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Happy Anniversary: Nick & Mariah

by MariahLambNYC • 97,953 views

(This is my 1st YouTube video so bare with me) To: Nick & Mariah One of the wonderful things in life, is finding another person who's relationship has growing depth, beauty, and joy as the years go...

I pray that you both can work this out and have many more anniversaries.  You are my favorite couple. 
April Mcgovern Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Happy Anniversary: Nick & Mariah:
I pray that y'all have an ever lasting love n marriage. My favorite marriage couple
@MariahLambNYC: OMG! The feeling you get when you watch these photos,and listen to the song you have uploaded definitely melt hearts.. Job well done! This vid is simply a+mazing and breathing.. I've watch it so many times,and it's still feels like my first .. Thanks for the upload. Can't get enough of this video.
April Mcgovern Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
April Mcgovern Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Happy Anniversary: Nick & Mariah:
 you both are so awesome and happy together. I am so happy you are happy Mariah. You are the best and I love you always. your friend theresa 
o amor e e muito lindo parabéns para vcs dois que deus esteja sempre abençoado o casal   
i hope u guy can beat the odd.
What a beautiful montage . Love it.
so well done! i love it. And yyour ictures are great and not the one that we've seen over and over!!!!
Realmente são um casal mais que lindo...demonstração de amor verdadeiro!!!
omg it's the first time i see her in the wedding dress like this and she looks soo soooo young! like back to 1993 :P
nossa amo vocês que Deus venha sempre proteger vocês, que Deus ilumine cada caminhada de vocês ilumine sua família e seus filhos.(Danubia)
I wish to them lot of joy ,love and bliss
Omg so cute!!! Beautiful I can't believe u cried!!
This is one of the most beautiful videoes I've seen of Nick and Mariah in a while. For this to be your first video, you've done a wonderful job. I'm a grown woman and you had me saying "wow" throughout the entire video, lol. The pictures and the words of the song blended so well together. You are to be commended. I encourage you to make more videoes; you are very talented. And an early happy third anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Cannon!!!
Nice job putting the video together. Wish them much happiness!!!!!!!!
LMAOOO @ nick talking bout "well...we was ALWAYS tryin..i mean u know" LMAOOOO
Its sooo FETCH! I LOVE IT and the song :D MCCFOREVER
So Gorgeous!!! Can't believe this is your first attempt at a video, it's Amazing, well done Lamby xXx
i have smiled through out watching this beautiful video. thumbs up
They r the best celebrity couples
i have always loved Mariah, i think shes probably a much sweeter person than people give her credit for, she has barely been without a smile since she met Nick anyways, she can be over the top and is probably somewhat divaish! But Nick is so down to earth and he really loves here for her, i know 100% that this is one celebrity match thats real, im glad she found such a lovely guy cause she has had her fair amount of pain behind that outward glamour we all see:) x
@mccbutterfly some of the pics I used are from Mags that MC released and others are from the Angels Advocate tour book.
love it. 1:28 you betta do it mari-ri!!!
I love the picture at 2:01....they look so cute together! Great video! :)
This is a couple that I loved from the start. They are magical together. I have nothing but love for both of them and the babies. The haters cant possibly be this happy or they would have things to occupy their time instead of hating happy people. Because she is older people talk. Age is a number and she is not old enough to be his mom for goodness sakes. Live long and prosper guys!
@MariahLambNYC how did you get all those unreleased photos of Nick and Mariah?
Mariah precisa muito de ser amada, e de ter ao seu lado alguém que cuide dela, que a ame não somente pelo que ela faz, mas pelo ser humano que lindo que ela tem por dentro!!! E Deus deu essa missão pro Nick Cannon, e agora se completou com a chegada dos bebês!!
i cant even know what to say about this video.. very very nice :)
great job on the video I think my favorite pictures of the ones of him patting her belly while she was pregnant with Moroccan & Monroe because those pics showed how much he loved those babies even before they were born which most modern day hollywood dads to be are too afraid to show that side of themselves
some women are so lucky in their lives. She have got everything what woman needs. The look ,fame, money , nice husband, popularity, nice voice, beautiful and very healthy babies amd much much more. She is bless.Her babies are goregous.
You know the first one, with her standing there and he kisses her hand, which one is that? like the name of the video
I have never seen Mariah look this happy. Everybody deserves to have a love like this in their life. At first it looks like their attraction was heavily physical. Surely hope they have something of substance to last them way beyond their looks. Nick is attentive, and a gentleman - if I had my pick, he would be my first choice.
What a happy couple!!!!!!!!! Wonderful to see this energy between 2 people!!!!!!!!! Continued Blessings and Happiness!!!!
Thanks to all who commented, really appreciate it xoxo
ai meu deus tomara que nao seja mais um plano desses como oque fizeram com whitney esse mariado da mariah ta em todas mariah agora nao pode querer ir no banheiro que ele vai junto e ta em todas nos queremos a mariah e nao ele e mariah mantenha se firme apesar de ter tudo nesse mundo ..nao abandone seus fan
wow.. nice job dahhLing :) xoxo
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