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by OnisionSpeaks • 73,010 views

What happens when I find a biker mustache... derp :P Have you sighted a ghost before? How did that go for you? :) ONISION SITES Shirts: Tumblr:

that scream was hilarious LOL
the pinned down feeling is actually a syndrome. I've felt it. It's  caused by your mind waking up but your body still thinking it's in REM so you can't move it. You feel like you can't breathe, but that's mostly from shock and fear.
What. The. Fuck did I just watch.
I like your L/Ryusaki profile. :)
I've gotten out of my body and looked at myself sleeping a lot when I was way younger, and one time I had a nosebleed when it happened... :/ It was weird.
+Kurochi Suzuki Oh. XD I used to get nosebleeds all the time due to something about a blood vessel being too close to the skin in my nose.  
+Kurochi Suzuki Weird. XD I'm pretty sure I was dreaming though.
did the one and only onision just swear? 2:38 oh well, still funny
I wish i could watch myself in my sleep.. Its cool. Being a ghost..Man. Things i cant do and may never. sigh. xD
His hair is like a lion's mane. I love it!
69,300 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I have ear buds wall listening to this so I'm death now._. Thanks mom
Aaargh! Give me your PUSSY! Damn, I nearly pissed.
@Re4kat11 Same, its just that god doesn't make sense to me, he honestly doesn't. People can hate me for being a nonbeliever but it's how I see things :u
I believe in ghosts. I was home alone, In the middle of winter. My parents were still at work and i was sitting in the living room doing my homework. I heard a noise in the basement. It was footsteps walking up and down the stairs, and it sounded like HEAVY boots. so i got up and stood at the edge of the kitchen to listen, and i heard voices laughing and talking and music. and my dog was at my feet.she heard all of this too.I said 'Hello?' the footsteps ran down the stairs and i had to ....
....(ran out of room, lol) followers are here with us. I hope this doesn't sound too awfully rude I accept everyone's opinion and am open to a conversation on the matter with anyone who cares. Live long and prosper
i felt one once but it was touching my leg we had pictoral evidence but i no longer speak to the owners of said evidence
I'm a atheist..... But I believe in ghost.... OFFENSIVE!
sure and i saw Abraham Lincoln slapping the inner thighs of Adolf Hitler, naked and riding a pink elephant... >_< im just kidding just wanna say what is going on in my weird head.
not sure if thumbsed up because of comment, or profile pic ;P
lol @ athiest comment... and im athiest!
I'm agnostic actually but I used to be an atheist a while ago
hi onision i dont know if you will see this but if you do id love it if i could get a reply. i make vids here and there but i really like the idea behind this channel and i was wondering how you got started with this one and if you would be offended if i did my own advice thing. i love your vids and i think you have a great out look on life. you seem to really care and i really respect that.
ghost is the least of my fears. not trying to be a show off cause I have many fears. Some fears I got over and some are new like worrying 24/7 about my girl
I'm sorry but there is a situation were it is like rem sleep but your Brain is active and you can't move. I have researched it and it also happened to my dad. For the record I am Mormon. For the record that makes me Christian not atheists, we belive in god. Although I do want to be scientist so yes I belive in evolution but I don't really know exactly how I feel about ghosts that can physically affect you and that includes position. I do however belive that in our mortal life satin and his....
There was a show called ghost mollesters. They died. They're on 1000 ways to die if you want to check them out.
I actually saw a post on a paranormal forum where a girl was legitimately posting about being touched sexually by a ghost and the entire parapsychology community online was going apeshit on her, Making fun of her. I felt really bad for her actually. And since then I have read several other peoples accounts on that happening. Thats actually how I came up with my youtube username...but I only used it because it sounds cool. haha
0:46 I flucking died of laughter. Thanks Onision :)
when i die im gonna haunt a walmart =w=
she was having a lucid dream or sleep paralysis
You had so much energy here omg
he said she heard a white noise? wtf how can you hear white???
You look sunburned in this video... Hahaha
Remember the 5th of november ahahhaah !!!!!!!
Lmfao... I gotta say, I love your humor
My friend told me ghost story's but no need to freak you out! They might scare you like they scare me...
i beleive in ghosts theres a ghost in my grandmas house thst me my cousin my and my aunt each saw as a little kid
That thing with waking up and being 'pinned to the bed' is actually a real thing that can happen because when you are asleep most of your body, primarily muscles are basically shut off. And in rare circumstances you may wake up before they do, so to speak, and be completely limp, unable to move, because your body doesn't respond. Its freaky and scary as all hell, but 'natural'. Otherwise our bodies would respond to our actions in our dreams, which would be dangerous to say the least...
what a lovely story you guys had hope to read another one like it one day =) i did it for the lulz i did it for the lulz i did it for the lulz
Life and opinions into his videos and that's why people hate on him. Religion is a sensitive topic and he just called millions of people 'no souls'. :|
i am a atheist but i am still open to new ideas but the whole god thing isnt for me, if it was in my life it would not benefit me, atleast not in this life (lol) but i respect anyone elses opinions and if you believe in him then good for you, i never like it when people try to preach about there religious believes, to try and convince people. onision are you Atheist or have any Religious views
Lucid dreaming is fun :D I've done it like four different times before.
essentially, our "soul" is us, a mass of energy, and our body is just an animal we possess (use as a vessel to interact on the third dimensional plane). So a ghost is a person without a third dimensional vessel. Being that they lack what is necessary to interact directly on our plane of reality, it is very difficult to capture their essence on technology designed for third dimensional things. Just from my experience, may not necessarily be true...
ghosts are just souls that haven't found there meaning in life.I see werd shadows all the time ,is it my brother pranking me or my dead father?
Onision I love you and I am not looking to start any sort of internet feud but I just wanted to clarify that not all atheists believe you go nowhere when you die. The way I interpret atheism is not believing in God or a heaven. I m an atheist and I believe whole-heartedly in ghosts. Thank you
Andy bier sack is not an atheist do you research dumb shit
IDGAF if no one believes this, but I've been pinned down by a ghost before
Dude, I totally get what you're saying. I believe in the after life and ghosts as well. And the thing you said about once you become a ghost and everything stays the same, I often think about. Years could pass here on earth for the living, but for the dead they'd probably think they've been gone for only a few minutes. Things could change, but for the dead everything would remain the same.
Well last night I woke up for no reason and could not move it didn't creep me out
Once I got pulled to the bottom of my bed and got pinned their... it was Dickinson scary and it happened TWICE!!! ;(
She was probably under ASP (awake during sleep paralysis)
I've come out of my body as a ghost so I pretty much died looked around and thought ok time to go back lol
Are you kidding?? I've seen BILLIONS of ghost.... On television :)
I don't believe in God, spirits, or anything like that but I'm not an asshole like you make it seem in the video. All atheists come to their conclusion by giving it a chance anyway. You literally have to think about it to consider it at all. More atheists than religious people actually look up evidence and honestly compare it to the bible, etc. I just think a lot of religious people are hypocrites, but I don't hate them, I'm dating one actually :)
That thing about watching yourself sleep is called "astral projection" ^^ I read about it , cause I'm smart :D
@onisionspeaks what song is that at the end?
No, it's your, since she isn't a supernatural story, nor is she her own parents, you fucking moron.
I love when he says "when I die worms are gonna eat my fucking dead body"
Dude, I could not stop laughing thanks to your amazing mustache
I ain't afraid if no ghost! *boo* AHHHH!!! Love you!!! ❤
Yea... how do you SEE a ghost... I Love Ur Mustache Onision
whats really right when you said "arrgghhh" somebody i was chatting with typed arrgh...timing timing timing lolz
its been a day and im the last one to comment wow
This makes me happy I'm agnostic xD
once i was sharing a hotel room with my friend and she got poked in the side when i was in the bathroom. of course, it was early in the morning and she was half awake, but she was completely wide awake after that poke.
Is it sad that I clicked on this just because of the title??
She was twelve. Get the hell over yourself. Jesus. Its a free Interwebz. -eyeroll- People who spew the word ignorance but then follow it to a t themselves... God...
I haven't got to see the full video and im scared ono i stopped at 1:04
I still remember when I was 1 or 2 years old every night i would see me dead :( brother playing with his old toys
OMG!! I just watched V for Vendetta, it ended seconds before I clicked on this O_O
Ive seen both my aunt and my stepfather, and I was wide awake. I wasnt tired, I wasnt scared, it just,.....happened. my aunt smiled and faded away, it was scary, but I just smiled back and said I loved her and missed her.....buuut I probably sound in-fucking-sane right now,...sooo, yeah.
andy biersack is the most perfect human to ever live there for if there is a heaven he fucking created it!
It's amazing how the music makes Greg sound so epic even when he's being funny.
hey i'm doing this kind of dreams too, pretty scary first but after 4 yrs i got used to it. i usually find ways to proove that they are dreams. but now my family is telling me that i 've got "the thing". i don't even know what that means. anyway does someone know how to get ride a it without praying, cause when i'm doing it, it just feel fake.
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr give me all ye pussy lol
I'm sorry...but I couldn't take you seriously and laughed the whole time. Gotta go back and watch it again
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