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With You - Chris Brown Cover - Justin singing

by kidrauhl • 48,204,598 views Now signed by Island Def Jam records and Usher. First single "One Time" scheduled to be...

#8YearsOfKidrauhl who's still stayed here as belieber??
I watched this in 2008 and I'm 19 now currently watching it in 2014 I'm so proud of him and I've still got that bieber fever #Belieberforever
Then: A sweet little Kid who has reeeeal singing skills. Today: A drug addict wigger fuck criminal He made his Worlds biggest mistake. And just a question to all girls. If you still like him, Why? It just makes me sooo mad that even tho he fucking get into fights. Pukes on his audience, Illegal car racing, Drugs. And you still support him? just because his body? Get a fuckin life.
1000 people replied to you, and they were all girls. Lol why don't any guys stick up for justin? Oh yea, guys don't care about his body. Lol
+Ken M  i'm sorry but how do you know if i'm a girl or a guy? have you ever fucked me? :o
Like If your watching in 2015-___-
I mean how has this guy even survived til 2015? He hasn't released an album since 2012?!
Grabs popcorn and watches a bunch of dumb cunts argue
what a fucking faggot
If the original commenter wants to post a comment they know will bring arguments, they deserve it. This is to every idiot who argues over anything on the internet, not just for the JB haters/fangirls
This is pure talent ! Hey Beliebers , I recently found I huge belieber +Marian Lunar .One of his biggest dreams is to meet Justin and work with him. He really needs our help. Let's show him our support 'cuz we are one family ! 
Angel voice, angel face.  On the outside he has changed but he is still the same inside. Still caring, still giving back. These haters are so stupid. They don't even understand. He is an amazing man and i believe he will find his way out of the crazy rollercoaster ride. Lots of love justin. Forever a belieber. Kidrauhl Slays. XOXO 
+Rena Payne Actually, last time I checked, it does affect personality. You're too stuck in a few years ago before he got corrupt by being "famous". I mean, look at Miley Cirus for Gods sake. Nobody is going to be arrested by being good. Have you not seen JB on the news and stuff? Doing random horrible things? Think about it.
Oh my god, this kid was kind of cute, he had a nice voice, but now he does it for money to buy drugs and hangs out with some dense motherfuckers, making him into a dense motherfucker. And now, I hate him. Not because I'm a jerk, but because he took an opportunity that is so amazing, so life changing, and decided to throw it out of the window. He wasted his talent. The fangirls are the ones who I hate as well, they are so thick, he isn't a 'great guy' now, he made poor life choices. He's just a big kid now.
kid is talented, your gonna be the next big thing
He's already famous its Justin bieber
Please tell me you're joking
The fact that this 12 year old child grew up to be the reason why I hate pop music just makes me cringe.
People who is writing bad comments please stop!! I know he made so big mistakes and that wasnt right but he struglled alot in his life to be famous he have done very hard work that you and me cant even think of and that makes him great he was born to be a singer and he is famous all around the world and ya being famous is not an easy job!! And because of his stress he have done this mistakes!! So if you are not a beliber then why not?
"Hard work" "struggled"
Its crazy how its 2014 and this was 2008 omg soo lonng ago belieber forever❤❤
This kid got talent anybody know his name? He gota be famous now
I remember I was 6.. My older cousin around 15 showed me this video and asks "isn't he cute? And a good singer?" I was in love with Justin bieber since then. I grew up watching and supporting him but was never able to purchase tickets. But I will still and always love him. This video brings tears to my eyes I'm now 14 thinking 8 years ago I was watching this boy grow up. It's Been the biggest roller coaster and I thankful #8yearsofkidrauhl
This literally happened to me too! Except my cousin was like 12 or 12
Everytime I see  This I Cry! OMG i miss this young Justin so much. This was the video that got him famous. ILYSM. Comment or like if you cry seeing this
i don t care in what year we are y loved your videos!!!!
es tan hermoso, canta divino, es genial, es el mejor, es mi numero 1... JUSTIN BIEBER THE BEST FOR EVER... nunca podre olvidarte.... Te amo mas de lo que imaginas, mas de lo que piensas... Tienes un talento incomparable, eres genial... Siempre voy a estar hay, a pezar de las criticas, de los insultos a pezar de que el mundo se caiga, puedes contar con migo como una de tus muchas fans... Te amo no puedo ni describir lo que siento por ti... Soy belieber hace 5 años y espero serlo por siempre... Te amo ♥♥♥♥♥
he gives me chills and omg I'm in love ❤️😭👌 keep it up Bieber
Wow, the next Justin Bieber.
This is boy is PERFECT💞 ily Jus❤
Too bad he had to become what he is today and pretty much brainwash people in believing that his a good man. He's really not guys. Maybe he HAD talent at one point, but he let the fame get to his head, like a lot of teenage celebrates do ( i.e. Miley Cyrus) disgusting the shit hes done and gotten away with in just 6 years. 
+Marco Stagg He hasnt done anything disgusting?  He was investigated for battery after a scuffle with his neighbor. He was photographed smoking weed at a party, and then teased about the pic on Saturday Night Live. He has no respect or any knowledge about the holocaust as he wrote that he hoped Anne Frank " would have been a Belieber" in her guestbook. which goes to show he cares about nothing other than his own popularity.  He also stated that " Rape happens for a reason" and lets not even get started on his DUI charges. I think thats enough disgusting things for one person. 
Don't forget egging a house and spitting on his fans from a balcony.
not a big fan of his type of music, but he is super talented :D 
i'd rather hear two cats fuck in than this voice
wtf 2pac pic is doing he is a homoboy ....2pac is a real man
I mean like what if he thought of being on drugs and being in jail back then he was so different
So proud of justin. I been belieber (and yes im a guy, theres lots of boy beliebers tbh) and supported him since the start. His music is just so great. His older stuff thats when I was going through a depressing time, and Justins music helped me stay calm and eventually, learn to be more confident with myself. Sure, he's made some mistakes, but hes human. And hes my idol. Happy birthday man
Ahora este humilde niño es el mejor artista, es tan increíble, lo amo, no estuve desde el primer día, pero estaré hasta el final, te amo Justin, COLOMBIA.
Is that a boy or a girl?
Happy 21st Birthday💓ily
Fuck off everone who is beat him He is so nice WTF keep going justin Im proud of u All of u are damn u cant do wht he did then u came & beat him even in ur dreams u cant reach the things he reached in reality ☆☆☆
I dont get it. People hated him from the beginning, clearly for no reason. Then when he got famous and started to rebel, it's like now you guys have an excuse to hate him. Why do you think he started rebelling??? He was so young and innocent, filled with pure talent, and you guys are hating on him and putting him down for stupid reasons (ex. him sounding like a girl because theres a thing called puberty that he didn't get yet because he was young) . IT IS YOUR FAULT HE TURNED OUT LIKE THIS, AND YOU GUYS ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT IT. COMPLAINING ABOUT SOMETHING YOU CAUSED?? YALL NEED JESUS, SHIT
as if he has times to read the millions of messages he gets across different platforms or even time to worry about what they say
I must say, his success is legit. Hands down.
I've been here since the beginning! It is currently his 21st birthday and I'm re-watchin his videos! It making me cry but It also makes me so proud to be a fan of his! He makes me happier than the world itself!
They Judge what they don't understand.💯💯 He's never gotten a brake. They're blinded by the media & doesn't check him out for who he really is. I will always be here.
😍😍😍without words JUST LOVE IT
No puedo dejar de ver este vídeo, increíble que ya tenga 21 :') como pasa el tiempo 
I'm here. Today he turned to 21, i'm crying. So proud of this boy.
and people say he's not talented HAHAHA 
bu çocuk 21 olamaz, ulen bu kafasını camlara yapıştırıyordu ne ara bu kadar büyüdü
#8yearsofkidrauhl I love you so much 😘 your birthday is coming up March 1st 1994 on a Tuesday 💕 in Canada
March 1th 2015 .his 21 bday....time flies u JB :)))) #BELIEBER
estoy viendo el vídeo y solo faltan 2 días para su cumpleaños #21 shoro se pone en posición fetal y llora El tiene 16 :'(
This song gave me cancer, ear cancer. -_-
shut the fuck up
Diego, you are hurting really bad.  We can help somebody who hurts by hugging a neighbor in need.
Happy Bithday Justin I Love You Soooooooo Much
Every single day with your music justin ❤
I hate orlando bloom -_-
Happy 21 years kidrauhl😔♡
Amo esto, que tierno♥ Belieber forever, 2015 
The start to a disrespectful prick!
Almost march 1st, 2015 and i'm still here supporting him.
Hard to believe he is 21 today
You are my inspiration💘 I will never give up on my dreams.
omg.. i can't believe that this guy terns 21..
Happy 21st Birthday Justin ❤
happy birthday justin bieber me love
Happy birthday Kidrauhl :'( JUSTIN IS 21 Really?
i love u justin, happy 21 birthday :'(
whos watching in 2015?
you dont deserve that 2pac poster in the bak wall
Such a great singer
THIS Is pure talent ! <3
Who is watching this in 2015
Omg hes 21 today....
Back when he was not a spoiled, drug addicted, spitting on his fans idiotic animal.
Happy birthday babe
i will love you forever
# 8YearsOfKidrauhl Thank you all ...
i fucking hate you mentally handicapped authistic child with Down Syndrom. I hate you, all your family, all your shitty music. I curse the idiot who invented the webcam to burn in the fire of hell. Not only because this fucking useless invention of webcam shew me all the horribly ugly faces of nasty people that are a disgrace to human race, but also made this little dick a star, a retarded kid with IQ bellow the sea level with no talent and shit music a celebrity and a millionaire since he was 16, althought the greatest composers ever lived in poverty and had a terrible life. FUCK IT! I DON"T WANNA LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANYMORE !
j'suis au bout d'ma mort
I wanna find 7-year old comments to see what they commented then! I bet there weren't haters at all because the haters just came because they're jealous...
looking like young anakin
lmfao pinche joto wey kill ur self little fagget
Ugh feels 8 years of Kidrauhl..♥
You got no friends, you got no fans
literally not even relevant like uhm
😭❤️😭❤️😭 how is he 21 ❤️😭❤️😭❤️
How do i get to see the very first comment made?
Sudarshana Ganguly Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
This is sssooo emotional.....
I think many people hate it when you use hashtags when you aren't on twitter, i find it annoying when people do this #thisisyoutubenottwitter .Well not YouTube anymore, more like google+ tube thanks to google changing stuff around.Opinions can't hurt people, but you can hurt someone with an opinion, just like guns don't kill, it takes a person to use that gun to pull the trigger and kill another person, so people kill people, not guns.Opinions and freedom of speech are a good thing that we have in the west, unlike North Korea where you aren't allowed to say anything they don't like or they'll put you in a death/torture camp.Opinions can also be used to hurt people, kind of like guns can be a good thing to have to protect yourself, i'm not against people having their own opinion, i'm against he way people use their opinions, and being against an opinion does still count as a person's opinion.Sometimes emotional abuse can be worse than physical abuse, it all depends on what set of morals you follow and what you believe in.Actual words can't hurt people, it's not the word that hurts a person, it's the meaning of a word that hurts a person, and swearing isn't wrong unless it's used towards a person in an abusive way, words are as hurtful and as strong as a person makes them out to be.When you call a person fat it's not the actual word "Fat" that hurts the person, words are only hurtful when you are using them towards a person in an abusive manner.
+Lisset Natalia Rozo Aragon Dime si no es la cosa mas perfecta que tus ojos allan visto, osea Kidrauhl, es tan hermoso perfecto, el lo es todo, enserio, lo amo
But im not a fan any more sorry but I used to like you but not any more
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