Team Fortress 2 is Free to Play

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"The most fun you can have online" - PC Gamer is now FREE! There's no catch! Play as much as you want, as long as you like! One of the most popular online action games of all time, Team Fortress 2...

TF2 Is pretty dead, it used to be fun with all those simple and cheesy simple unusual, normal hats and weapons, you could just wear your simple hat, jump on the battlefield and enjoy the game, now there are WAY too many qualities, hats, clothes, boots, gloves, pants, shoes, goggles, and weapons, you need to have be an comp player that has strange professional killstreak australium festive rocket launcher. an unusual that is worth 2,000$ and strange limited extreme super miscs to be respected and known.
You guys are sad... Honestly? Judge someone by their hat? You know what? Im just gonna wear a gibus even though im p2p, and its not like i will suddenly become bad at the game. You guys are just jealous that you had to pay money instead of f2p, and insulting them for no reason. You say they only w+m1? Well, p2p do as well. Do they suck? Not really, theyre just getting used to the game, and some are actually incredible in fact. Just because you have burning team spirit bills hat Doesnt mak u gud
I am aware that this is an old comment on an even older video on a pointless topic to argue about, but the statement that hats do not mean skill is not entirely true. Cosmetics are not only a basic sign of devotion that someone was willing to pay for something, be it a premium upgrade or the cosmetic itself, but also shows commitment to playing the game and wish to reflect wealth and intelligence. Unusual cosmetics are a larger sign of this, as they are expensive to acquire, or a major sign of luck through uncrating, so both methods show devotion to the game. Owning a cosmetic may not guarantee skill, as anyone can throw money at a game to buy something, but spending money shows that individual wants to look unique, and is willing to spend for that luxury.
+penguin meep  Ok I think someone is a little too dumb to notice that no matter what hat you wear does not affect someones overall skill level.
ew free tu pleigh? niw all dese dum n00bztht play COD r gfonna annoy us tru playerz that payed money lel lozer 5 year oldz. people tht payed are SUPERIOR. - Half you motherfuckers in the comments section
u say anything i fuck u up u mothers chuds fuck u guys go sex your mother drunk tristan fuck escofack fuck u mother fuck
I am f2p and people keep calling me a noob and guess what? I dominate the fuck out of them and they rage quit. And the people who I make rage quit are teens who spend 24/7 playing tf2 and have no life and are loners.
+RED Soldier Well the majority of people don't actually play tf2 they just trade hats
Actually nobody is playing but trading hats/keys Etc but nobody is playing(P2P)the first time that im buyed 2keys in the store i was Rly excited And later i was sad(traded And scammed to Munch)this was my Life stort XD
Please make this not free. I complain of this because of the 4-16 year olds ruining games with vulgar language and inappropriate content. Thanks for hearing my concern!"
+Miller Kelly  I seriously doubt any of the parents would watch this video. Let alone read the comments to see this. I don't know why people whine about F2P. I never had an issue with them.
This game sucks now :/
It's not the F2P players that are bad, it's the high-end douchebags for players with their swagged out colored/genuine/vintage/unusual/collectors classes + strange weapons in each slot. They worry more about items they have rather than teamwork and actually enjoying the game.
Enjoying the game sentence doesn't exist since the Uber Update.
I wonder if they would make TF2 for IOS and Android
are you serious? :/
Maybe I am F2P, I have never made a transaction, but I gain new weapons from achievements. I'm kinda good, people call me a noob, and I get my revenge and wreck them using that beautiful ubersaw.
+Foxy the Pirate Fox Do what you want huh, that was just a tip. (Very useful)
I personally don't get what all the hate is about. If you absoloutely want to pay for the game, go buy some hats.
I AM REALLY GOD DAMN TIRED OF P2Ps SAYING F2Ps ARE SCRAWNY GARBAGE NOOBISH PLAYERS. Please just stop! Focus on the game instead of goddamn virtual hats! And lemme guess your about to say: AERGH SHAT IP FREE TO PLAH GARBAGE NOOB! I dominated as sniper while wearing the gibus! So just focus on your skill instead of goddamn virtual hats. (This comment didnt fit in this video or meant to offend p2ps)
Oh lord. You dominated while being a sniper with.... THE GIBUS? GASP NO FRICKIN' WAY
The TF2 community is full of douchebags these days. Whenever I join a server I always see people calling others tryhards and people always talk about how much better they are than others.
True man.TF2 used to be good in the past,now a bunch of kids scream on the game and make the game getting boring all the time.
People say this happens. But I never encounter anything like that.
Yeah OK so if I pay I get hats. Big deal. Oh fuck hats are more important than ever in this game I'm gonna be in big trouble.
God, I hate being F2P, the reduced inventory space is so damn annoying.
I know you from PBFortress.
R.I.P TF2 2007-2011
The end of a great era..
+InvaderZimFan1997 That hat: "HAY GUYS I SPEND MONEY ON GAME AM I COOL TOO?????"
Reading this comment made my eyes bleed.
If tf2 wasent f2p i wouldnt have been intreduced for this great game. i played for 1-2 years as f2p, stop for a few for other games, and then came back and became premiuem. also, i have a friend that was f2p, he became premuiem with some expensive items he bought and apparently he was a born trader, with his backpack worth 8.25 keys. And oh yes, we are both 11-13, but we are mature differnt from those whiney kids you see in videos. my friend also knows that hats dont tell the player skill. sorry for bad english., again, im 13 and not american. P.S: for the kids that read this, all you need is courge to ask the parents. 2 dollars and even less dont break the fammilys wealth.
I don't hate f2ps, but when I get killed in a TRADE server while being friendly, its usually caused by a machina shooter wearing a gibus. And when someone plays a few years while people ARE friendly, they kinda ware down from that sort of thing, so it's just a little underwhelming.
EVERY PREMIUM GUY IN THIS COMMENT SECTION: -"omg omg so stoopid f2p gibus fail suck my great max's head painted white and a 2x Unusual buds" "you f2p ruin the game" "the change to f2p has been the failure/biggest mistake of Valve" -got into tf2 because it was free. Pls stfu Oh yes, I'm premium and have a quite respectful backpack
Lol that's all people do in this game. Complain about people who have cosmetics and hats. When will people drop it. It's a game, play it however you want to. Whether you trade or play the game regulary. They are both fun. Most people bash trading and items in this game because they don't have experience with it.
I still remember... the time when I truly started looking at Steam and every online game onwards, is when TF2 went free-to-play, and I'm one of the F2P players. So much nostalgia and fun despite the limitations. ^_^
SUMMARY OF THE COMMENTS SECTION 1. Gigantic flame war threads about whether owning the original game or free to play is better. 2. Discussions of hats. 3. General complaints about Valve and TF2. My thoughts... I love the batsh*t crazy cartoon that is TF2 and I will continue to enjoy it, hats or no hats because it's fun. Hat haters... seek thee out the custom servers that disable all special weapons and cosmetics. (They exist) Hat lovers... there are worse things you could spend your money on. Like crystal meth. Enjoy your hats and custom cosmetics. Just... don't forget to pay your bills. There is a real world guys.
>Get tf2 F2P >Play for a week and get surprisingly good >Still get Made fun of for being F2P >Deletes Pyrovision goggles and Ghostly gibus >Some Unusual-and-Earbud-Wearing soldier guy Takes the total piss making fun of me. >Challenged to a 1v1 >Lost because He went soldier and i went Demo >He mocks me >Server smells like Onions >A green mist Forms around us and a Huge figure Rises out of the ground >It's Shrek. >Shrek puts the soldier on his knees and Anally Fucks him. >Shrek dissapears and i hear screaming on the soldier's mic >He was anally fisted to death >Soldier gets Kicked for being fag >Shrek appears in front of my demo and Pats him on the shoulder >"He should've checked 'imself before he shrek'd Himself, laddie. >Shrek Dissapears. >I steam Check to tell my friends about what happened, I see that i have £4.00 on my Steam wallet. >and a message >"Really really" >It was shrek who Gave me the money. >I buy Two keys and A ToD ticket, Becoming premium. >Shrek is love, shrek is life. Moral of the story, Don't Make fun of F2P's Because they want to enjoy the same game you play, Just because they got it free doesn't mean you should Hate them.
Most people were f2p at some point, Just because they haven't been stupid enough to waste money on a game doesn't make them a fail.
Tf2 is free to play huh? 2 years later: kids ruined pc gaming. And valve. 1 year later: kids with painted gibus taunting p2p players even though they have unusuals. 1 month later: kids pretending to be p2ps with their imaginary unusuals. 2 days later: here i am playing tf2, most f2ps play valve servers, orange box servers and achievement servers. Most p2ps play trade servers and sometimes, communtiy servers. And then theres community market. Buying australiums for just €200. OH GAWD VALVE.
I brought tf2 Next day is free to play EPIC FACEPALM
I played tf2 for the xbox 360 with the orange box, but never played it for pc, I love you valve your my favorite game producer
Worst decisions have been made Just not many
Reads description OMG, WHAT?! "One of the most popular online action games of all time, Team Fortress 2 delivers constant updates—new game modes, maps, equipment and, most importantly, hats" MOST IMPORTANTLY, HATS GG Valve...
That's why if f2p wasn't a thing it will be hat simulator 2
I like how almost everyone is saying "This game is dead" but they're still playing it. Coherence from dumb kids...
F2P CAN SUCK MY FAT JUICY ROOSTER Nah jk (btw those who got the joke *high five* )
TF2 may be old, but I predict it will last for a very much longer time. Why? Because first of all, games like Roblox are old and they still get updated and they're still popular. Second of all, they still update TF2 and add new stuff. Third of all, plenty of new players are playing it now. Fourth of all, they even said TF2 is F2P forever.
i dont see why people hate f2p's they thought the game looked cool so they gave it a go, good for them. and even if they are bad or dumb in some way at least they are trying to play the game. you've gotta give em that. at least valve made a badass tf2 trailer for f2p :3
A little speech for all you people complaining about mic spam: Say "Hello" to the Mute function. The Mute function is your friend. Learn the Mute function. Love the Mute function.
Mute is love, mute is live
Anyone wanna play with me it's free! Bad joke bad joke
This is the biggest mistake. Gibus wearing f2p fags ruin everything. I can't even have a good time on a pub, so i just stick to scrims and matches. Worse yet, you can't even play mvm without 0 tour bitches with their pyrovision getting scattergun upgrades and mad milk syringes. For gods sake, make this game $20 dollars again,
TF2 Logic. Gibus+Pyrovision= Noob
how about the party trick hat, the party hat that almost all f2p have
*Comments that mostly consist of people whining about stupid kids on TF2 *Has never encountered a kid on TF2 Seems legit.
00:32 to 00:34 f2p spy in a nutshell u.u
Valve should take tf2 make it cost money and let the premium 2 plays and the pay 2 plays play the game when the f2ps get nothing sign a petition MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW!!!
What is the song called that they have playing during this?
Art of war, one of Soldier's theme songs
umm my ipad's charging is 24 likes on this video are 14k dislikes on this video are 4k WHAT how is everything 4 this is not even possible aaaaaaaaah god damn you kill me god
man the tf2 community today is terrible they care about hats and trading that's it :/ .this is tf2 not hat simulator and whats about the game KILLING.and i see all these people on valve servers in a conga being friendly to others if that's you then your an idiot. normal players,tryhards > friendly people,hat addicted pepole
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO is OVER IS More Then Unusual F2Ps ! Kids will Take Over the World !
BAD Doggy That is Not My TAIL ! is my clothe
bites your face and blast you with the strange scattergun
One of the biggest announcements ever that brought F2P to most people, and the comments are 99% either people saying going F2P was a terribad idea and Valve ruined TF2, or people writing stories about why being F2P does not mean you are a noob. 10/10 comments.
I had the game a little after it was made f2p on my old steam account. Now i have a new account thats been p2p for as long as i know because i bought keys when i got the account. Now i have 2 bills hats, a lot of cosmetics taunts and cool weps. No unusuals or aussies but thats ok i love my stuff as it is.
+Australium Gibus Say * in front of word and b4 and it Youtube makes effect MeeM
oops sry my bad english D:
Can you make a device tf2
When the game has become a free servers have been overrun by children... I want to throw my monitor out the window like everyone else in the MVM choose an engineer -.-
This marks ground zero in team fortress time. Fortunatly i played the game after f2p
lol, saying the shit people say down here won't get anyone anywhere, f2p games can be good or bad, they are judged the same as a p2p game. i'm not a big f2p player, i play a lot of p2p games, but, hear me right, in ANY game you play, there will be kids, why? almost no one pays attention to rates anymore, and there are kids who buy games as well, so tf2 is pretty much ok
I just like havin' a swaggin' al jefe and flapjack.
*uck Yeah! Everyone needs to play this!
Wish it was still P2P.
TF2 is full of noobs now.
I can understand you but you don't have to be a dick about it man
muito obrigado criadores de team fortress 2 eu agora posso se divertir com team fortress 2. jogar gmod com as texturas e ate pra umas coisas fucionarem! muito obrigado
Why was the a Soldier at 0:43 wearing a Helmet Without a Home (a hat added to the game in 2012) when this video was made in 2011?
U took me lol with da tomislav
Bills is only for special occasions
Makes Thai Player Can Spam In Tf2 And Make Meh Hate Them.
The only catch Is you can't find hat drops
Yes you can. jeeze the stupidity.
what happened to the people who payed for it did they get they money back?
They got a hat, the hat is called Proof of Purchase, it's a hat that was in for the concept art for Medic
+TheDarkkirby64 You also get the proof of purchase if you buy the orange box or valve complete pack to this day, so just because you have the hat doesn't mean you got it before it became f2p lol. So basically the hat is even more worthless.
Im really getting pissed of people complaning about f2ps they are just jalouse because they wasted money to buy the game before it being f2p. Im a f2p and if anyone have a problem about f2ps they should go fuck there selfs.
What's wrong guys? Not every f2p guys are bad? I am f2p player and I enjoy this game a lot, even played TFC and I think this is fun because TFC looked kinda serious with less weapons but the game itself is amazing (TFC). Its just most of people addicted making their characters look cool except teamwork. I am enjoying my teamwork skills, i have "your eternal reward" and no hat because I don't care how my character looks like, spy still looks awesome!!! What you guys think?
This may be f2p but ive put like 350$ into this game... (me stupid)
Your not stupid you just have enough dedication to spend some money on a game you like.
why so many dislikes? i dont understand
that's one of my favourite games always backstabbing engies
I Am Not Lying But I Am 13 And I Am A P2P Ever Since 2010 And I Got A bUNCH OF Stranges AnD my record 4000 Hours Total And miller kelly i dont believe that you are a P2P  roblox lover buy something in the mann co store then you are a p2p 
+Mr.Obvious i just write like that not always though
+Mr.Obvious God I hate when people do that ("God" and "I" are authorized).
Hey valve were is half life 3... Or portal 3... Or tf3... Hmmm maybe that joke about you guys and counting to three is accurate
I'm not F2P, yet I don't wear hats. Mainly because I usually go Pyro and I just like hin the way he is.
I am p2p, i still have the same skills when i was f2p, have no hats except for the premium one and sol one for 1.33 ref, i am the way to unusual, made 3 ref of profit, searchin for a hat less than 3 ref
I brought the rock paper taunt...... Got a beat hat more backpack space so no more delaying items for room...... YEAHHHHH!!!!
I wish actual gameplay was as bada$$ as this
Worst. Decision. EVER. Thank you, Lord Gaben...
man the end of tf2 u let f2ps play now...... i started playing this in 2010 i had to buy the game but now its free so shitty cuz gabe needs more money to be premium
I have unusuals, does that make me not shit now?
F2P = Pyro = GIBUS = M1 + W = xX420NoScopeQuickScope360Xx
Gibus Op valve pls fix
y so much hate on the gibus guys ?? what if star wears the gibus will u think that star is a "noob"??
Beggining F2P is unfair 1 page of inv no trading and bad drops this game made me waste 50zł (10 euro) to get freaking premium
But i paid in PaySafeCard
I paid one mx = 1/13 of a dollar
''For freaking ever'' Welp, R.I.P Team Fortress 2 2007-2011
What's wrong with the gibus hat
+dominicrovello exactly! All I bought was a giftapult for more backpack space and I still fight how I did when I was f2p
It's a noob hat for noobs.
JESUS CHRIST, why all the hate on F2P's?  You are making yourself look bad by making stereotypes that, at least by my experience, are almost completely groundless.
F2Ps ruin the game by over populating pubs and making the game too easy.
+Shane Fowlstone my point was that people here are saying that f2p's are bad at playing the game simply because they didn't pay full price for it, which i think is complete bs.  since when is skill determined by price?  and since i know where that last statement is going to lead, i know that pay-to-win games give some buff or what have you for irl money, but that doesn't change a person's skill level in the game.
stop complaining about the game being free fucking bastards other people may not have money are there parents dont have 20 dollars for a game so fucking enjoy the game fucking ungrateful punks
That's the point that people were arguing. We wanted it to be reasonably priced, so that it would filter out the childish shits, not all children, every society or grouping has its outliers, but the ones not worthy of the oxygen they breathe logging on while their parents are out, trying to climb up a ladder on MountainLab for half the match, and lose it for their team. We want the pricks like those to stay to their Call of Duty ripoffs, while the mature people on the internet play quality games.
This game won't get old. I played this for 3 years From valve to trade servers Whenever I am even close to getting bored valve releases a fucking huge update This game thrives with the community not only the developers It will never die There will never be a tf3 And there doesn't need to be It's glorious
Tf3 would suck. Seriously. They're ideas would run out because tf2 has so many updates that keep adding in. What to do with third game? Think.
+Juho Rajala Yeah. Along with hundreds of thousands of people who have put so much money in the game and worked with scrap banking and trading to get items.
I have a hat called a bills hat when I started is that hat good?
I play this games or six months and I have 600 hours. 97 of them as heavy.
Team Fortress 2 is addictive, you give in too it fast. I never Idled anyway
Can you please help my account it is spider857 I lost the weapons i bought and I am really mad because I really enjoyed playing with them
Get a life Miller Kelly
Not all free-to-play players are bad
So it was once paid-to-play right???
any1 else see pizza at 0:47?
to everyone saying tf2 wouldnt still be a thing if it wasnt f2p counter strike never been a f2p game but is still in the top 10 games played on steam since 2002 im pretty sure tf2 would have been like that if it hadnt been f2p
im sure tf2 is the 2nd top selling games still it was f2p cause i saw it
unusal hats are the most hard to find item
+Milkninjas Its not rare, I see people with it regularly on the server I play on. Especially the strange festive knife, sniper, minigun, and so on.
+Fawful99,really?i rarely see people with a strange festive scattergun
now? this announcement was about 3 years ago
The only F2P people I hate are medics. Free to Play medics are the worst for some reason.
Many try to learn the mechanics though, the might have seen many Heavy + Medic combos and think this is the only good way to play.
No, snipers, no pyros, no engines. God damn it all F2Ps are bad!
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