Downtown-Grande Prairie

by exitdanny • 21,562 views

An epic mini mockumenty of a rural city gone horribly wrong.

This is not Grand Prairie Texas.   Please indicate location as to not confuse people. 
what was worse getting shot or the trip to the gp hostpital. probably knocked the bullets out riding over the pot holes on the way there. This luxury destination makes the top five for crime in Canada. Must be the only place in Canada where you can pay 700000$ for a house and aquatera shit plant a stones throw away. But no need to worry if the stench  of crap don't make you vomit the stink of garbage will from the land fill next to it. Now if that don't shake your tree enough you might be lucky enough to have some city bi law officer come buy and fill you in on all the ass juice city rules . Tell ya he notices ya got your trval trailer parked in your own drive way and leave you scratching your head saying to yourself what the $$$$  while your wondering if there is any vacant rooms down in five south. Maybe its just negative thinking. Valuim anyone.
You need a better camera...
this was shot in 2006. Excuse the video quality being 9 years old
oh well if that was u kidding around i'd hate to see when ur actually mad
ummmm excuse me i've been to gp. It is a pleasent city. Any city looks bad if you try to make it look that way. try looking at the positive
if you lookup "shithole " in the dictionary there is a picfture of grande prairie
gp sucks. should be called Nancyville
@Ryguy1450 you need to quit smoking pole you fucking FAGGET. Shoulda known you were american and if you had a half a brain which you dont you might be able to think, and this first nation sensations family has been here a lot fucking longer than yours retard. So how about you move back fucking europe you FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!!!
i live here and this place is like 85% ghetto, if not more, and this town is so dirty. y would u even go near the york tho?? u coulda got fucking shanked!!
And thanks to Dwight Logan the taxpayer now owns the shithole York Hotel
Its a joke wow hahaha The Mayor even saw it and told Danny that he LOVED it
@PERCHEATER no actually i have lived within 200km of grande prairie all my life (as well as being born in northern alberta) have you been to the liquor store yet today?
Damn and i was thinking on moving to Grande Prairie. I am from Greece and want to find my new home in Canada. Still looking though, need some place with friendly people, cold weather, a lot of snow, a lot of oppurtinties, a lot of jobs and decent wages. Could anyone recommend anything? So far i've found out that Alberta is a decent place to live in, as far as money are concerned, is that true?
f that gp gave and took all u just gotta get it back and keep it.oh and hey elijah cardinal is not a gang,dumb nuts.he's a local gp rapper maintainin,fu dont know shit in gp
gp isnt ghetto at all have you people ever seen a ghetto, honestly almost every teenager has there own vehicles. the only reason everyone thinks it's ghetto here is cause they're rich as fuck, live in a big new house and they think their life is shit! grande prairie is the complete opposite version of a ghetto
@PERCHEATER smoking pole? Learn how to read, write, and speak English before you try calling me an idiot. If you were a child then maybe you'd have an excuse to sound like such a rig pig red neck loser. I'm not from Europe and neither is my family. If anyone tried to read what you wrote they would laugh at your obvious ignorance. Enjoy the sticks.
we are going to have a nother 214 place so its like the world trade center i lived here since i was 1 nd im 11 now and i live on the east side at nights you can here gun shots sometimes
thats the dumbest shit ive ever seen,i live here full time,if you want to lay with dogs well expect some fleas!
I was born and raised in g.p and I am a native...and I could see that this was a mockumentry.hahahaha I thought it was GREAT and funny.I thought you could use some mock interviews with the locals to make it more hilarious.
No but seriously that was so funny. Good job.
It seems the people who grew up here seem to enjoy it mroe the the transplants. This city sucks harder then fort mac. And as far as mocking GP for its lifelessness and uglyness i dare you to venture to a little city in nrthern saskatchewen caled "Prince Albert" Were they dont even pave the streets on the west side...in perspective maybe this place is sub par after all.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was great! more nocks on gp please
wow dude grand prairie does not look this bad i live n a rich part of grand prairie and it very nice
there is nothing to do in this town as a minor! this place sucks ass, I like the Okanagan !
I'm from California, but I've been living here for almost a year with my boyfriend, Thomas. It's.... alright here.... but nothing like the Cali Valley. We're moving back in July :)
oh my god...i can not believe some you actually believe this....hahahaha y'all stupid...danny, this is really funny, im curious as to what kind of grade you got? hahaha....and props to the elijah cardinal name drop...im sure he would love it! i know him actually! hahahaha this video made me laugh...out loud in fact! i totally lol'd...as for the people hating on this video...your seriously stupid....hahahaha
I lived there 4 months and its the ugliest city I ever seen! Hate it! ( but people were nice :P)!
this vid makes gp look like a dumb with alot of drugys in it why not show the nice parts
They tore down bum park? Holy crap man, I've been gone a long time. 2/14, AGT, York/Park hotels, Wapiti Lodge. Grande Prairie. A lot hasn't changed. Yup, still a hole but my hometown. Thanks for the entertainment and memories. Good work on the video. Vancouver.
I used to live there and it was not like that
I don't know which Newfies you're talking about, but the ones I know are downright good people. I think it might be your stunned arse that eats the large fishy one.
lol i live dere not like dat at all
@PERCHEATER Why don't you move back to Europe you red neck rig pig fuck?
I was friends with brett olsen in grade 1 lol
Haha My friend lives on Richmond Street
Well seems like you put alot of time and energy into this video! the owner of theyork hotel is Earl,he's an angel a 60 year old man trying to show some of the people downtown that are suffering from a killing addiction.that someone in this word actually cares for them.I was a waitress there last year,and i plan on going back.you know if each of us showed one person downtown{shawn,laura,roach,allis} that someone cared.or wondered if they wanted to live or die?...
nothing compared to most other western canadian cities. have you ever been to regina or saskatoon? or winnipeg? you will realize that gp really aint so bad
Yea its true only the downtown is the shitty part the rest is pretty safe but the town is boring as fuck until u get to the Parks mall and the shopping plaza off of I-20 now i know why my mom wanted out of here so badly.lol
LMAO!! I live in gp, and Im MOVING OUT OF TOO! i loved this. Hilarious. You can tell gp is boring. haha Thumbs Up!
xnechix , the truth is hard to take sometimes. Edmontons hardcore???? I wouldn't know because you only see it if your in it. Your thinking is very Provincial. Try living in Sau Paulo or inner city Moscow. I don't think the crack heads and criminals are hard core they are soft core because they cannot cope in regular society. It's like a cop out for degenerates.......poor you people.
nickleback came to grande prairie twice and both times he was hit it the head with boots while he was playing. on mtv when he was asked how his tour went he pretty much said he hated grande priarie and will never preform their again
Youu'd Think A Person Could do A Better job ... !? Grande Prairie is the SHIIT ! (: I Would know, ! , I Live there(:
I love that all the cop cars were parked....
Grande Prairie not half as bad as this
I grew up in GP and you pretty much hit the nail on the head.
pause at 7:05 thats the company my dad is the manager for flint :D and this kid is fuckin retarded hald the places he said were gang places werent and u shouldve showed em the cocaine lab that use to be by harrybalfour school
@PERCHEATER Yeah I said move back to Europe bc you're not Native so when you talk as if you're family is from Canada remember that you're genes have been here for maybe a few hundred years. Maybe. So quit being racist and acting like you're entitled to this area. Enjoy you're drunk pathetic life. I'll enjoy mine in a world class city. Chicago. Bum.
I call bulshit on most of this shit! you obviously have not lived in GP long. Gang shootings??!! Get real and grow up. I have lived here for more than 20 years and never have I seen the shit you imply
what's with all the shit talk about Grande Prairie ? It's Not All That Bad, Like Fuck You Guys.
its not like that every where... well yeah it is lol. depends on if your a prep or a scrub. if u a scrub, pretty much its fights and drugs. (most of the time) preps are the populor one, the ones that get off easy and shit. shitty life for scrub, good for prep.
@ paflos, 4 years ago in January, I visited Grande Prairie. I'm not used to cold weather & I enjoyed it. The people are friendly & down to earth. It's not an exciting place. But it has all you need for every day life - plenty of grocery stores, places to eat & shop. It seemed a very safe place. (But you can find whores & dope, even in a smaller city, if you look for it.) Drive for ten minutes & you'll find beautiful countryside, very few people & lots of snow covered trees in Winter
Lmao this is great. Good old G.P. . Born and raised in G.P. lol does this mean I'm supposed to dress like a gangster and listen to angry rap music now?
@ADDBeatProductions you dont have to try to make gp look like shit.. it just is shit.
Whoa - I grew up here in the 80s. Nothing much has changed.
i personally loved this! captured the 'essence' of gp quite well, and yes everyone should know that this is a joke, if they dont then i guess they cant read words that are more then 4 letters long. MOCKUMENTARY! i would have name dropped the cree unit though, haha. but seriously, you are NOT jokin about the york man, that place is fuckin grimey as fuck! many many whores and crack heads. and uh... ive personally thrown up in that grate... haha. Nice video man.
hellz yeah g.p pride lol jk this place is fucked lol YORK REPPIN'
Soo true, thats the only reason my parrents came here. The drivers here completly suck and everyone thinks there a gangster, if it were my choice I would go back to Red Deer.
dude i'm native too besides it was a joke it didn't mean anything take a joke besides it wasn't all that racist anyway
Because it's a FUCKING shithole. I guess its ok if you are a boozehound or like living in a fucking wind tunnell!!!
"This is where prostitution usually happens in Grande Prairie". HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! I grew up in GP and this video describes it perfectly. Happily living in Vancouver now and can't say I really miss that dump.
at the start are u in the 214 place
Guys we live in Canada the weather is supposed to suck, and honestly it isn't as bad as all you whiny people make it out to be. Seriously, there is a lot more to do here than you think. By the way not all of us are morons or boozehounds as you are making us out to be. Just saying.
Actually shit prairie isn't this nice. Usually the wind is blowing 80 fucking miles an hour!!!
sorry for the late reply but i got around an 80% on it we kinda made it in about 4 days so its super rough lol plus we lost alot of footage like the hooker talking and stuff :(
@PERCHEATER Ahhh, that's the GP racist redneck bullshit I've come to know so well.
yo gp might have some bad shit about it but i doubt you know half the good shit about it yo gp is a rasta town yo
LAWL hate the down tone *lives in GP*
like every town u get kids like biff from 'back to the future' Like this guy = nice home, good looking, trophy girlfriend, great friends (who helped make this bad aspect of GP) BUT may not be so smart. LOL
wow that makes us look really bad, but its freakin funny, lol
gp is realy great except uyou guys made grande prairie look really crappy.Its actually alot nicer than the alot of towns in the US
Wow, sounds like you guys have been hanging around douchers. When I visited GP for a week, I enjoyed it, people were very nice, only one or two rednecks, and great places to go. You know what I hate? The hypocrisy of what some of you guys are saying. Example ab out the litter. People have obviously tried to clean up the city, but idiots keep throwing their crap on the ground... it's sad really, how much you don't actually care.
born and raised here, moved away 6 years ago...its not that bad....lol
not anymore lol they all are at that church in there a crack head run up to our truck and wanted a ride.
Fuckin out of here when I got the money. This place is nothing but gangster wanna bes. Don't wear blue on the East Side? Fuck you, I'll wear whatever rag on my head because that's my style. Everyone in Grande Prairie is fucked in the head and the cops are assholes. They arrest anyone when they get the chance. You know why? Because they want their own Joker. Sooner or later, they will get him when they cross the wrong person.
I moved to Grande Prairie from Toronto. I was wondering if there are any skate parks in Grande Prairie? It seems pretty blank
hehe are you in the 249 building or whatever? thats the biggest building there! hehe sorry i still dont know my downtown from my uptown yet so im not sure if its called 249... i dont come into town much, i live in Sexsmith... WOOT STOJANS!
grande prairie is a bunch of fuckin bitches and over priced drugs i know this cause i used to be there and watched all those bitches raise up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha sweet GP it ahs gotten worst o well its still cool
You only got the shadiest part of town, but i suppose its kind of ironic that its main strret
lol im frm gp it really is bums and crck heads a few gangs and ya theres hoes at york im scared to walk by there lol.. nice part about muskco. lol
i miss it there i live in kelowna now im movin bak tho mom hates it here duznt pay enough money
gp roxs but nice vid bro but u showed the slums of grande prairie u should so the better side
And the cities had that stuff- some of the crap is still here but not all of it- stuff that is has always been a problem in Grande Paririe- so Grande Prairie hasn't gone horrible wrong.
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