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Renegade Jewish Settlers Part 1/5

by VICE • 569,238 views

Jewish settlers in Palestine: the most notorious squatters in the world. Israeli settlers have been slowly nibbling away at Palestine's West Bank territory for four decades. 300,000 setllers now...

The Jew is a fucking liar, there is no such thing as Jews. I am a Hebrew Israelite, stuck in America.
+dagnyatl Smart move, otherwise I would have started to debunk that jebus nephilim you worship. So fuck off naziwhore.
There is already a two state solution, a "palestinian state", its called Jordan. How many nation do these terrorists need?
The Palestinians are the Jews of the bible! they just converted to Islam. The White ''Jews'' are not the Jews of the bible, but European converts.
+PACKLEADER90 I know that they aren't a religion only.  
In about1922, the whole of what is now Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and Jordan was mandated to become the Jewish homeland. This was agreed (without dissent), by every nation in existence in the world at that time, in recognition of the fact that this was the land of Israel that had been stolen from them , by the Romans, about 1800 years previously. It was about 1% of the land mass of North Africa and the Middle East and the Jews made up about 1% of the population of that area. The Arabs almost instantly started to attack the Jews and opposing the re- establishment of a Jewish nation. This led to the first land for peace deal, where 75% of Israel was given to a Saudi prince called Abdullah and became the Kingdom of Transjordan. In 1948 Transjordan, together with 4 other Arab armies attackef the newborn state of Israel, with the stated intent of exterminating the nation and the Jews. They didn't succeed, but Transjordan did conquer Judea and Samaria, which they then annexed, called the West Bank and then changed their name to Jordan. The Jews were ethnically cleansed from the region. Nobody asked the Jordanians to return the land to the Fakestinians, any more than they asked the Egyptians to give them Gaza. In fact, it was only about 1998, at the Camp David agreement and then the Oslo accords, that Israel agreed to give the land to the Fakestinians (a nation formed by the USSR, in 1964, as a weapon against Israel and the West), in exchange for peace. The Fakestinians still haven't managed to remove the article in their charter that calls for the complete eradication of Israel and has recently formed a joint government with Hamas in Gaza, an organisation that calls for the extermination of every Jew on the planet, as the first step in conquering the world for Islam. Some partner for peace.
+Tony Jacobs I did, not every single country or even close to that was represented in those said conferences.
+cowman454 , really? Which countries, in existence at the time, weren't represented?
Fucking thieves
+Alexplus20 Yes, I'm so delusional I broke out of a fictional asylum...go shit yourself.
The "settlements" are not illegal according to international law. Do your research. It's a shame that VICE doesn't hire qualified people with backgrounds in history to report on Israel. Israelis building homes in Judea and Samaria are only taking back land they owned prior to 1948. The Arab squatters stole Jewish land in Jerusalem and other cities. Arabs destroyed synagogues. Arabs destroyed Jewish archaeology all over the Old City and Simon doesn't know say about the true history of land he reports on.
It is 100% illegal settlement by international law. But Israel ignores everything, they even ignore military war laws and are doing war crimes. Not to mention they ignore laws by IAEA their illegal nuclear weapons that they have. Yet they don't care about anyone other than Jews like them. Do you're research because what you're saying is all wrong.
+Jaafar Farhan no they are not and just continuing to repeat it does not make it so It is you who needs a book , one not printed in the arab world would  be a start 
fuck Israel, the majority of that country are fascist bastard.
You know, I almost hate coming to watch vidoes like these because of the rampant Jew haters all over the comment section blasting nothing but pure hate all over the place. And the worse part is, you can't reason with these people! They wont listen.
Be patient and kind and maybe you will help someone to be less fearful. Hate is sometimes a symptom of fear I think. I do not have experiences to give me a lot of knowledge on this subject, but I do see haters everywhere towards every type of subject. The thing I like to do is learn about what I do not know. How can we learn if we do not know that we do not know? We are all people with fear, with love, with need and with desires I guess. Sometimes the hater is not a real hater but instead a product of the brainwashing we are all under. Sometimes the hater is a crazy idiot and you have to scream at your computer! :) Sometimes you want to choke them....good thing we can't! It is up to us to give out what knowledge we can to help soften the hate...Who knows? Something we post may plant a seed...Someday we may be strong enough to stop the killing of the people and just live in peace...Someday....the leaders who never go where the killing is may be gone....Wouldn't that be nice? I know its a fantasy but hey! It's better than a killing fantasy! :)
Sometimes it is good to admit we did not know or understand something as well...this can also soften a hater...
My god, this guy was from SOUTH AFRICA and now lives in the West Bank in Israel? Wow, he really loves apartheid.
I like how any time you associate Muslims or Islam with terrorism, people get butthurt and scream "Islamophobia!" even if the person was, indeed, Muslim. But nobody screams "antisemitism" when you title a video "Renegade Jewish Settlers." I mean, not all Jews do this, so why do you have to point out that they're Jews? Isn't that what you would do with Muslims?
This is robbery !! No wonder the region is aflame !! Do the jews think they will win ?? Never.
+geppegep  There will never be peace in that area..  Even the Israeli intelligence has warned Netanyahu to stop letting this happen... Hell is about to break loose over there and even most Israeli's are even against this illegal occupation..   
+Ho Lee Fuk Yeah, the illegal occupation of Arabs calling themselves 'palestinians' in Jew-dea Samaria and Jew-rusalem.  
Goddam sociopaths....The Israeli is trying to totally destroy the Palestinian society on all fronts meanwhile on the international stage, Israel itself is trying so hard to portray itself as peaceful and rational nation.
the Jews are a middle eastern people and just as was pointed out by some wise  Arabs in the 1930s = " the Arab people will regret not having offered the Jews a state when we could have set it's border's ," and lets never forget Arabs stopped the Jewish state from emerging in the 1930s and thus doomed the 6 million to Nazi extermination
"Israel conquered the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 1967 after three Arab nations battled the newly minted Jewish state in the Six Day War."............Really? "three Arab nations battled"? That sounds like they met  in an innocuous battle for pink slips, winner take all after a polite drag race kind of thing. "BATTLED"?!.....Nice word choice :-). I would have written "three Arab nations invaded Israel trying to kill every last Jew in site until they achieved a Jew Free Palestine."......"BATTLED"?! Doesn't that kind politely hide the fact that the Palestinians want to destroy Israel "FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA"? Great work Vice!!! Always doing your best to be the irreverent "Fergeson Protestors" of the American news scene. Michael Brown tried to steal the cops gun? Who Cares! Never let the facts get in the way of a good story!.......
Funny, I never read what the Romans or the Greeks said about the Palestinians. I only see what the Romans and Greeks wrote about the Jews.....   Because the Jews were there and there was no such thing as the Palestinians back then. The ancient civilizations tell us who lived there when, it it wasn't the Palestinians.
Israel is one of the main reason for all the mayhem in middle east
Not only are the settlements illegal, they can be held only through military might.  ISRAEL CAN ONLY EVER BE A MILITARY STATE - unless it gives up the entire West Bank, and provides good compensation to the families of all refugees - that would cost billions, since the refugees hold legally valid land titles to the vast majority of waterfront properties of Israel.
0:33 He is wrong. You can't "occupy" your own land.
Shoutout to those women in bikinis, the one's you don't see anywhere else in the middle east.
Tony Jaksn Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
It's nobody's land. Dinosaurs have more claim then all you retarded religious morons.
This is the wrold we live in some hooked nose Jew from Brooklyn can move to the occupied West Bank and in the meantime tens of thousands of Palstinians are still living in refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan.
he doesn't site his sources to try to discredit steves "lie" a lot of the land was not being used until development by jews.
The Jews never gave the Blacks 40 acres and a mule, what made the Palestinians think these devils would give them land?
Dashawn - The Blacks never were smart enough to deserve 40 acres, though they do smell like mules.  
religious bullshit and more religious bullshit. This is playground kids type silly
the premise of this entire documentary is antisemitic and offensive. this is not journalism, but pure propaganda.
ALL THE PROBLEMS ,WARS ,FINANCIAL CRISIS , COUP D'ETATS ARE EITHER ORCHESTRED BY THE JEWS OR PLANNED BY THE JEWS FOR THE NON JEWS TO DO .........they are the gangrene that is rooting the skin .....wake up world are you this stupid ........???
by saying that you proved me right
Israelis and Palestinians say they want peace, and they think they want peace but what they really want is victory. Its the classic prisoners dilemma and they've chosen to "snitch" on each other and suffer the consequences rather than "keep quiet" and reap the benefits. They are not unique is such respect; Indians and Pakistanis, Sunni and Shia and just about everyone in Afghanistan are in a similar predicament. If you want an example of two people who want peace the best I can think of are Americans and Canadians. We don't want to "defeat the Canadian menace" and the Canadians do not want to "Reclaim America". We do both want to live in peace with one another and thus it is so!
BTW, its not squatting you fucking idiot. Because NO ONE claims that land where they are. NO ONE at all claims that land and it is Israeli land therefore Israelis/JEWS have an obligation to own that land.
of course there wasnt a Palestine state in 1700/1800s  this was THE OTTERMAN EMPIRE that ruled .the region.[a muslim empire]  certainly not jewish people .. face facts mate ..  in 1948 jewish settlers/refugees  from europe  murdered many Arabs after british troop withdrawal  in what we now know was a pre planned attack in order to take the land  by ethnic cleansing as your own country .israel .. these are the FACTS !!! that the majority of  decent people in the world go by..  go look at old maps theres IS no ''israel''..!!!! why is that ??  the maps lying ?? so my guess is..... as time goes on , israel  hope the world will forget THEIR attrocities of the Arabs .but the world finds it hard to erase this from our will never forget such horrors .and every 2 years the IDF just reinforce world opinion with their massacres like a few months back .. and  before that 2009 [castlead]..
no they don't have an obligation. obviously israel were god's people until they renounced his blessing.
YOU ARE WILLFULLY FOOLING YOUSELF AGAINST GOD AND ISRAEL Genesis 12:3 warns us what will happen to anyone that curses Israel. "And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."
Look at these poser motherfucker's. Their the "jews" their converts
I am from South Africa and it is interesting to note that "Steve" seems to be Afrikaans (the rulers before 1994, when SA was an Apartheid State). They are not Jewish... but Afrikaaners and Zionists seem to share a similar ideology, that they are God's chosen people. No place in South lets move to Israel and steal more land ?MmMmm
Israel is not an apartheid state and is the breadbasket of the middle east.....but these guys are nothing but entitled jerks, that make Israel's mission of defending itself even harder
Listen people which would you rather have Muslims or Jews? Which would you rather have terrorists or usual people. THINK
Why I love Israel: Because the women can wear bikinis and walk around with out that stupid looking head covering and dress as far as I'm concerned it's a bastion of civilization in a sea of idiots who still cut off women's heads for trying to get an education, I dont give a shit about the rest of it oh Palestine was here first no Israel was here first bla bla who gives a fuck who was there first as long as fine ass chicks can walk around with out looking like cousin It in a fucking full body dress.  
+Shames Radi In the year 1166 B.C., a malcontented hunchbrain by the name of Greyface, got it into his head that the universe was as humorless as he, and he began to teach that play was sinful because it contradicted the ways of Serious Order. "Look at all the order around you," he said. And from that, he deluded honest men to believe that reality was a straightjacket affair and not the happy romance as men had known it. It is not presently understood why men were so gullible at that particular time, for absolutely no one thought to observe all the disorder around them and conclude just the opposite. But anyway, Greyface and his followers took the game of playing at life more seriously than they took life itself and were known even to destroy other living beings whose ways of life differed from their own. The unfortunate result of this is that mankind has since been suffering from a psychological and spiritual imbalance. Imbalance causes frustration, and frustration causes fear. And fear makes for a bad trip. Man has been on a bad trip for a long time now.
Here let me reiterate just to clear things up about my comment since it seems to have attracted the anti israel people and the muslims I DO NOT GIVE ONE FLYING FUCK ABOUT THE POLITICS BEHIND IT ok that said any religion that commands a person to do a single fucking thing is bullshit whether it is for a woman to cover her hair or for people to not be gay any god that commands you to do a god damn thing is no god and not worth following I like israel because it is a country that keeps church and state separate  to a very good amount cause the jews have just as many dumb ass commands in their bullshit as the mulims do in theirs but you dont see israel stoning women or throwing hand grenades at gay people. 
«Is discord going to show itself while we are still fighting, is the Jew once again worth less than another? Oh, it is sad, very sad, that once more, for the umpteenth time, the old truth is confirmed: "What one Christian does is his own responsibility, what one Jew does is thrown back at all Jews."» ANNE FRANK fuck you and your anti-semite comments.
jews are evil..............
Boycot Israel. Don't sell, don't buy. Isolate them.
The first piece of "furniture" that those ILLEGAL settlers take with them into their homes that is built on "STOLEN LAND" , is a standard government issue ASSAULT RIFLE. GEE I guess that shows how much Israel is "eager" to make "peace" with Arabs. West bank for those ILLEGAL SETTLERS is practically a WILD WEST where they can kill any Arab with complete impunity from prosecution. There are hundreds recorded cases for that when ILLEGAL SETTLERS kill an Arab and then Israeli media portrays it to the world as SELF DEFENSE. Case closed!! And unfortunately many fools in the world believe them , thanks to the well oiled Zionist propaganda machine that runs round the clock! And If you pay attention most of those ILLEGAL SETTLERS have either BRITISH accent or RUSSIAN or EASTERN EUROPEAN accent, and that's because they are EUROPEAN and have no ties whatsoever to the Middle East. Of course Zionists always say that all Jews have a "TIE" to Palestine because their ancestors lived there 3000 years ago and that is the birth place of JUDAISM. Well then why all 1.5 Billion Muslims don't go to Saudi Arabia and live there because that is the "Birth place" of Islam and every Muslim has a "TIE" to that land! Or I guess all Christians of the world should also go to Palestine and especially Syria because Syria is considered the CRADLE OF CHRISTIANITY !! It is because Judaism IS NOT a RACE or ETHNICITY or NATIONLITY and it is Zionism that has turned a RELIGION into an ETHNICITY and NATIONALITY. You could be Jew and an American or German or French or ... but it is the fraudulent philosophy of Zionism that says every Jew is ISRAELI. WHAT A NONSENSE. And unfortunately because of that NONSESNSE thousand of Arabs who have lost their homes and lands and have been dispossessed from all their worldly belongings , and to this day live in "REFUGEE CAMPS" are paying a dear price with their blood. But who cares, after all they are only "COLLATERAL DAMAGE" right??
The truth of the matter is that in the past 10,000 years a nation named Israel or Judah existed on the land in question for 493 years - or 429 years in the 9,000 years 20th Century. Of course it's not that the settlers are liars, but their argument is VERY SELECTIVE.
Again, Vice shows its exceptional journalistic standards.... Just kidding. The blatant jew-hatred and jew-patronising in the comments below basically sum up the credibility of this touchy-feely documentary.
Nothing in this documentary is anti-Jew, what is your point?
I see that VICE drinks the Palestinian kool-aid and licks the arab ass just like the rest of the liberal so-called journalist in the world.
Did they change that AK to take .22?
occupying from whom? this myth is the biggest farce, the most disgusting product of arab islamofascist propaganda in the world. 
What are you ON?? because whatever shit you are on , it must be some real good shit cause it has fucked up you brain pretty good, and that is if you had a brain in the fist place! I always feel so sad and pitiful for ignorant pathetic dumbs like you who live a life of ignorance and eventually die in total absolute ignorance
+SAM101907 ..and then insult and defame you.
The storm of antisemitic comments starts in the 3.....2....1
the real jews are orthodox jews which have nothing to do with any of this. The problem is zionists hidden in Jewish guise and there are 90% zionist in Israel according to some western reports.
These people are Eastern Europeans, from Khazaria, Turkey, Germany, Poland and all over Eastern Europe. Fuck these people.
The Israelis used to be averse to letting a child handle a firearm. Their attitude was "it's the adults' job to protect the kids, keep them in the rear." Now they're using their kids as human shields, just like the terrorists. This settler versus Palestinian conflict, it's one big childrens' crusade.
Israel won this land in war.  They never should have let anybody else tell them what to do.  The arabs there lost the war.  So anything that Israel does there is fine.  As for treaties, the Palis break every treaty that they make.  They blame other people who really are themselves.  Enough is enough.  Send the Palis to the Arab states.
So ironic that the Jews are now the Nazis.
Religion is poison to this world as well money is!
Why are they not darker. I thought jewish were olive skinned
this is the best short documentary series on the conflict that I have ever seen
Stop the big lie of history, has never been, a Palestinian and a Palestinian state in the occupied territory captured from Jordan, and the Gaza Strip from Egypt.
I know people that lived in Palestine prior to 1948 which is when the country Israel was created... I do not know where you picked up these lies. You saying Palestine didn't exist is like saying 6 millions Jews didn't die in WW2 and the survivor refuges didn't move into Palestine and Britain occupy and steal lands for European Jews...
Lol fuck all you Jew and Arab scum. This world is shit fuck you Hitler you only had 1 job!
"The Jewish people have been here for 5,000 years" lolololol. Lies. The Palestinians are the Semites. The "Jews" are not even Jews. Subterfuge is their game.
id like me to bang some hotty jewish bitches
"israelis" teaching counter-terrorism training, oh the irony
at 5:34 he basically asked the guy "how could you put your family in real danger by living on contested land"  (paraphrased)  the guy responds "its not something I think about"  that idiot should be thinking about that real hard and then move the fuck out of there.  you don't belong on that land, it stands in the way of any hope for peace and has always been completely and utterly illegal.  how the hell will there ever be an end to this conflict when they lets morons like this out of their cage.
I must say, as an American, that I find the behavior of the "settlers" profoundly repugnant.  I think the Israeli people should recognise that the oppressive behavior of these settlers and, frankly, other Israelis, have turned the American people against them. It has nothing to do with their religion. It's just that the Israelis--especially the "settlers"--are the most repellent bullies in existence on the planet right now. They came out of World War II with lots of public sympathy, but they have squandered virtually all of that sympathy with their vile behavior. It has nothing to do with their religion--it has to do with their actions (obvious to all the world except them) against the Palestinians.
I hope the Jewish people take all of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and push out these good for nothing terrorist once and for all!! If they did this 30 years ago, they would all be living happy lives now, oh well better late than never!!
i hope jews take all over the world
"palestinians are never packing" - if the narrator doesn't know why this is the case, he is naive. and by painting a naive picture, hes only aiding an incorrect result.
Let's DNA test the Palistinians and these Ashkenazi Jews and we'll see who is linked to that land.
its weird that the whole world knows the truth but nobody is doing shut about it . israelis will keep illeegal settling in the land that was never theirs .they´ll blame Gaza for any thing that happens to them ,kill more innocent people then ask for a two states solution  yo get fucked ,your day will come ,just keep in mind that the whole world got rid of you by putting you in the wrong place 
+dick johnson    ahahhahaha  firstly i'm not a Muslim,I'm a  christian who have lived with Palestinian Muslims my whole life without facing any problems or any religious discrimination . and WE (The Christians in Palestine will always support them no matter what ,we'll keep opening our churches for them when the israeli cunt buckets destroy their mosques  HUH ! that's not a disputed land ,it's a stolen land .or you know what ,i'll just get down to your fucked up  mind  and tell you that i mentioned ILLEGAL which means that it is not legal .and this case it means that its out of their boundaries according to GENEVA agreement .GOT IT BUTT NUGGET ?!  chao mr .Dick
+samer madrid Yes, it is disputed. There is no boundaries, there is no state, there is no sovereignty, Jews are the indigenous peoples of Judea.... Go to Rome, Christian
 whats the difference between a pizza & a jew? when u put the pizza in the oven it doesnt scream How do you help a jew with ADHD? Concentration camp.
Can someone clear thing up for me? There are two things I hear: Jews are bad for defending their land , Palestinians are bad for trying to take it. I don't get what's happening, I have no particular view so I don't offend people, so can someone tell me the both sides of the stories?
It would be surreal if Palestinians started settling Khazaria
are you fucking stupid??? you really can't understand why palestinians not allowed to have gans? i will tell you why, because they use it to kill israelis, not only in the west bank, even in Tel Aviv. but the israelis use it to protect them self from thoes terrorist palestinians!
Nostalgic move, the south African moving to an environment that he finds similar to the old S.A 
lol this is so fucking wrong in so many ways. That dude steve is the main terrorist 
when I was a small boy they told me about the holocaust. I thought these germans must have been a baounch of madmen, that wanted to kill all these peace loving jews for no reasons. I look at this, I see how much money is in the hands of jews in wall street, and how much damage the crash of the market have done , I see how much the jews are in media, hollywood , newspaper when the majority struggle to survive and I think..... maybe they told me a lie when I was a boy, maybe the germans were not crazy.
Palestinians always have guns, they use them to murder Americans and Israelis. Guns are not easy for Israelis to acquire. This is another fact disputed.
This is just sad, when you go and take another person's Land and don't even feel guilty but try to justify your wrong doing...just nonsense
Israel was conquered by force and will be wipe off the map by force. It's only a matter of time.
Look at the noses on these kykes! Woah!
Arabs settlers live in Israel. West bank is Israel. 
Stop all aid to apartheid Israel immediately. Illegal settlements and a brutal, murderous occupation must end. The United States should back away from Israel now. Enough.
hm... a white South African Jewish settler. That's fucking scary!
Why is Jewish stuff on my recommendations?
because it's good for you
Armed terrorist groups the real ones
So....I guess by the settler's belief, Americans need to return the US to the Native Americans and return our white asses to Europe and our black asses to Africa. The funny thing is, if we did that, Israel would fall within a day and cease to exist. Funny how if you apply their logic to any other cause it falls apart immediately... That said, I'm a huge supporter of Israel and their right to their own state, I just think the settlers are assholes and borderline war criminals (in many cases) who are seriously endangering their own people, as well as their countries standing in the international community. Those settlers are the ones causing so many of the innocent people in Israel to be killed by rocket attacks and random violence - you poke the bear (cat, dog, whatever) and you get mauled. Nothing in this world is more dangerous than a dehumanized, down trodden, and abused group of people (for proof of this see: the Jews).
Will VICE ever admit that over 500,000 Arabs came into modern Israel between 1922-1946?  It is a fact reported on by Robert F. Kennedy in 1948. It is backed up by the 1937 Peel Commission Report years earlier which stated that Arab immigrants to the region were pushing Jewish residents off of Jewish-owned land!
These Settlers are the Jewish style of IS and Taliban, like Taliban and IS , they must be eliminated.
How about this, agree to disagree, so please ya'll shut the fuck up, before you poor bastards start an unneccesary flame war. 
go israel! get em! munch away that delicious Mediterranean land from them crazy arab fucks!
oooh! building settlements!
Surah 9:5 of the "Inglorious" Koran; "After the Sacred months have passed, Kill all of the Polytheists, wherever you find them." Polytheists are those who believe in the Trinity also known as Christians Islam is the Religion of Global Jihad and will seek to establish Shaaria law wherever Islam predominates. Israel is the only Nation in the entire Middle East that will never be allowed to fall to the Islam Jihad, Hamas or Hezbollah Judea and Samaria will remain under Jewish sovereignty. After what happened when all of the Jewish families were forced out of their homes in Gaza, and Hamas took over from Fatah and turned Gaza into missile sites and TerrorTunnels, not one more Jewish family will be uprooted from their homes. There are 22 Arab Muslim States already. Israel will not become the 23rd.
This south african is such a fucking liar.
They abolished apartheid in his country so he moved to Israel where he felt more at home.
First off the muslims have 22 country's we have one can't we have that? We won the whole middle east in 6 days and only kept what we have today all we want is a home a place to honor adonai and yeshua
following your logic american jews should also leave n-masse to israel and levae all property behind, just like the palestinan did. I am sure loads of americans will be super happy with that, althrough it is morally very questionable.
The 22 Muslim Countries surrounding Israel got that way how? "Islam or the Sword" Egypt was a Coptic Christian country. Syria and Turkey were Christian. Koran Surah 9:5 "After the Sacred months have passed, Kill all of the Polytheists. Capture them and besiege them. Sit in wait for them at every place of Ambush." All of these are "Occupied by Jihadi Islam" countries. Sorry, Mujahedeen Isis, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Boko Haram, etc. Israel will NEVER become the 23 Arab Muslim country. Islam is fighting to establish a Worldwide Caliphate, where Shaaria law takes over from the democracies. Our Jewish King David established JERUSALEM as our Capitol 3,004 years ago. The Roman Emperor Vespasian and son Titus destroyed our Jewish Temple in 70CE But, baby, MASADA WILL NOT FALL AGAIN!! In 1948, the tiny fledgling army of Israel was attacked by the COMBINED ARMIES OF EGYPT, IRAQ, SYRIA, JORDAN AND LEBANON! Israel did not have one single tank. They said they would drive every Jew into the Sea!! Lol Numbers 33:50 through verse 55 God Himself commands that the Jewish People take possession of the Holy Land of Israel and dwell in it. Judea and Samaria are the heartland of the Jewish State and after what those terrorists did when we pulled all the Jewish settlers out if Gaza, God forbid we should give the highlands overlooking the Coastal plain to be the NEXT HAMAS missile launch pad! Giving Judea and Samaria away would be an act of SUICIDE.
wow, can the Anti- Semitic reamrks AND the Islamaphobia please stop? Seriously people, educate yourselves to systematic oppression of peoples all over the world. 
+khaled mox'd Genetic tests prove you're wrong.
Wow Terrorist??  Do you really need that much training for innocent 7 year old girls walking to school?? Remember you are the settler. The only solution is, is that we need to make a new book for the jews and have them believe that Detroit, Michigan is their holy land and have them go squat there. It will save billions of $$$ for America every year. Oh ya and it will also save the lives of all the innocent civilians, mostly children of course. 
pretty fucked up, these people have the same blood lines. These are the same people. this is the same shit as irish scottish and english. same fuckin people can't make peace
Many more Jews were forcibly exiled from Arab Muslim countries. 850,000 Jews fled with no money, no compensation for the homes they left behind. The difference between those Jews from Muslim countries and the 600,000 Arabs who fled Israel in 1948? They didn't just sit moaning for 70 years, fondling their old house keys. They refused to be eternal refugees and started new lives.
The Arabs should be grateful they live next to Jews. Look at what these savages do to eachother. 200k + killed in Syria alone in a couple of years. Hundreds blown to smithereens in Iraq every week. Will take decades for these people to come out of the Dark Ages.
so you comparing Israel with Syria or Iraq? Syria is in a Civil War and Iraq are is in a War with Islamic terrorists. 
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