Tim Holtz Paper Roses with your Cricut

by Kathy Orta Files • 172,239 views

http://www.paperphenomenon.blogspot.com/ How to make the Tim Holtz Grunge paper flowers with your Cricut. Check out my blog http://www.paperphenomenon.blogspot.com/ for more pix and projects.

What I love about cutting them on the cricut, you can make them at any size.  You can also find the 6 petal flower just like the george 5 petal on other carts.  I also have the same cut on a slice cart too.  If you have a silhouette you can design the 5 or 6 petal in 2 minutes.  Thanks for sharing this.
So glad you still had this video online.....I had made some a few years ago, they came out great, but couldn't remember how to put them together again......they were so easy, thank you for the tutorial
Thank you for making this video!!!!   I am making these flowers for sure!!!!
Luv the flowers... going to try it out thanks
Beautiful flower....I like your ring...I have that same set
Great tutorial! I didn't know this was on the George and Basic Shapes cartridge. TFS
i love the tutorial. I wanted to visit your blog. However, it is telling me it is only open to invited readers, :-(
Gorgeous wedding bouquet!!!!!!!
ty for sharing this.  Your tutorials are really great
Thank you, thank you , thank you! I see that this is an older video, but I'm seeing it for the first time. I have a cricut & have seen people making these roses, but I don't have a die cut machine. I didn't even think of my cricut, but I will from now on.
Thank you.  I like your technique the best.  It's easier and way quicker.  I really like the hot glue too.  That's definitely better.  Just never thought of using it.
This was really helpful! I tried one with the flower cut from the IN My Garden cartridge....it's a bit different cut than the one you used, but I think if I mess enough with it, they'll be ok. The first one was kind of funky....but I'm going to try another!
WOW ! Those are Georgeous ! I will most certainly be making these ! Thank you soo soo much ! Janie
u r jst out standing doin work wid paper its magical awww i love flowresss
What papers did you use please Kathy ??
WOW! These are truly stunning! I love them!
LOVED your video.. I've been looking for this rose for days lol FINALLY you did an awesome job of explaining and demonstrating! I don't have the George Basic shapes.. but I'll sure see what I can find that might work. Well done I give you 10++++ lol
I did this flower today - really great idea. also my hubby loves it! ;-)
i was on my brothers account below , oh and i have one question do u mind if i sell theese not yet at a store or anything, just to my friends? thnx for sharing bye!
Brilliant video and your voice is clear to listen to. Very straightforward
love it, love it, love it and thanks, I.m headed to my studio to try it..
Great detailed how to video! Thanks so much for showing how to make these!!!!
thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial =) my mom loved the roses on the card!
@lovla1 you dont need a cricut or die cutting machine to make flowers like this, it helps but it's not necessary. You just want to try to cut them out the same way every time, if possible and make sure the petals are pretty close to the same size so when you put them together there's no overlay. Although slight variations may actual add to the beauty of the flower - in nature no two flowers are alike. If you have a flower stamp you could stamp it and then cut it out.
I dont even know exactly what to say im speachless. These are even more beautiful then the tim holtz ones. I loved the wedding flowers one you did, what is that on it thats sparkleing so much, i just have to know. I just got a cricut for my bday/xmas gift so im super excited, i dont have that cartridge tho, but im sure any flower will turn out the way urs has, TFS!!! I judt love this.
Which other paper could I use for this please? I tried paper but it wasnt heavy enough and tore with my cricut. I have a papermania 240gsm card but dont want to go wasting it if thats no good either. I would appreciate your help. Great turorial!
Thank you! You just saved me from buying flowers. I can't wait to make these with my cricut machine:)
Thanks so much for your tutorial. I have been trying to learn how to make theses. I've watched Tim Holtz's video, plus a couple other people's on YouTube but couldn't quite get it to look right. I have a Cricut and this cartridge so I tried it and I was able to do it! I also loved your wedding bouquet. Very nice :)
Great tutorial , gonna go make some right now, THANKS!
Thank you so much Kathy! That is awesome and so easy!
thanks for such a GREAT tutorial :) Amazing flowers!~JenE
Love the way you teach how to do this!! Very clear. Thanks so much! Can't wait to do this!
hello, i hand cut my and use anitas tacky glue to stick it with.
Great job!! Really enjoyed your tutorial! I learned alot of great tips. Thanks so much!
Wow! Kathy, you are unbelievable. I'll be trying these with my Cricut tomorrow with scraps that I have. Thanks for your great instructions!!!!
I'm going to try it.....A terrific Tutorial. It looks much easier than others I've seen and the results are very pretty! Thanks so much!
Wonderful tutorial!! Definitely gonna try these roses!
Wow I love the flowers they looked stunning .and wow loved your wedding flowers fab
Done perfectly! Yu are an awsome teacher....I will so check out your blog!
what type of paper is used or can be used ? I notice the paper is a little stiff
Love your tutorial....you explained the process so nicely, I feel like I can take on this challenge :-)...thank you so much. Kim
They are beautiful and cant till different. Thank you God Bless
Oh my! I love the flower! I have a cricut and I knew it was possible to do but just didn't know how and now thanks to you Kathy can make a whole bunch of them! Thank you so much, you just saved me a lot of money. Now I don't have to buy anymore paper flowers!
wow...i love the bouquet you made...just beautiful..I can't wait to make these
Wonderfull! Thank you! I'm going to use these for my wedding!
thanks heaps for sharing. what a great way to use the cricut instead of being confined to 1 size with the die.
Brilliant, cannot wait to give it a go!
These roses look good in a rose bowl, "floating" in wadded up clear cellophane.
Hi Kathy, Have been watching your video's and really am enjoying them. The flowers are fabulous and the wedding bouquet you made is very IMPRESSIVE. Beautifully done and love it !!
I think the Cricut flowers are SO much prettier. Thank you so much for your videos!
Kathy...that was a great video and super easy to understand. I love how easy you made it with the cricuit...and how cool will it be that you can adjust the size of the flowers so easily!
Great video, Kathy!!! Thanks so much for sharing!! You really are a Paper Phenom!!!
Oh my gosh! I am loving all your videos. Thanks so much for sharing with us! Do you have "svg" files or "scut" files for sale or are all your files on your blog just "cut" files?
I loved your video you really are a great teacher....U R so easy to understand and I need this....your instructions are perfect. TFS
Thanks so much for this tutorial!! I used my glittered cardstock and the flowers came out beautifully (used my Cricut). I also took a clue from some Prima flowers I have and I stamped the petals with my French Script stamp, then heat embossed them ahead. Looks terrific! I'm relatively new to all this and my sister can't believe the things I've been making. Thanks to ladies like you who are so gracious to take your time to teach us!
awesome, thank you. Nice tip on using it for your wedding. I will be incorporating this flower for my daughter's wedding. Thanks again. ;-)
Thankyou for a wonderful video! I have that cartride, and I dont have tons of extra money to buy flowers so this is so versatile to decorate!
thank you and your websites are amazing.
Easy to follow good demonstration. Like the extra ideas like the glimmer mist idea.
tried it and it was really cool ...but on the cricut mat at 21/2 you could only get 8 flowers, their are two flowers on the back the one you pointed to is the one with the six petals and your using the top flower on top which is five petals. You need to use your shift key to get flower number 2 which is the one your using..
This Is One Of the Best Flower Tutorial! Absolutely Stunning! TFS!
Thanks so much. I've been playing with my Cricut trying to make flowers but I didn't know about trimming out one petal, etc. Can't wait to try it myself!!
Great tutorial. Thank you. Just one thing, there are men watching too!
thanks for your tutorial. I will start to make flowers.
Thank you very much, Kathy, for sharing this idea. I made a giant one using Fit to Page, and then tied it to the handlebars on a bike for my granddaughter's birthday instead of the usual bow. I like the fact that I can make these any size I want just by turning the size dial.
Hi Kathy, thanks for the tutorial re the TH flower variation, love it! and your wedding flowers are beautiful! thanks so much for sharing. Valerie
Those are amazing and beautiful. I just ordered a cricut and think making paper flower bouquets for mine and my hubby's moms for mothers day would be a lovely gift. I cant wait to try making these flowers :)
Thanks a lot. Great job on the video.
omg!! i love that n plus i have a cricut.....i have a suggestion for those who want theirs more square..y dnt they just cut the cricut flower at the ends to make it more square n it looks alot the same as the die cut shape rite?? hey, i was just using my noggin!!
i love this do you have any suggestions on making a wedding bouguet
OMG, is it just me, or do you sound like The Nanny. lol :)
You are awesome. Im telling all my friends.. Im going to your web site now :) Thank you for the demo, Congrats on your Love!!
You gave the BEST demo on the Tim Holtz grunge flower-I LOVE YOUR FLOWERS! thank YOU very much Kathyorta!
Beautiful! I appreciate learning how to use what I already have, rather than having to go out and buy even more! Thank you so much.
i loved it, and I love anything that can save a buck.
Gorgeous! I am going to try this! It will be my first dimensional flower! SO excited!
you did a great job demonstrating this technique can't wait to try them. thanks
Great idea. Thanks for sharing!
Great video, slow and easy for me to understand, just how I need it, lol, will definatly see more videos from you, bye!!!
Thanks for showing how to make that pretty flower:-)
Can or have u made a video showing how u made the bouquet? I would love to see how u made it and I'm sure there r others that would too Did u use modge poge on your paper? Thanks for sharing how to make this beautiful flower Hugs, Shawn
that is awesome just what i was looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you
Awesome roses! I love your videos. I have been making flowers with the Walk in my garden card with the first flower. RSH
Absolutely beautiful...thanks!!
You are so unbelievable! Talent, talent, talent!!!
what a great tutorial thank you,very clear instructions and the camera angle is just right. Just one question, what is the best weight of card to use for the best results, many thanks :-)
i don't have a Cricut, can't you just cut out a similar flower shape with reguler cardstock paper??
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