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Rascal Gameplay and Commentary

by penguinz0 • 328,900 views

This is the greatest bubble blasting of All Time

This kid is the epitome of cool And these controls are the epitome of asscrack 
The soundtrack for the game was actually good.  Too bad the gameplay was shit.
Changing the channel on a television using only an ice cube doesn't sound very difficult
That Game Over screen is terrifying tho
you should totally play Little Big Adventure 2
looks like an hour glass on his back, not a x but idk
you should play garry's mod
The part where the rat snuck up and killed him had me fucking crying xD
i played this once back in the 90's as a kid the controls were terrible as hell. I hated this game. Still hate it lol
i ship this guy and Maude pie.
HEheghH gO to trUthContesT$%~`5CVom< reAD tHE porESent4`
You win all my internets
Critical, you need to play and comment Conker's Bad Fur Day.
i have the demo cd of this game and oh GOD does it suck ass
i wanna see a speed run of this
Can remember playing in shops, when first released. Having played it, I can assure anyone how irritating it was... Died so much!
does he pirate his games or buy them?
the first game i ever played and loved!! :D so weird though..
Now I want you to play Spyro. This is the best dragon of All Time.
I LOVED this game when I was younger... Only now do I realize how bad it actually is... I haven't beaten it yet, but I'm gonna try after watching this!
Yeah thats why its called Rascal
Bubbles fucking bubbles.Also sparkle sparkle sparkle.
This game looks like shit, but it's music is surprisingly good. Wtf? 
+Blazer Ashbringer Why are you quoting the Nostalgia Critic?
This is a terrible game.  But you rock Cr1tikal.
He commented on a video explaining his lung collapsing awhile back. He hadn't uploaded in awhile and explained why in a comment on his most recent video at the time. So he comments when he needs to, I suppose.
I still have this game...........but haven't beaten it yet.
Your boyfriend is a man of taste, love him to these videos.
a knight in armor with a sword and shield will lose a fight to my bubble blaster 9 times out of 10.
6:48 "Eat some MistrBubblz." YES! Eat me!!! XD
You're full of shit.. If my nipple sense if right, you can fuck youtube so hard that all comments for the selected video will show and you can just press CTRL+F and find that motherfucking comment..
Cr1tikal is awesome :D. This game blows >:(
Actually, it would be his spelling, not grammar, that is in question. Grammatically that sentence was fine.
Nobody can handle this bubble abuse lol
Backwards hat? Sunglasses? Bubble gun? Time machine hidden in his room? Yep, it's the 90's!
'He is holding an expired olive in his right hand.'
the lil app thing on the side says i desrve an orgy and im like oooooo yes i do yes i do
No. No you're not. Is this something you're proud of? Because you shouldn't be.
If you were the only one read the comment,then it never existed.
Or, as I'm sure someone at some point has replied, if you go back to his first video about some jetpacking glitch or some other shit, he commented there aswell.
I remember this game. My mom bought me it for being Student of the Month, I barely gave it a chance, or maybe I just knew how bad it was, ended up giving it to my cousin.
Holy shit I think I still have this game~~
"Not only do I have to fight that rat (aka the master of shadows)". I love you.
didn't he comment when his lung colapsed to keep people updated?
You need to play Buzz Lightyear of Star Command for PS1.
Nothing makes someone look more like a shallow douche than someone who leaves a positive emoticon after saying something like that.
I remember this game! No idea how i enjoyed it lolz. There are some interesting memories in this game though.
"Hes charging me with a mace Im shooting him with bubbles" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
Please do another commentary of this game i died laughing so hard XD "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!?!?! You got like a zoltar machine watching the rascal get engulfed in the sand of an hour glass"
well then i think i am under the impression that 11 is a long time no need to be a dick
I had a demo for this game it sucked
Where did I say I didn't like Cr1tikal's videos?
Was this message supposed to be sexual? 'Cause the tilde made it that way~
5:13 "Yeah that's a real aphrodisiac" aph·ro·dis·i·ac [af-ruh-dee-ze-ak, -diz-ee-ak] Show IPA adjective 1. Also, aph·ro·di·si·a·cal [af-ruh-duh-zahy-uh-kuhl, -sahy-] Show IPA . arousing sexual desire. noun 2. an aphrodisiac food, drug, potion, or other agent that arouses sexual desire.
Aaand he's holding an expired olive in his hand!
And the point of the game is...?
This game is the prototype of Portal gun!!!
I didn't say the game was BAD in the first place either lol, I was just saying that it's a very PS1-era game.
Rascal now wrestles in the WWE under the alias "John Cena".
Remember playing this on the Resident Evil 2 demo
I Put Semen In My Bubbles. I'm I A Evil Person? ._.
I'd trade all my nanomachines to have penguinz0 narrate for me while I play
Haha he stands on random toilet seats xD
Uuuagh.... I have horrible memories of this game as a kid...
hit him right in the noggin .. KlayMation *_*
Trying to switch the channel with only an ice cube?!?! Hahahahahah lol
Haha man, this sure brings back memories
Your last statement seemed fair enough,unless you were lying.But I believe you,Zachary Brandon says he left a comment on his first video,''I never said I was'',I have no idea who he was replying to,but it was awesome seeing penguinz0 in the comment section.He did that a few times until he got famous,I guess;which is fair,if I left a comment on a video of his and the next time I looked in my inbox and saw that name,I would cum,vomit,shit,and a lot of things all at once,he wants to save us from...
does anyone remember when he said "spookey spookey skeletons"
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