well you have no words becouse you know nothing .
this is an informal public forum so your argument is invalid
You need to balance the apparatus. Also the use of polycarbonate plates is not recommended as they do hold a charge... though I understand their popularity.
I think Phonics should be spelled with a "F" in your spelling does he E make the A long.NO it does nothing;0) Thangs change my freind [Middle English axel, from Old Norse öxull.]
have you given any info on your coils in the past, I am just about to replicate and will need resistance, wire size and size of spools of your later design.
what?I'f you have somthing to say abought this generator why can't you explain it.I should of said your a "Big Boob'
it looks good . is there any friction at the top of the shaft were it meets the motor is this a real free energy i saw a bunch of other videos from other people yours seems to be for real. do you think that small motor could move 3 more levels of magnet and a larger disk for a total of 10 magnets because it would be mostly frictionless from the base magnet
would you be willing to give plans of your idea to people interested? or sell...
Thanks a lot man! I really mean it. Once again I am sincerely sorry.
Your the first to say inventor.And thats all I am.If I had the IQ it would take to do this I would be helpless to do anything else becouse of the disabilitys that go with said IQ.So no there is nothing else other than this and may never be. I do have a blog but dont know what to do with it but you just gave me an idea It was allmost developed recently should I put all THe Emails there becouse I don't know what I did wrong.
Sorry.I'm not shure I answered you correctly I think I didn't get what you were saying
All of these kinds of devices are hard to get to self loop. It seems. But, short of having an excess amount of energy produced, and proven by a 4 channel scope's measurement of energy in, v.s energy out... self looping (ran on capacitors) is about the only other convincing method, I can personally think of. unfortunately, tho, capacitors can be modded to contain batteries. So if you do a demo, cut open your caps when your done. Then, people will believe it. Until then, few, if any, will. Luck2U!
Nigga shot down Einstein in about 30 sec.
E=mc2 otherwise the nuke couldn't be build:p and the thing you call load is friktion.
In AC current the electrons vibrate but do not flow. All the space not occupied by electrons, neutrons or protons in the wire is filled with neutrinos. In the resulting collisions between electrons and neutrinos Cherenkov light is omitted. It’s then propagated through the wire and blue light can transfer heat and that is what current actually is. This can be clearly seen as the blue light travels through a vacuum when there is a break in the wire.
Your correct thats just what pat. ped.means.Cons file for pat.on this kind of thing and people think it must be real becouse of that but the pat.dept.will dicide.I can tell you its not touching the ground and on a mag.field but you can see that.Do you mean that the table is?There is no battery here Do you mean on my other vids?If so yes and there in the open' none say there powering themselfs.you can't get a pat on that.Even if I did a pat means just that not that somthing works.What do you want
Well, I'll take your word for it, it is a very novel approach, I've never seen anything -quite- like it, for example the Muller, The RomeroUK, all a bit different. If you get a work alpha or beta proto, I'll buy a kit. What would sell me, is, to see the input V&I - AND - the output V&I - all together - on a four channel scope. Hard to refute that, and DMM's lie when observing this sort of thing.
Bold claims and nothing to show for it other than a spinning wheel with no obvious excess energy.
wow what a logical rebuttal. Why have'it you patented this machine? oh don't work.
Everyone is trying too hard. Why not let the natural energy of the earth aid power production. We have at least two accelerations acting on us continuously. Make them work for you, just like flushing a toilet.
Go on with this proyect dear! ;) (people are awesome)
ah, the new kind of perpetual motion. You push it with your finger.
Good for you... telling a guy to stop trying even though you've been where he is and didn't #ironic
You really ARE retarded, aren't you? I didn't type anything that contained the word phonics. You're taking the entire statement about geniuses being retarded in their own right ENTIRELY too far. Things don't change just because you want them to. They change because they're developed due to being proven wrong, and I HIGHLY doubt that you're one to challenge the grammatical structure of the American English language seeing how much difficulty you have with it.
Wow this actually makes a lot of sense. A nearly friction-less generator powers a motor which further spins the generator. The generator has rotating magnets which prevents the generator from slowing down when doing work. It makes a lot of sense and I can see how it produces excess electricity so it can afford some energy loss in sound friction and heat. However, this goes against what we were all taught in physics. Either you're wrong or college physics is wrong.
levers , small weight lifts a big weight , is that free energy ?
Now, now girl, you know better than that! I mean come on now! When it comes to physics "Whose your Daddy"?
I've found that people tend to think that I know them and thay know me So for all I know you may of been some shut in with nothing better to do or 12 and it may of really hurt and for all you know I may be mentaly ill Or worse and old stuped man with all his hopes and dreams tied up in some pipe dream that you just shot down in a very humiliating way and coused his scuecide.But with all the cons and VooDoo sci.here who could blam you for that outburst .Pat app.13/065,277 love to explaine more ok
This #biglightBUT guy must be a sexually frustrated developmentally chalanged douche to get his jollies of off irritating people
theres enough mass and energy inside of an empty cup to fuel the world for a really long time. mass is 99.999999% empty space monkeyboy. and the dudes right, einstein didnt have EVERYTHING right. jeezus. you make yourself look like a sheep.
Why should I have hurt feelings? You can call me what you want. The fact is that your video and explanation does not convince me that this thing works. Are you powering your house with this? What's the output power? What's the patent number? How long before it solves man kinds energy problems? Show me proof that Einstein was wrong and that E=m as per your claim. One thing i do respect is the fact that you are prepared to defend your invention unlike the other Einstein's out there.
I don't think I was talking to you.And I do not think it amazing.You can't see the pillars pass becouse there going to fast and faster then 192 rpm to start with, really monkey get real.
It was a rude remark on my part and unjust to boot I just get nuts somtimes with this thing.So my best answer is I'm truly sorry and not proud of myself
Th3Generat0r, "... your really wrong dude ...". Wow, everybody else in the entire world is wrong and only YOU can create Perpetual Motion. But yet your device always slows down and eventually stops just like we told you it would. Do you have any FACTS to the contrary?
Th3Generat0r, "... your just a dumb big mouth...". I am impressed. That is such a well thought out reply! You call me "a big mouth" because I expose your scam? The problem is you cannot discuss your fraudulent device because it always eventually STOPS. You started this thread THREE YEARS ago and you still won't admit that is does NOT work as described. You are, so FUNNY. Like I said earlier, Your home should be 100% OFF-THE-GRID by now and you should be selling excess electricity, RIGHT?
Fuck off jackass if you wanna debate then don't piss yourself like a fucking child... curse you and those that liked" your moronic coment... the Big Burst cosmological principle and all theories mutated to preserve it is wrong - thunderbolts.info .. only juvenile delinquent still looks at his spelling on a informal public social forum... you must be a 3<==3 to be so frustrated with yourself
FU to and go spend another 25 years in your dreamworld.
Slow down the video and count rev's v video timer. Also there is no torque on the motor or else the motors wires would have twisted. Simple. Admit it. This one is BUSTED. It's been 3.5 years since this post. What's become of this invention? Have you also been threatened by the oil companies like so many inventors of non working machines claim. You should put an age restriction on this video. Max 8 years.
...you are dumb...electrons are bouncing off your face RIGHT NOW all we have to do is get them where we need to go...these generators draw energy from the "universe" (ambient charges, heat,etc.) and convert to usable current...to not believe in overunity is the height of human arrogance
Copper absorbs light in the red end of the spectrum, letting the blue end of the spectrum pass through. Therefore, Cherenkov light is able to travel through the coated copper wire due to total internal reflection. This is the reason that the wire is coated in the coils of a generator it directs the Cherenkov light that is emitted when neutrinos collide with electrons.
well that's all reasonable but most computers and just abought everthing else has to first be changed to DC that is what all those little black boxes on the cords are for and if EDison would of won we wouldn't have total power loss in storms becouse it wouldn't be coming from just one place. I'm a womens self defence teacher and mostly love China Arts so as it's said "Tie 2 birds together and though they have 4 wings they cannot fly" Thats our problem sonYou have to start as white belt.
A physical fact from the most recent scientist of 100 years you mean that know nothing about the last 6000 years. Why have there been so many overunity devices studied and found out that they were not a hoax and said we just don't understand it and went on and had them killed or something. Oil is what keeps the dollar afloat young man realize that first. Satan/evil works against that which is good and love/Yahushua.We can't build pyramids like they did long time ago technology comes and goes.
Well we have something in common I don't know WTF your talking about and neither do you!?
The coils I have come out of old Automatic transmissions.This entire project has been done the same way it was done in say 1830 becouse that is when aall the great discoverys were found that all electronics are founded on.And thats what I was seeking somthing sombody may have missed.Therefor I no nothing of what you seek.
you say no friction....but the fly wheel is touching the ground, thus your whole devices loses energy via heat. "Patent App. 13/065,277"...approved? no. and we both know why.
I would gladly prove my claim. You've only proven why I can't unless you think your the only closed minded scientist in the world. I'm so glad to have amused you.
It looks really interesting, A self powering generator would be fantastic, its something I've thought about for years but just haven't got round to trying out the theory. I know there are lots of skeptical people regarding this idea, the skeptics have always disbelieved every new idea, the best thing is when they are proved wrong, well done chap keep going....
Totally complete and utter bullshit. The crap you say makes no sense, you're merely jabbering nonsense.You're blathering complete idiocy.
No, Edison did not do that to prove he was more intelligent; he did that to slander Tesla, WTF you talking about Th3Generat0r?! I'm all for creativity, but never for historical fallacies and disinformation! If people had gone with Edison, there would have been a need of power stations every two miles just to regulate the flow of electricity, but since Tesla came up with AC/DC, that allowed it to traverse longer distances and not overload itself! Please don't spread lies, there's enough already.
Th3Generat0r, QUOTE @ time 3:01 "... Here, the next thing, with, running it, in this setup , this is a much, the next part, of generator is, that you can't overcome what is called LOAD ..." OK, so where is YOUR Load? When is your generator going to produce EXTRA electricity to do additional work besides spinning itself with a DC motor? . Just thinking, shouldn't the motor speed-up the generator as soon as you start turning it? You know, all that EXTRA electricity and all?
By Ohms law electrical resistance is also a friction...
Please take the time to visit Witts period ws to see existing solutions for free energy and talk with the experts who can help you implement them.
I never have of that I think plans would be easy.Good idea
intresting way to get rid of the lenz effect but i stick whit my tuning fork aproach till someone is able to runn somthing in the 300 watt range from a ou device ^^
If 20,000 trully dumb trys is ingenious? I am feeling like the biggest fool.thanks to you I'm going to force myself to make another vedio tonight.I just can not beleave how insults and negative input has such an effect on ones soul.And it is so simple and if itdoes what I think it does I really feel like I'll hurt so many who have dreamed and worked so hard and wanted so bad to be the one.But I know that I would be made far to much of nomatter how moronic I am.Oh well back to work :o)
Ha ha ha ha ha. So you go and mis-read a physics article and mis-quote it. "Copper absorbs light in the red end of the spectrum, letting the blue end of the spectrum pass through" That refers to copper being added to glass not copper wire you dill. Best to leave physics alone.
Action had reaction is what I meant to say
Ok, fine, I WILL go there. Looking at your comments above mine and taking into consideration that your original comment has been hidden for too many negative votes I would have to say an under-ripe acorn would have a higher IQ than you. "The big boom"? Really? You couldn't even get the name of the big bang right? Everything you know is wrong and you are a pathetic excuse for a human being.
Th3Generator, "... what the hell are you talking about..." that is exactly my point! This is a QUOTE OF YOU FROM YOUR VIDEO at time 3:01 ... . "... Here, the next thing, with, running it, in this setup, this is a much, the next part, of generator is, that you can't overcome what is called LOAD ..." You mean you don't understand what YOU recorded on your own video ???
The speed of the disc dropped from 192 rpm to 156 rpm in 45 seconds. How do you explain that.
Post 2: I laughed at when he said E=m because that means that when anything gains energy, they gain mass as well. By his definition, in theory, lifting something high into the air makes it heavier, or accelerating something make is heavier. An 80kg jet pilot doing mach 1 (340.29 m/s) would have 4,631,891 J of kinetic energy, and weigh 4,631,971kg or almost 4,632 metric tons. WOAH.
Thats not the whole run.do somthing for me and go do the samething to the other video's and see if there speeding up under load or not also note that in the Generator the real thang the motor is not turning I'm open to be proven wrong no problems really
(: im glad you arent upset at the idea.. id be interested in plans myself if you get around to making them. did i read somewhere here that you did patent it already? (not that im trying to steal/sell your idea, it was a question meant for your protection)
You are kidding of course. Those Witts clowns are idiots and scammers.
If you push it with your finger it's not doing anything useful silly.
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