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30 things White people do that Black people don't

by kingjdolla • 1,125,124 views

Fuck who dont like this video. I get paid off every comment lol. 30 funny things white people do that black people dont. Ghetto names, top 60. Top 30 white stereotypes. Comment & Subscribe!

You forgot  1. Shoot up schools 2.Murder their parents 3.Fuck barn animals 4.Become serial killers 5.Become emos and cut themselves 6.Incest 7.Major ignorance 8.Molest children especially family members
+scrapplepig -__- that was a dumb ass question obviously not.....
All those things apply to every peoples. But not all things white people do apply to other peoples. Things like walking on the moon, power, electricity, flight, cars, computers, the internet, telephone, hot showers, tooth paste, and everything else.
Almost half of those things oddly reminded me of what the shaytards do/say.. .. XD
Also white people posses the ability to speak English.
+Jayquon Mckinstry You want me to suck your dick?  I knew you liked cock you little basement dwelling, nigger ape. 
I'm black, and i recycle frequently. This video is a load of crap full of raciast steryotypes that Nazi bastards made up.
    Looking at the comment section, I start loosing hope for a world of diversity. If NASA is correct, we probably only have 22 years left on this earth to be alive, and we are still not even CLOSE to making a peaceful diversity happen. And if not the asteroid, then Yellowstone or global warming or any of the other soon to come disasters will end us. Maybe it's time to just give up on this hope and accept that diversity is now impossible. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I think the racists(all racists) have actually won this war. Maybe it's time we just accept that sometimes evil DOES triumph over good. And what's so special about diversity anyway? Do we all become rich? Do we all go to heaven? Will all eight planets line up? Will aliens come down and congratulate us on passing the test? No. I'll tell you what is so special about diversity, ... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! So why should so many lives be lost and many stressed gray hairs grow for this completely hopeless and pointless goal that we don't have enough time on this earth to achieve, and even if we did achieve it thousands of innocent deaths later, we wouldn't even have enough time to enjoy it to make the hard work worth it.      Maybe it's time we all go to where our ancestors came from. I mean, what can go wrong? The racists want separation, I guess the only way to shut their assholes up is to just give them what they want. If we go back to the way things were, we can spend the time we have left in peace.       Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I hate the idea of diversity, nor am I saying that all people get their personality from the color of their skin. I'm just saying at this rate, there is really nothing we can really do, nor is it really worth it. Too many racists and innocent deaths, so little time and worth for diversity. If we did have time and a good plan to achieve diversity with enough time to enjoy it, I would say GO FOR IT!!! But now there is really nothing we can do. The racists are putting in too much effort for their goal for us to be able to do anything about it now.      But if I'm wrong, please do prove it to me. I'm all ears at this point.
i'm white and I do none of that shit
Not hate just saying if a white person done, this video everyone would hate him.
Glad im not the only one who understands
I'm White let's see...                                                                                                                                                                 1. Church on TV - Nah I'd rather actually go to church 2. Swim in cold weather- hmmm might be fun to try LOL 3.  Recycle- Hey they give money for those aluminum cans so why not LOL 4. Make reservations - All depends on what kind of reservations 5. Hiking - Yep but not Mountain climbing I aint that crazy yet LOL 6.  Taylor Swift - Nah I prefer Loretta Lynn LOL 7.  Cold Chicken - Yummm especially if its fried chicken LOL 8.  Swim with sharks- Are you crazy no thanks LOL 9. Pay for kids to go to college - My dad didn't me & I won't my future kids either 10. Kiss Pets in mouth- Ewww gross, I prefer to kiss mine on top of their heads 11. Hack Computers - Nahhh I don't want to get attacked by a bear hehehehe 12. Answer 1800 numbers - heck no unless I decide to prank them hehehehe 13. Know how to ride a horse - Yep sure do 14. Have a Trust fund - Nope I don't  15. Flip Flops year round - Nope not even in summer 16. Use extenze - nope I'm female 17. Wake up before 6am - Nope I'm lucky to be out of bed by noon hehehehe 18. Go to baseball games - Yep sure do 19.  Sloppy Joes - Yummy LOL 20. Collect Stamps - Nope but I have collected coins though 21. Nascar - Nah I prefer dirt track racing & actually being there 22. Cut grass in rain - Nope that will actually damage the lawn 23. Vote - yep 24. PETA- HELL To the no I can't stand those Petaphiles 25. Eat what I can't spell - I guess so LOL 26. 12- 15 cats - Nope I have 2 cats & I prefer dogs (I'm a dog show person) 27.Jay Leno - Nope 28. Kids in Time out - Nope spank that ass LOL 29. Marry goats - What the heck that's just too sick 30.  Sniff Coke - Hell effing no, I only smoke tobacco cigarettes, no drinking either.
Eat shit they can't spell.
white man cant jump
This was funny, but I thought fucking goats was a Middle Eastern stereotype.
That shit was pretty funny
Work.  You forgot work.
Well hell no we black people don't swim with no damn sharks! I seen this one time on TV there was these white folks and they was swimming with these big ass sharks off the coast of Africa or something like that. No cages either. And another thing white people do that there ain't no black people gonna do - mountain climbing. I mean what up with that - white folks not like flat ground or something? 
Don't pop nasty bug infested, bird sh@tty,insecticide laced grapes in their mouth at supermarkets for a free sample. Don't take free samples being doled out at supermarket stands for fear of being POISONED!! The stand people know this to the point they don't even ask black anymore to try a sample.
Well what the fuck is wrong with black Churchs? They act Like fucking uncivilized animals.
We Actually Dont We Jus Have A Different Way Of Praising God. We Get The Holy Ghost When We Are Touched By What The Pastor Is Saying Or By What The Church Is Singing. And No Where In This Vid Did It Say Tht U Have To Go To A "Black Church".
1. Learn to Properly spell 2. How can you have a different way if praising god? You're Protestants right? 3. That holy shithead you're talking about doesn't exist 4.yes, most of you act uncivilized
Wear shorts and sweat shirts. Sit anywhere. Smell each other's food. Listen to country music. Slam dance. Eat Mexican food. Play golf. Wish reagan was still president. Say "I says" Think Elvis is alive. Call old people by their first name.
White people clean themselves.. niggers don't
cold chicken good as fuck, serious. u take some left over fried chicken out the fridge and just start eatin that shit its mad good. dont knock that shit til u try it.
That's funny as hell!
USA is the only western country where they still give a shit what race you are
+Pablo Escobar I'm in Sparks Nevada right now. I don't find the racism that different in Europe. Why do you judge things based on common stereotypes. I doubt you've ever lived in the USA for more than 5 years.
+Epic NEd I doubt you've been to Europe
Being white is awesome...
+Steven King That's not exactly what I meant. I mean being white is better. For many reasons.
Lol its a joke people and if there's one thing I learned from these comments is that america is filled with just as many racist pigs (white and black) as it was before -_- the earth would've been better off with no humans.
How exactly? Sure, we're earth's greatest parasite, but we're also its greatest achievment
Damn, i must be black after all
Don't jump from buildings to commit suicide. Blacks jump from their BASEMENT WINDOWS!! Don't have wine and cheese parties!!
Guess I'm not white anymore...
The biggest thing black people do that white people don't They constantly say white people are racist...then they talk about the slave days as if they were.a slave. Remember this the people for a living & those who support a family are supporting.your welfare lazy ass with their tax dollars so you can.have food on the Table and.a.roof.over your head... You should be grateful/thankful. Nobody.owes you lazy f.uckers anything
black anyone knows that there are over 100's of different nationality of blacks that do not eat the same kind of idiots are just ignorant
Lool this is just a list of things black people are either too stupid , dumb, or scared to do
why would a person listen to anyone that has no natural rhythm and cant sing!!!!!!
Half this stuff is really productive and white ppl sniff coke cause it doesn't fuck u up like crack. Even tho it's more expensive we like or teeth too much for that. I can see how the crackhead who made this video might find that strange.
I eat sloppy joes and watch Nascar.... :/
White people love shooting up schools.
Things black people do white people don't 1. Sit on the porch 2. Walk around with a comb in their hair 3 Smile showing off their Grill (gold teeth) 4. Drive by shootings 5. Fake Credit Cards for Liquor/Visa Gift Cards/Carton of Cigarettes 6. Grab their crotch while walking 7. Talk Ghetto 8. Smell like Hot Piss & Stinky Wet Socks mixed together 9. Fuck women in the Ass. (you say no to anal you break their heart) 10. Sell Fake Gold in parking lots I could keep going but I will stop here
WHAT WHITES DONT DO THAT BLACKS DO!!!... 1.Disapline their kids 2.let their kids work for anything without giving handouts 3.dont wana date other races.but their ugly ass pale people 4.respect Blacks because they fear we're more success and educated.... Stay tuned for the rest of the 100 things
Blacks more educated?? Bwahahaha u contradict yourself with your own comment on black education, hilarious really
As a white person I hate fucking NASCAR, I know blacks who like to eat cold chicken, I like it hot and cold it's good either way, I do not swim in freezing weather, like wtf, also whites invented fried chicken and their are blacks who I know for a fact do not like chicken. Sooooo.......
Poor man, enjoy dat racism u promote.
You guys need to reevaluate your list I'm white and I haven't done most of these things and furthermore I have known some black people that have done some of these things
+Cyrus Jackson only if you go eat fried chicken drink some grape drink and eat some watermelon for dessert  then you go meet a girl knock her up leave for cigarettes and never come back then join a gang commit a black on black crime get busted for possession and go to jail 
He forgot...white people go camping.  Only once in all the years I have gone camping did I ever see a black family! 
Yep and they will do it right where bears live 
Or Whites actually buy things. And Blacks just steal
+DeVante Jackson Dude we get it you are tired of racists, go back to africa and do all of us a favor and brings all your  families / black friends
Blacks get the fuck out of my country with you getto drug stelling fat ass loud annoying self please go make a living back to Africa
Im native American and I want you ugly white people to go back to Europe. I hate you all
+monkk96 well guess what too bad we were here first we made the U.S we made u if it wasn't for us you wouldn't be here.
White people bathe and take showers regularly.
I thought number one answer was gonna be work, or take care of their kids.
Pay child support you forgot
Wow, most of those things actually sound ok. It would have sounded better if you spoke English, not slanglish. 
Im hispanic Fuck crackers i prefer blacks I was raised in uptown Dc fuck haterz
and this aint even racist this true..iknow damn well a black dude will eat some cold chicken I seen it a thousand times
Fuck white ppl.
I cant bare how bad you people have gotten with your ignorance. Like you dont have anything else to do but be racist and hurt eachothers feelings. Smh this is not only to the video its to everybody. Smh.
These are things I don't do...
white ppl dont take this serious im half black half white this is hilarious
People do you want to stop racism? 1) The first thing you want to do is kill all the white & black people Or 2) If it's too hard to do that cuz the only ones who'd exist are Asians (the perfect human beings) here's what to do first make the whites & the blacks fuck each other then take the kids to Asia and then throw a uranium bomb at America, Africa and the Europe (maybe leave Spain cuz their neutral) There problem solved and as for the kids tell them white & black people only exist in fairytales! And everyone lived happily ever after!!!
I'm black. I have a pretty nice stamp collection. Fuck you nigga!
I don't have anything against anybody, and my skin color doesn't define who I am. That's call brainwashing. I didn't choose my skin color. Shit don't define my tendencies nor thoughts or actions, I'm an individual. I have black pride because of the culture I was raised in, but I will NEVER think ignorantly just because of peer pressure. 
Interesting... I have a trust fund...
Put a leash on their children when they go out in public. Then they have nerve enough to call us the animals. Black people already know..we tell our kids "if you run the hell off, you damn well better stay wherever you went". That's what wrong with y'all; too many BFFs, not enough parents. That's why your kids are all messed up making bombs and shit in the basement. Like Katt Williams said, I don't think a black child is dumb enough @ any age to climb their asses over a rail into a tiger's cage. But white kids find a way all the time. They deserve that tiger to turn they ass any which way but loose.
Im Actually from the UK, which if you didn't know is in Europe, so don't worry i know about a lot outside of the US. At the end of the day i would much rather care for my kid and bring him up right so that when he is old enough he can go into society with a decent education and upbringing, rather then let them fend for themselves on the streets, i grew up that way and i know how damaging it can be for certain kids living that life, yeah it might make them grow up quicker, but when they are 12 do you really want them to be acting like an adult and making decisions for themselves. By the way  i know there is many ethnicities who sell drugs and kill and live the street life, my comment was merely stating how easy it is to stereotype people, as you did with white kids being bull victims who shoot up schools.
+QueenBoftheQueenCity Well to be honest we also has plenty of place in the USA where white folks is poor too. Like Appalachian mountains. I hear that this the poorest part of the USA over there. And in South Africa well there is some of the poorest people in the whole world there and they is white too, and they don't have no government to help them there like we do. 
I dig this film Post more!
Sounds like you don't like white people
im white I don't do none this. but this shit funny as fuck
I'm white and I do 95% of this sht...LMFAO & IDGAF
fucking jelly ass black guyXD i could name 1000 things black people do we don't
he shouldve said hate blacks lol
a lot of the stuff I do and am black, people call me white girl at school all the time but I don't care 
Funny but my mom makes reservation we cant stay in any kind of hotel
Obama isn't even black
Ha, cute. I only do 3 of those things but whatever. This made me laugh. You guys are funny.
Jason jones I buy stuff I black fuck you
Im half white and half mexican but i still take this funny
Ask yourself this question What.would.happen if the Government denied my. WELFARE. Check? How.would I support.myself and my baby... What do?!! So stop being racist that you have a.hand doctors pay. ZERO!!!! What comes around goes.around....
Actually white people get the most welfare and the white women were the ones getting it when the honkie men went to war
I think this is satire because I'm white and I don't do hardly any of those things.
i have a very big boat and I'm offering you blacks free rides back to africa. 
Well then if you are talking like that then the weird "nigger" shouldn't offend you because you were never around when they were slaves and when that was a common word for blacks? Correct?
DWL...I'll never get offended by words, especially coming from people who's existence I don't even care about lol..You can call me whatever you want(especially since I know it'll make u feel better abt yourself). I already know who I am...Just be mindful that you calling me nigger would say a lot more about you than it would about me. PEACE!!!
Don't forget play hockey and have sex with children
Y r some of the comments so racist just coz he made this flipping video dnt mean u have 2 blame every fricken black person gosh ffs u would of though people would have moved on from being racist (both ways) we r all people get over yourself every1 does exactly the same things the only difference is the color off ur skin
things black people can do that white people cant 1dance 2play sports 4run and jump  plus most white people are fat anyways
.................................................................................. you guys are fucking stupid
i only do 4 of those things....dont sniff coke but ill snort the fuck out of some good Colombian 
Nigga please you must live in lala land mofo
31: Answer white courtesy phones.
This should be called . 30 things blacks are too dumb to do
answer 800 phone numbers . I think blacks answer that too bro.
Wait black people don't sniff coke?
Most do not sniff coke they do the lower end shit like crack.
white people have incest sex with their family members and sex with dogs, horses, etc. whereas black people dont.
20 things blacks dont do that whites do.  20. work 19. get married 18. granduate high school 17. graduate college 16. graduate anything esle 15. bath enough 14. eat things that are under 3/4 fat 13. drink things other than punch 12. teach their kids how to get off welfare 11. speak english 10. think Obama is a liar. 9.  not vote for someone because of their skin color...then say they hate racists. 8. wear pants that fit 7. pay for other peoples welfare 6. believe jail tats are a bad thing. 5. listen to music that isnt stolen from someone else. 4. listen to music that has lyrics that dont degrade woman, promote drugs, and glorify prison. 3. think theft is wrong even if you dont get caught. 2. buy their drugs 1. take a joke about their race well.
listen, everyone i find this ridiculous. everyone in the comments to this video or using stereotypes and racist regardless or their race.. how are we in the us supposed to be one of the leading countries of the world when we pay attention to skin color.. skin color should not make ANY difference at all.  and seriously with what u said about music, ur ignorant ass couldnt realize that not all rap degrades women promotes drugs and stuff like that, a lot of rap has really important messages but people just wanna dumb it down and follow trends, the music talking about is the radio music but if u listen to real hip hop, its way different
I feel sorta ashamed for being black and liking this post. But I just found it hilarious XD
All black people are not the same cause we graduate and white people take all these damn pills p
Ahahaha,,, love me some cold chicken, white America sucks. 
oh my gosh i am in tears!
Haha that made me laugh so hard!!
wow i do all of these
This Shit was funny though
Most black people aren't criminals but most criminals are black....according to statistics. While that may be true, the majority of black people really don't associate themselves with just other blacks or "thugs". They did all come from Africa at one point as well as we did, but there are so many different kinds of blacks with so many different cultures you can't put them all into one category. For example, look at black skateboarders. They are usually very relaxed, nice people and don't have that "wanna be thug-like attitude", and this is coming from a white guy.
Jajajajaaaaaaa Tintoretto fucking Tintoretto
There is only three things on there out of thirty that I cold sloppy joes....and when I had a dog I would kiss it on the mouth like the guy with glasses did....I sure as hell don't vote because no matter who you vote for they fuckin suck
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