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GoPro HD: James Stewart Moto 1 - Hangtown MX Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship 2012

by GoProMX • 211,297 views

Shot 100% on the new HD HERO2® camera from Check out the Hangtown Highlights: Watch Jame Stewart's complete moto 1 race from the season opener at... Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
GoPro: James Stewart Moto 1 - Hangtown MX, 2012 Check out this helmet cam from last year at Hangtown! Video Here:
This is a great helmet cam ride. Its amazing to see what it;s like to go this fast around such a worked track.
the master showing hows it done!!!awesome!the only people that dont like this clip was his competition.......
So much better than the usual 2 minutes
full 2nd moto? that would be awesome to see! thumbs up if u agree
It's crazy how much faster the outdoors are!
The is the best GoPro upload ever! :-)
the outdoor season is finally here!!!!!!!! its a miracle no more supercross!
thank you GoPro!!!!!!!!! we asked and you delivered!!! can't tell you how excited i am about this!
its kinda weird seeing bubba on a suzuki
All pros have or are riding suzukis.. I like suzukis even though there Japanese bikes.. But chad reed, alessi, dungey, RC, Travis pastrami, plus others I can't think of plus now James Stewart is riding them! There good bikes
The GoPro best vid cos its showcasing the best of the best at his craft in the world! The fact no bodies in front of @JS7 is just the point! hahaha If there were somebody in front, all he'd do is go faster! :-P Nothing like a rabbit to chase! Awesome 1-1
cant believe suzuki isnt paying him til 2013...but who really cares about the brand, James Stewart is the best!
oh the beautiful sound of that rev limiter<3
Villopoto is now afraid of Stewart
thumbs up if you heard him say asshole at 35:22
so what ive got uni exams to revise for, i think its more important to watch the whole thing.
Well its recommended that you use the clutch when shifting down.
James bubba is coming back! who's agree thumbs up
OMFG!! GoProMX thank you for the full race, this is so cooooooool! please do more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not a motocross rider but that was very enjoyable to watch. Two things surprised me, he never changed gears (at least it seemed that way) and that he could hear things like Paul Page calling the race over the loudspeakers.
HOLY CRAP i never thought that the video would actually come, they actually showed a full race
Ryan Villopoto and Ryan Dungey both disliked this video.
Thank you go pro. You all listen to your fans i am so grateful. O and awesome product i love my gopro camera. There is a tear in my eye haha.
perfect. I don't know what else I can say. 1-1 on the MX opener, great for james and I'm freaking stoked that its the whole moto!!!! awesome.
You could tell he was starting to get tired... How many laps are there total?
maan one lap at that pace and i would wake up...
shut tha hell up, is james stewart! i could watch hours of this
wow, really impressed, full race coverage! good job GoPro guys keep it up!!
awesome 'Possum. I would like to see a camera lens that gives more vertical depth to the view. Even if it's slightly exaggerated.
RIGHT ON! This is what I've been waiting 40 years to see. A moto from the elite seat. Just the race noise and the riders view. No fluff. No Music. No hollywood. Just moto.
Its all in his riding style. High gears, no clutch when shifting up.
are you sure its james cause he doesn't race suzuki's does he, thought he raced yamahas and kawasakis?
Hell yeah! Thanks for posting!!!
Thanks for posting the full race!
The out doors is where james kicks ass!
....and this is why outdoors is awesome. No stupid tv recording limit shit
Waiting for the next races, thanks!
Stewart looking good out there paul... Keep it up!
Stewart is done. Ever since he got rid of Aldon Baker for Johnny O., that was it! Both Dungey and Villopoto are in 10X Better Physical Shape than Stewart. Just watch the Outdoors. It's very evident. Stewart knows, so he'll keep making excuses, puling in to the pits, crashing or almost getting beat by his little brother Malcolm. No, ole Bubba should retire. It's all about Ego and a paycheck! Even DeCoster won't take him if he's available! He's like Obuma...FINISHED!
Damn I got tired just watching it hahaha he was ripping And its only gona get better
now i know not to go crazy when he goes by me,,, cause hes just too fast he cant see anyone,!!!!!
james is so much better on a suzuki!
first time he looked back 34:56
He looks insanely fast, but not out of control looking like he did on the Yamaha. That Suzuki is hooked up!
@paindaveine23 Haha yeah! The only time his Suzuki goes flat is when he scrubs it unlike the Yamaha flat on the
JS7 Is defiantly fit, i thought sense he fired Aldon Baker, his fitness was down. This track was pretty brutal and i think if he can last 30Min +2 on this kind of track, hes going to be unstoppable all season long!
Ole' Stewart is looking prime on the new Suzi. I'm hoping he keeps it up....literally
what channel are they on? direct tv or what like speed?
when did he swap over to suzuki?
people actually use the clutch when shifting gears?
James Stewart will More SUZUKI again become the world's best! who's agree thumbs up
im not a stewart fan, but when i saw his riding speed like a MOTO GP guy,,,,, i'm finally jump to his bandwagon.:}
He makes it look easy. Tough for me to choose. I have a KX, but don't like their riders, I like Suzuki RM's, but after one week, you can't say he is a sure thing. I think Dungey has the best attitude. Who do I cheer for?
Way to go GO Pro I finally get to see some of the race!!!!
They should have done Blake Baggett moto 1 full race!
27:43 Bubba yelling at lapped riders hahah
Moto 2 would of been better for the 1st 10 minutes
He has a 2 year contract...meaning supercross 2013
Put a helmet on and go into full screen mode! :)
im pretty sure he only races suzuki for outdoor but for supercross season he races yamaha
James was put on this Earth for a reason.
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