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Amnesia: Playthrough Part: 1 - Windy Doors

by PewDiePie • 3,164,904 views

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Like if your watching in 2015
Omg this was soooo funnyy!!! XD
like this comment if u watch this year 2014!
Ahhh, the good ol' days. We miss you Pewds, we miss you.
+LOVE THE LIFE You're right!A learned english by myself too so i know how hard is it.
Like if your watching in 2012
Like if your watching in 2015
watching in 2014 for nostalgia, anyone else with me?
Im watching in the year 3000 and eating some popcorn.
+CreepyCreator They still have popcorn in 3000? I thought all food was be in pill form.
ATTENTION ALL BROS!!! If you are looking for the birthplace of Stephano, it is on: Amnesia abduction: custom story pewdipie episode 2 It took me forever to find, so I hope I helped anyone else on the same journey BROFIST!!!
Thanks so much! Been looking for it forever. I'm on a nostalgia trip :3
I love how he says I don't want to turn horror games into a joke and look at him now..
ALL of you are the reason he turned off comments on his recent videos.
+Tama Wolf Your PC or your keyboard?  Also, you could just not rush.
it's nice to hear him talk like himself for a long period of time, instead of hearing that annoying slightly raspy voice he does all the time now
pewds: i dont trust the statues me: Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink. 
Like if your watching in 2015
Ladies and gentlemen I have discovered the absolute worst comment section ever. I'd like to thank Hitler, Satan, and Martin Luther King Junior for this.
i feel weird when i cant see pewdies face e.e
this was the first Pewdiepie episode I ever watched!
"Alot of people who ... I don't know ... when they play scary games, they tend to make it into a joke, which I think is hilarious, but I'm not gonna do that, cause ... I AM fucking scared so I'm not gonna hide that. I think it ruins kinda the point of the game if you wanna just joke around about it all the time." - PewDiePie, 2010, before he became a faggot.
PastaCZE hate somwhere else prick
+Amison Slade 1. informal chiefly offensive. a male homosexual. See usage at queer . Well, I used the dictionary.
I played this game and I wasnt even scared :) Because I was TERRIFIED!
I kinda miss how much of a pussy you were back then :3 And your puzzlesolving kinda sucked XD I still love you anyway!
Like the older pewds the most, i think now with all his fame hes trying too hard to make people laugh and hes getting somewhat tired of  making videos everyday.Also i think he and Marzia are getting more distant . 
Nah the old pewdiepie is the new pewdiepie. That "FUCK MY ASSHOLE" was enough for me to confirm he always been like this he is just more comfortable showing his personality on cam because we come to know who he is now so he goes all out and of course to keep an audience you have to be entertaining so to maintain his lifestyle he stays that way.
like this comment if you have watched this in 2015!
He's the same pewdiepie, then and now, he just become more used with making videos. He curses, being funny, and silly and all, then and now, he's just become more comfortable and FABALAS with it. quit bitching. :) (I think I'm gonna get kicked in the butt for saying that, but.. meh) puts on glassess for no reason flies away 
Pewds before lacked that good spontaneous commentary.... Its nice to see that he has grown more confident these past 5 years. He is more of himself nowadays
like if you watch this in 2015 i rewtched
What happened? Today, you make shit short videos about Harry Potter and Elsa fucking each other. Like seriously, what the fuck?
"It ruins the point of the game if you just joke around" - Pewdiepie 2010 "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH WHAAAT THE FUUUUUUK BRA BRA STOP IT BRA. Bam OOOOOOOOOH MLG NOSCOPED THAT BITCH" - Pewdiepie 2014 What the fuck happened pewds.....
like this comment if you watch this year 2015!
like if you don't care what year you are watching it in and you don't care if you get effin likes
I think I'm doing too much time traveling .3. 
pewdiepie sounds so different in 2010
Guys im sending this from internet explorer so it might come a little late but we landed on the moon!!
haha, his accent was thicker back then. love this
Listen to 2:47 and then watch his new horror videos...
Pewds show your self show me my sempie. (you)
woods singing to not get scared is the cutest thing ever
Back when PewDiePie was unpopular. And good.
like this if you're watching in 3049!
This game ain't even thaaat creepy.I mean,those monster are only like 7 times in the game and there are only 3 types of monster.The game has barely jumpscares. F.E.A.R 2 is more creepy in my opinion.And I played both games. But its a cool game I like it :D. Maybe i wasn't scared because i knew the game and the monsters. Idk
I agree fear 2 is creepy... Up until you fuck Alma.
So this is where it all began...
Like if you not watching in 2015
i miss the mature pewds :'(
Now this is a horror game  not that stupid  Five nights at fucktards
towlie from south park is pewdiepie's intro-voice, i just realized ! " hiiii-de-hoo kids!''
so this is where he starting to untrusting statues ehhh...
+AnotherGuyonYouTube  are you fucking retarted pewdiepie must be the funniest person in the world. Look at when he posted the video (3 years ago) he was shy so stop being a fucking idiot
+Foxy the Pirate He sure as hell didn't phrase it like that. He stated his opinion as fact.
Poods was awesome then AND now. I don't understand when people say they "miss him" He's still here and more awesome then eva. 
"I'm not gonna make a joke out of it." HAHAHA NICE ONE PEWDS FROM THE PAST!
Who is this guy? He seems cool. I feel like he has the potential to become big on youtube.
His name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, he's just a guy from Sweden who likes to make people laugh :D
An original troll comment? tips fedora
Like if youre watching in 2300
i have to say scary games with play station 2 gtype raphics are the scariest
remember when pews was all amazing and stuff
Hey poods I think this will be the start of your channel and you will grow to be the best I think you could reach 40 mill subs just a thought tho Haha look at you now I knew it if you will hate on me look it says edit I also disabled my g plus and had to enable it that's why my channel wasn't made then
When I first watched this video I was 9! Holy sh*t O.o
I do partly agree. Pewdiepie needs to drop a portion of the retarded stuff and get back to playthroughs.
PewDiePie and Poodiepie is like a twin with contrast personalities. Like, Pewdiepie is super awkward unpopupar nerdy guy one while Poodiepie is the outgoing, carefree guy who is super popular one.
"I think it ruins scary games if you just joke around all the time..." 2010 pewds 2015 pewds "......."
I felt sad watching this video. Coz he doesn't play this anymore :( SORRY PEWDS IM DONE HERE
You are only a tru bro if you watch his old videos where he is not as good as he is now with 34,000,000 subs Also ima duck
lol. Pewd's old videos are so funny. :D
Sadly. He didn't use FaceCam here
I like his old videos more than his new ones 
Watching this in 3000 with my ibitch
oh i like his new intro better
Im going to watch all the amnesia
"I can't handle scary games, I rarely play them." Well, look at him now. xD
Pewds, you've changed :(
I love it when he says fuck your couch 😂😂😂
i m with yaa buddy! Watching in 2014 as well
Like if ur watching in 2015
i am about to watch this. hehe
I'm too chicken to watch this.. ;-; I can't handle scary games either Pewds. I could BARELY HANDLE OUTLAST.
I found that out after watching it :'D lmfao it was really good but the ending was scary.. I started watching my boyfriend play Slenderman The Arrival & I'm ashamed I thought this was scary. I'm ashamed I thought Outlast was scary.. I'm terrible at this xD
2015? Anyone? No... Ok...
like if your watching in the year 2352
I Hope everyone sees the circle with a X in it, which is the slenderpman-- I mean slenderman sign. O^O Slenderman's Everywhereeee
In the start load up I mean ^o^
Haha am i only one who looks this in 2015 :D?
This brings back memories :')
🙀pewdiepie tried to put tiny box Tim in the fire!!!🙀🙀🙀🙀 (Check out my YouTube channel and pls sub)
1:57 Smoke on the water. A fire in the skies. I know I'm a cap, but I love this song, it's cool.
Why this game is so left-backed?
Who think video is better without webcam
where is ur Face!!!!!!
+Rainbow Kitten Yep unless the person is a faggot troll like PressFartToContinue 
Who's watching this in 2015
12/10/14... first time watching his first ever amnesia game play
+piggybank16 12/11/14 and in school. (I got bored in class and I got online classes all day because I just moved here.)
And so it begins...
Aw it made me so sad when he said "that's not even fucking funny why am I saying that?"
That's the year I graduate
You know, looking through these comments, I can completely understand why Pewds shut off the comments... all you do is judge, hate, troll, self advertise, and mock him. Pewdiepie put so much work into every single one of his videos... over four hours of filming, 8 hours of editing, 3 hours to finalize it. And you still can't even handle yourself in a youtube comment section. To me at least, you seem jealous of his evolution and ignorant in the face of change. He calls us his bros for a reason, he does this for us. Is it so ridiculous that he thought someone was listening?   
I think the reason he expresses his fear more in his earlier videos is because three or four years of playing horror games desensitizes you. I know that I get quickly get accustomed to horror.  But he really doesn't have many options... either he fakes it to pleasure people, or he honestly reacts. He chose the second, and now everybody's weirding out about it. What do you want from him? 
whos watching in 20151??!!!!!!!
Like if your watching in FN 2015!
Poods Youre Awesome I Subscibed U On 14 Gmails
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