Live Action On Abortion

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Their video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Kih83cAIFI I didn't address the issue of Margaret Sanger and racism because Peach already has a great video on it. This is a mirror :...

As sexual education has become more widespread so has promiscuity and abortion. Thats just factual. Planned parenthood must be defunded but dont get your panties in a wad I believe just about everything should be defunded. If you want to kill your kid, great. But dont expect people to not try to stop you and at the least not want to pay for it. You do not have a right to abortion or contraceptives. Get them on your own or dont fuck. Also when does a child become the responsibility of the father? When the mom decides not to kill it?
+Julian Martin Do you want to look at real facts? What demographic similarity do the nations and the states with the low teen pregnancy rates have compared to the states you mentioned with the high rates. Heres a hint, the states with a high rate have something in common with a continent thats name rhymes with smafrica. Whites vs non-white rates differences are staggering. If you truly believe that this does not skew the results then you have no grasp on reality.  
I completely agree with you.  If you don't want to get pregnant, regardless of your age, then don't have sex.  I think we should repeal Roe vs. Wade.  Obama's socialist health care plan includes covering abortion.  If a guy and his woman cannot keep it in their pants, why are abortive measures my (or your) responsibility?  Planned Parenthood is only there to destroy lives. Om another note, if the mother wants to destroy a life, it should be the decision of both the mother and the father.  Don't give me that woman's claim that it's "my body."  Your body is God's.  It is the temple that He has loaned you.  You shall not defile that body; otherwise, you are sinning against the Lord, and He will judge you.  His just punishment will be to prohibit you from having offspring later in life, when you do want a son or daughter.  A holy and just punishment to make you think about what you have done by ripping a soul from your womb. I've had family members abort as a way of birth control, and I find it not only immoral, but sickening.  I'm shocked that they've been allowed children years later.  But like I've said, they've received their punishment.  My cousin is only 33, and has to use a walker to get around.  The other one can hardly move without the aid of a cane.  Remember, God is watching you, and knows your every thought.  You do something immoral, like abort a life, He will take your actions into account with due diligence. Think before such drastic measures.
They want the money for church hospitals that deny birth control, tubal ligations, vasectomies, as well as abortion(even in case of ectopic pregnancies), and WE the TAX payer fund CHURCHES to not do their job. I'm religious, but as a Tax Payer I hate the Churches for the Scumbags that they are. If I pay you to do something, do it, 9oddammit.
I was honestly shocked in 2012 just how many so-called pro-lifers came out against birth control and sex-ed. My parents opted me out of sex ed, but they didn't have the option to opt me out of health class where among other things, STDs were discussed. I think the STD conversation more than anything my parents ever told me ("don't ever kiss, hug, or even hold hands with a boy, and no dating until you're 18") encouraged me to find out as much about safe sex than anything else. There was absolutely no way I wanted to end up with one of those. Avoiding pregnancy never even entered my mind. My own mother, who's very pro-life, is very much in favor of birth control and it being readily available. As far as she sees it, if people are going to have sex anyway, then at least if they use birth control and avoid getting pregnant there won't be any (or at least far less) abortions (this conversation happened after I was 25 - before then, she wouldn't even discuss the subject). She doesn't go as far as being willing to have the government provide financial support for those who choose not to have an abortion, although she does admit that they probably need it. Her idea of a solution for that is marriage (because apparently that solves every problem... somehow)
The pro-life movement has committed 150,000 terrorist acts in the US since Roe v Wade. Where is the video on that?
One says "they aborted my friend"? This guy is friend with an embryo ! I guess they are good companions. They make warm hugs too....
Ahhh do you believe the bad accented activist or do you believe the " god " freaks ! Looks like Radstock is plucking percentages from where? hmmmm please you tube videos are all as bad as each other and cancel each other out !  Just move on ...nothing to see here ! 
Sunt ateist si la prima vedere am avut o parere buna despre tine... desi ceea ce si cum explici mi se pare copilaresc... presupun ca prinde la publicul ignorant. Deci despre avort chiar ai provocat greata in aceeasi masura ca si filmuletul criticat, aia sunt niste dobitoci cu o idee etica, tu ai o gandire gretoasa (poate doar legat de acest subiect) lipsita de etica. Succes!
Lets see.....STUPID..........the definition can be defined as a woman old enough to have sex yet can't avoid getting pregnant in the 21st century.........Now, we hear all about how women want to be equal.......then SHOW SOME FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY WITH YOUR OWN BODY AND SHUT THE FUCK UP>
+Doktor Antitheist Well dumbass, I could give a shit less about what women do with teir bodies....AS LONG AS MY TAX DOLLARS ARE NOT FUNDING IT!
+Doktor Antitheist Abortion saves lives? In isolation or total? 
@ Honey: There's a waiting list because everyone wants WHITE BABIES, moron. Almost no one gives a shit about non-white or older children.
Abortion is MURDER. Take birth control pills or keep your legs shut. Maybe the orphanages are full of children in Russia where this bitch is from but in America, there are waiting lists for many many years for white babies.
The conservative attack on planned parenthood is a witch hunt. It's also blatant lies. The pro lifers don't give a shit about anything except banning abortion. And if they ever achieve this, then they will be bitchin about paying for the rest
Hey Honey Lambb. If there is a shortage of white babies, then maybe white people should have MORE sex and make their own babies.
  Cristina, Many people, thank you for who you are...
You are so much of hate.  Abortion = extreme violence against a woman and her child. Read about it! How abortion destroys the lives of woman. Educate yourself girl. Educate more!
Incredibly, you made me laugh even on the serious subject of abortion. Thanks for that.
you know how people leave LMAO in comments when they didn't really laugh at all? Well I just literally laughed for like 2 minutes at that guy's foetus lover :D :D :D
The truth is never revealed by lies. Sex can mean whatever you want it to mean. Human reproduction is either a welcome event, or it can bring alarm. The first question is of course, "what exactly is the purpose of human life, and beyond enjoying pleasure has it any other reason for its existence?"
No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her own body. This concept is fundamental for women. Bearing a child alters a woman's life more than anything else. Other women's rights are hollow if women are forced to be mothers. Being born is a gift, not a right.
+Tr A diaphragm plus spermicide worked 100% for us.. The real point is woman decide for themselves if they give birth, or not. If it gets down to an abortion, so be it.
+Robbie Bobbie Being a mother hasn't changed your life at all? Don't you ever spend time with your kid? Just because YOU decided to give birth then that means every woman should? Do you have any thing logical to add, or just nonsense?
planned parenthood is a wolf in sheeps clothing. they are like monsanto with a sticky past and are so good at working under cover currently. planned parenthood tricked many people to be sterilized look it up this is a fact the victims are not much older than my parents. planned parenthood does some great things but they are motivated by eugenics. the elite want to control people they see as peasants. you can donate money and say what race of person you want the money to go to, to pay their abortion. the fact you can specify race is racist. i hate planned parenthood but i still want an organization that provides their services without the racist elitist views only there to truly help the working class
why aren't they suing them then? 
The best way to prevent abortion is to just don't fucking do it. If you want a baby then fuck someone. If you don't then keep it in your pants.
+Dom Vasta Not fucked in the head. Just very heterosexual. Not a concept that you are familiar with, obviously. And abortion is a disembowelment. A cyst is a parasite. A fetus is a human. Clearly there is a difference here. Of course you must realize that you are calling yourself out as a rapist by being all antagonistic toward my position. Simply stated, you fear that my proposal will get you disemboweled. 
+Dom Vasta have u seen partial birth abortion or the fact they puncture the (fetus')head as to not allow it to draw breath = then it is viable
Look out we got a tough guy.
Love the blend of knowledge and sarcasm. And so funny. Big fan.
This guy Carlos Rayna should be looked up for capitalism :/ or he thinks he is very funny !!
PS You are AWESOME! You should totes be my best friend! Just saying. lol. I <3 your videos. The other interesting thing about all your points is that if all those kids were born, imagine the strain that puts on our resources. You have all these babies that the mothers DONT want. Those kids are proven to be likely to commit crime later in life. SEXUAL EDUCATION, and SERVICES  is the way to solve abortion!  You GO GIRL!
+Dom Vasta  obviously a person growing up where he is beaten everyday would cause him to kill.
The world is extremely overpopulated with human parasites.
+LightningVIII The troll is strong with this one
Sex education does nothing, the best way, is cut those damn tubes. 
Yeah, ya right. Men have a pair too.
+KitCox Males have Vas Deferans, cut them in half. 
"Slower than a fat kid on crutches" I laughed my ass off. 
Pro Choice Anti-Deist here.
Repent now!  Ask the Lord for forgiveness.  Your time of pleasure is almost over.  Humble yourself, and call on Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!  If you do this He will forgive you and show you the truth.  And you will be saved from eternal hellfire. 
I'm completely amazed at your ability to write so much and be completely non-responsive to what I said, and so illogical. (BTW, you seem to love the "is v. ought" fallacy.) The disorganized manner in which you replied didn't seem to help. So I came up with a solution. I have summarized our debate into my own video. I presented your arguments more clearly than you have presented them, and then I crush them. Spoiler alert: at the end of the video, you concede that I'm right.
An already-developed, functional human, who can contribute to society is obviously more valuable than a random pet. Said human is also more valuable than a fetus. Do you value the rights (I am giving fetuses human rights for the sake of argument here) of a fetus more than the rights of a full-grown human woman, or would you say that the rights of both should be recognized?
Only 5 or 6 states allow tax dollars to be used for an abortion. After Roe v Wade was signed into law, 1 year after it the Hyde Amendment was passed as an anti choice measure to prevent any tax dollars to go towards an abortion. And now, because rape is so common in the military and the Peace corps, the government is now willing to pay for the services needed after an assault has taken place.
to be parents because of your idea of "morality"about sex, but not the society at large even though according to the teachings of Jesus, they are. You sure have a inconsistent moral code, Ryan. You would force women to be a brood mare for the state, but once that fetus becomes a human being; "well, yer on yer own, kid". Like George Carlin said: "if you're pre born, you're ok, if you're pre-school; you're screwed".
You would impose YOUR moral value on a woman regardless if she were Black or if she were born in the Jewish religious tradition. That's not your call, that call belongs to the individual woman to make, according to her situation and her circumstance. It's HER CHOICE whether or not to continue a pregnancy to full term or not, your moral protestations be dammed.
Since when was I jewish? What the fuck are you saying? -.-
Creating the need for the body of another is not justification for removal of the right to deny one's body. If I cut a man's eyes out, is he entitled to my eyes? If I force someone to drink alcohol until his kidneys are destroyed, am I required to give him one of mine?
I said below, "the premeditated and intentional killing of an innocent person is wrong. So don't do it - ever - no excuses." That does not mean all killing is wrong. If an attacker tries to kill me, it's not a violation of the above rule for me to kill him in self-defense. He is trying to maliciously deprive me of my right to life, while I am acting only to preserve my right to life. Morality of the acts includes the intentions of the actors. Here the 2 intentions are entirely different.
Personally, I think you're full of it. You're no more a lawyer than I am President of the United States. Claiming to be a lawyer doesn't give your arguments any authority-another logical fallacy, I might add. I've heard better arguments from elementary school students, which you might learn something from them, by the way. You have yet to quote from any source ANYTHING that remotely supports your "position". So "counselor" all you're doing is wasting precious bandwidth on being stupid.
Do we need to adopt all abused children as well, or STFU? Idiot. I don't want women and men killing their children. It is an abomination to humanity, and you know it.
Why does she care about American issues?
You're so pretty! You look a bit like Alyson Michalka! ^^ But more importantly, thank you for responding to this dumb pro-life propaganda video!
" The following definitions are applicable to this article:1. "Person," when referring to the victim of a homicide, means a human being who has been born and is alive." "Justifiable abortional act." An abortional act is justifiable when committed upon a female with her consent by a duly licensed physician acting (a) under a reasonable belief that such is necessary to preserve her life, or, (b) within twenty-four weeks from the commencement of her pregnancy."
I stopped taking you seriously once you claimed possession.
This is awesome, internet high five!
First, HIS body can get thrown in jail for inability or refusal to pay child support. Second, in the EXTREMELY rare instance where a mom's life is endangered by continuing a pregnancy, abortion can be a sad secondary result of treatment. Third, even during the "back alley" days, women rarely died during childbirth. Note how the same butchers (like Gosnell) are still out there, as Mengele was post-Hitler, killing babies and maiming women. Supporting killing innocents is sick.
"You had your azz handed to you, and you didn't even realize it." One question Ryan: Is the sky blue in your world? "I challenged you to make ONE point & have an in depth discussion about one point at a time" Sorry, but I don't do irrational; repetitive ranting isn't making a "point", it's just ranting. "U were too scared to do that." Megalomania doesn't suit you well, Ryan. What I fear is the fact that you're allowed to operate heavy vehicles and use sharp instruments.
I'm a lawyer, I know the law. You seriously misunderstand much of what you "cited." I can't write a brief in 500 characters. I also believe you are extremely intellectually dishonest. There are 5 things wrong with each "point" you make, but you spew so much utter nonsense and logical fallacies, it's hard to point all of them out in 500 characters. When I do you, completely ignore it & make some new non-responsive and flawed point. And you are so arrogant, you will never see your own ignorance.
Part II. Copying & pasting your logically fallacies. There are at least 3 serious flaws with that point, but let's focus on one at a time. Supreme Court used to support slavery. The Constitution wasn't shredded when they finally acknowledged Blacks as full persons. By your logic we should have lost all our rights when they acknowledged Blacks as full persons. Are you capable of understanding that just b/c the Court at one point in time says something is right, that doesn't make it morally right?
You and your ilk have to get used to the idea that women's vaginas belong to them, and they're not obligated to be brood mares for the state. If you can't get past that, then I guess it sucks to be you. Because abortions are not going away, if anything they're getting easier to get. RU-486, the "morning after" pill and all sorts of contraceptives are making it possible for more people to have sex that you don't approve of and to duck their "responsibilities" to be parents. Bullshit!
When you aren't relying on false facts and the ad hominen logical fallacy, you resort to the fallacy of appeal to an authority. "Person A is (claimed to be) an authority on subject S. Person A makes claim C about subject S. Therefore, C is true." This is called a textbook fallacy of appeal to authority. Let's have a discussion and you can explain to me on your own why it's OK to murder children before they are born, but not after.
Erm no. It results in the removal of a fetus. Difference.
Hi. Before a child is born, it's classed as a "foetus" or an "embryo". It's not fully formed and not a "baby". Abortion literally removes a bundle of cells with the potential to become a baby. If abortion wasn't legal, as in the past, illegal abortions would still happen and many women would die from them. You can have your opinion on abortion and have your right to choose, if you're a woman, but you really shouldn't try to take away other's opinions and choices about their own bodies.
My brain... it hurts from the incredible level of bullshit... I'm glad I threw on my hard hat before watching just those clips of the video.
So then (and I understand I am going out on a limb here) why is it any of your business if a prisoner is executed? and why do you care why a war happens? I mean it is just a loss of life right?
" 2 - I don't see how this is responsive to what I said" I say to that:"None are so blind as those who will not see", Eh, Ryan? Or shall I call you "Ray Charles"? "You only asked a question, and didn't present an argument." No, I presented an argument and you responded with a strawman argument; which for your side is par for the course. "You conflate morally good with what's morally obligatory" According to whom? Your "god"? The one who requires "burnt offerings" and "sacrifices"?
I'm following your utilitarian logic. It's understandable that you don't appreciate it.
" 1 - By your logic, it's OK to kill kids in an orphanage b/c nobody has adopted them." A strawman by any other name would be just as faulty. But if you want to play that; by your logic a cancerous tumor has rights because it is biologically "alive". See how trite that is? "You prove my point, you support murder. I don't. " Murder is a legal term; the unlawful termination of life. However the law recognizes exceptions; self-defense and judicial execution.
but in any event, I believe I fairly captured our discussion in my video. Enjoy.
and acting dumb, which in your case I doubt is an act. I think you're just a pimply faced teenager who has far too much time on his hands as well as lotion. Since you have the time and of course the energy from such frustrations why don't spend it doing something constructive; like learning how to handle an intellectual debate.
What if not long after the baby is born (say within a year or two) the mother loses her job or faces some other significant economic setback, by your logic she could kill her children post birth as well, as not doing so would "doom the child to a life of poverty..." What about women with average income who chose abortion as a convenience to them? Here's a "whacky" and "extremist" view, the premeditated and intentional killing of an innocent person is wrong. So don't do it - ever - no excuses.
Paralegals, and Lawyers are not the people that are capable of answering any questions that do involve the exact reasons that far, and large that vast majority of abortions are being done for fact! People like yourself need to take up these questions with Nurses, and Doctors about the exact reasons that the abortions are being for, because they are the ones who have direct knowledge about this exactly, and that have all of the medical experience, as well as the medical expertise!
LIE! Every medical book on embryology states that a new human life is created when sperm and egg unite. IF the fetus is NOT ALIVE, then why do you need to KILL it? Logical contradiction. It is not her body! IF the fetus has its own heart and brain, how is that HER body?
Yeah, that'll work. *cough* Only IF both parties are amenable to this deal can a man (usually a scumbag) sign his rights away to access his OWN flesh and blood child. The man has no rights. If the woman wants the baby dead, she has it killed, even if it could have "walked to the school bus", as demonic abortionist Kermit Gosnell once "joked".
Don't like abortion? Don't get one. Nobody has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. Also, would you rather a fetus die painlessly and unconsciously or be abandoned somewhere and left to starve/freeze to death or be beaten, neglected and abused by the person who wanted an abortion? And people like you call yourselves Pro-life.
furthuremore,thousands of women have been maimed,perforated uteruses,ect,and over 400 women have died from LEGAL abortions since 1973.Abortion kills babies from the fetal age to the moment before scheduled birth,it's legal in approx 34 states to murder VIABLE babies to 24 weeks,and it is LEGAL to murder babies unrestricted,fully formed in 9 states.get your facts straight before posting crap that abortion removes a bundle of cells.Close to half of abortions are from fetal stage-Fetus= unborn baby
Again you both fail to understand my point and are completely non-responsive and are factually wrong. It's hard to respond to so many fallacies w/ 500 char. Cancer is not a separate life form. And you are talking about killing people, YES you support murder. What do you say about the babies WHO SURVIVE THE ABORTION PROCESS. Doesn't that "kill" your point. But I bet you can't offer a logically coherent and responsive point.
i like you. you've got a good head on your shoulders, you make great, intelligent points, and you seem educated on the cause you support. subbed.
So making reference to them to bolster your argument isn't a wise move on your part, Ryan.
I don't care what you do with your organs. I just care what negative things you do to unborn children.
" I asked you if you were capable of understanding that just b/c the law at one point in time says something is right, that doesn't make it morally right? You never could answer that question." Remember that quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes about how the law is formed; by experience and not by logic? Yeah, that. Once upon a time, it was considered immoral to have an abortion, now it isn't anymore. You see, "morality" changes with the times as well.
So do you understand that humans have the right to deny the use of their bodies to other humans?
So I would opine that it was "immoral" for government to meddle in the affairs of women on their choice on whether or not to continue a pregnancy and now they're acting "morally". You're just sore because you don't agree with that decision, just as the former slave owners didn't agree with the passage of the 14th Amendment. But they still are "former slave owners" just as you are a frustrated "absolute moralist" who can't get over the fact that women have power over their ovaries and not you.
What about late-term abortion? PP are abortion pimps living off tax money
You are still committing the "is vs. ought" fallacy. Just b/c current law permits the murdering of innocent babies doesn't mean that is morally the right thing to do. By your logic, if the law were to devalue the rights of Blacks, Jews or unborn babies, then it's morally OK to kill them. Forget about what the state of the law currently is and tell me why murdering unborn babies is a good thing.
Again you completely failed to understand my point. You like to name call, which is lower than making an ad hominem logical fallacy. You will have to go back and read it with an open-mind and stop seeing what you want to see. The fact that you can't respond to what I actually said is a tacit admission that we both know I'm right.
-Everson v.Bd of Education (1947); Lemon v. Kurtzman (1971); Committee for Public Education & Religious Liberty v. Nyquist (1973) and Sloan v. Lemon(1973); Torcaso v. Watkins (1963).
than a sperm cell a "child" or an egg cell a "child" either. Your logic reminds me of the song of "Every Sperm Is Sacred" from the Monty Python movie "The Meaning Of Life". And it's just as absurd.
sex equal babies if they pushed this more people might actually think before act. i have many friends that are like 'im i women i can do whatever. if i have i get pregnant then theres plan b or an abortion'. yes there are other ways to get pregnant and yes people do get raped. but because people dont care enough to think before is the problem. people should think. about the logics of sex to begin with.
My reply Part 2: Self-defense affirms the value of innocent life. Why do liberals love abortion and hate it when responsible citizens own firearms and actually have the ability to defend themselves? At first glance, those 2 topics have nothing in common, and yet 90%+ of the time, if I know your stance on abortion, then I can guess your stance on gun control. So Y do libs love abortion and hate self-defense? They consistently devalue innocent life. They say kill the innocent and save the guilty.
Now Ryan, you have not quoted case law, Constitutional law, any biblical passage, any philosophical or ethical passage from any source that supports your position. Yet you insist that I haven't addressed your "points". Quite frankly, you haven't made one. You haven't stayed to the original topic that Christina Rad made in her video. But then again, what could you say? What could you argue?
" A persons individual choice doesn't include the choice to murder other innocent people." A mother is a person; a fetus is not. You seem to have a problem with that concept. "BTW you have yet to make an argument" Actually I have, but I don't have to; my view is the prevailing accepted viewpoint. The burden of proof is on you, and you're really NOT doing a good job of that.
"It's gonna hurt so bad you're mom will probably wake up with a headache." That's what happens when you marry bad rap with a sappy message.
Again, "sloganeering" and appeal to emotion rather than proof. "Murder" is a legal term; "innocent babies" is an attempt to an emotional appeal rather than to making a coherent argument. It's not an "innocent" anything until after the 13th week of gestation, only then does the state have a compelling interest in the matter. Until then, it has no standing and it's none of your business and illegal for you to interfere. How do you like those apples, Ryan?
You see, nothing can grow without life. When something lives, it grows, like the flower, and even though it hadn't broken ground, it was a living and growing creation. So, whether outside the womb, or still inside the womb, a living and growing creation exists, and to take the life of either, by God's and man's own law, is criminal. 55 million people dead from abortion in America alone.
Cause her country doesn't have enough problems to matter.
You are so sure of yourself, despite the fact you fail to comprehend what I say and the textbook fallacies in your statements. R U capable of understanding the concept that it's OK to question the current state of the law and discuss whether it's right? Murdering innocent babies is a perfectly clear way to describe what you are arguing for. You don't want to talk about it in those terms b/c you know you can't defend what abortion is. How are you so ignorant to not even understand the other side?
The Kansas "criminal" charges were from former AG Phill Kline, who was just found guilty of lying about his personal crusade against Planned Parenthood. He also lost his law license indefinitely.
Part II: 4. Your general consensus point is both factually false, and it's a textbook logical fallacy. (For crying out load, please think before typing. Your points are so ridiculously weak and completely non-responsive.) So when the consensus was that slavery was good b/c Blacks were less than human and it helped the economy, by your "logic" you would have to agree. Your point is literally a textbook fallacy.
if abortion is murder, chemotherapy is also murder. this analogy unlike yours is actually scientifically sound.
"Intellectually honest" according to what? Whether or not they agree with you? If you were "intellectually honest" you would have to admit that your views are religious based and not on scientific fact. If you were "intellectually honest" you would admit that you would prefer a theocratic form of government rather than the one we have now in order to impose and enforce this kind of law you seek. If you were "intellectually honest" you'd admit that there is no biblical restriction on abortion.
" When it comes to not murdering innocent people, we should error on the side of not committing murder." Again you're using a legal term which does not apply to a non-living thing. You can't murder, something that is not considered life, unless you're referring to zombies which has it's own problems. Genocide presumes that something is living; in this case, you haven't made the case to prove as such.
Yes then go into a back alley To Get a abortion ! Have To Pay taking for killing a innocent baby.
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