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blessthefall - Bottomfeeder

by blessthefallVEVO • 102,104 views

Music video for "Bottomfeeder" by Blessthefall from the album 'Awakening', available now on iTunes.

If I had to pick one band to listen to for the rest of my life it would be blessthefall.
+becca rosati naaaahhh word alive was fucking sick when Craig had them as his side project. Sorry, i've been listening to ETF BTF and TWA since....well forever. lmfao. 
To people hating on the band in comments- If you hate them so much...then why the fuck are you here?
+Sumair Ahluwalia because internet, because boredom. so everyones allowed to have their own opinion except for her and other fangirls. got it :D
+Shaine Volf I've explained my point twice. There is nothing wrong with her opinion. I was saying that she needs to respect other peoples opinions even if she doesn't like them. This never had to do with her opinion on the music. I shouldn't even be arguing with you if you are to careless to even understand what I am trying to say.
they aren't "faggots". faggot is a derogatory term for homo sexuals. None of them are gay so that means they aren't "faggots". And just fyi faggot is a very disrespectful and just flat out rude word, and it's fucked up if you use it on a daily basis.
Lol, why is this a comment like, you know stating you 2 cents into the comment section isn't going to attract anyone but trolls to try and piss you off, best thing to do is ignore it!
i dont know if this comes as a surprise but some people are just that good at signing without shitty auto tune
The Bassist has Some Incredible Vocals
I love blessthefall they are and always be my favorite band.
I did a google search for most faggy emo band and these guys came up. They do manage to cram a lot of faggotry in their music, but I don't know if I'd call them the most faggy.
If you don't like them...then why the fuck are you here? 
I just tried it myself and Black Veil Brides came up LOL
2:29-2:46 I thought that speech in the background was some motivational speech by a past president we've had. 
This is a great band. But there are so many butthurt scene kids in this commenting section it's hilarious. 
Yes they bottomfeed on penyseys
Whenever I see blessthefall I think of lights when I see lights I think of blessthefall
Fucking amazing band! Keep it up!
i learned that the drummer of blessthefall used to be a student of my drum teacher!! that is so freakin awesome!
Bottom lane fed... reported
God damn Autotune...
do i really have to watch a 30 second ad every fucking time come one!!!
A few people who find a way around them isnt gonna cost them very much in comparison to the billions who do still watch them
+Dylan Hulsey Actually a lot of people are starting to use them....
Does anyone know what guitars they are using? Is that a Les Paul and a Schrecter? 
Elliot is using a Gibson Lespaul Standard and Eric is using a Lespaul idk what type though probably a custom
capresse olijizz Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
omg i listen to bless the fall alllllll day everydayyyyy! xD
love u guy but scremer look differnt life lol
i swaer my pants were dry before 2:57
This song is awesome. Inspired me to flip off some pigeons in a park
I bet that 1 person who disliked this video feels like a real dumbass right now.
Great music video by blessthefall.
This song is one of my favorites
Something Great Came out of The Ronnie & Craig BullShit We Got Three BadAss Bands To Listen To Now Escape The Fate Falling In Reverse And BlesstheFall "Rock On"
get cold chills every time I hear the breakdown in this song.
to bad ive seen this video on the official bless the fall channel like back in june
Im looking to start a band similar to these guys and if you want to join email me at . Only send an email if you live in Alabama because otherwise it'd be extremely difficult. I scream fyi. No this isnt one of those crappy "its my dream to do this and I know nobody will read this" kind of things. Screaming and this kind of music are my passion and I put my heart and soul into what I can do. Lets get it goin!
@fozy011 uhm yeah that is what i meant acually, and i wasn't trying to be mean in any way i just left my opinion like everyone else does, and at least i wasn't saying how much this band sucks and how they all need to kill themselves because i dont think that at all, like i said its good but to me not as good as it use to be..and i like Black VEIL Brides alot thanks : )
that guy screams like a FUCKING GOD
i cant stop listening to this song!!! :D
I wonder if I'm one of the few people who listened to the band since Craig was the lead vocalist.
His vocals are fucking insane. Especially in this song. And I don't mean beau. This song would actually be better with out him. No offense
You obviously don't have a good taste in music if you think that, therefore not only was your comment useless, but also misgiving and shows you have a boring sense and direction in modern day music. Now go back to listening to your pop shit.
Was having a shitty day until i came across this and i died laughing.Thank you
is that mike or elliott on rhythem?
@Kayb3ar12 You mean, its not overly scene and screamo anymore? Back to black fail brides for you...
there is 31,743 now I watched this like 1,000 times
That srsly just ruined the whole song for me.. XD
Either this or I wouldn't quit if everyone quit is their best in my opinion
@fozy011 & @Kayb3bar both bands are good... so just listen to them
matt traynor is fucking beast
Wish I sounded that good when I played guitar.
i love u guys,and beau if u read these comments,tell jarod to stop bein an ass and talk 2 me on xbox dude!
cool i watched this video before its going to get to a million views.. thumbs up if u watched it too before it got a million views...
"8 months ago" 18 thousand views. Yea, this will never get a million views.
Just downloaded the whole album!!! cant wait to see the videos that go with them
this band has a ding dong on my life, my ding doesn't know how inspirational my dang is, soon i will find out
Barely reaching 39,000 views? This video and song deserve to be in the millions
Sadly you fail, after 9 months it only has 17,419 views. xD (just saying)
i watched this video the day it came out!
moshed so hard to them yesterday at warped tour they were fucking awesome!
This shit gives me shivers it's so good.
Only 320 likes? Why not 10,000 likes because this so good?
@AznSwag2896xTaiK smart choice young 1..............O.o
Any idea what the faded, distorted voice in the background from 2:28 to 2:46 is saying?
Damn I want that Gibson Les Paul Custom, why are they so expensive? haha
I love Blessthefall !!! I also love We Are Defiance . If you haven't heard of them , check them out !!
wow its awesome to see the screaming in the studio! haha
2:28 *background* "I eat beans with rice."
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