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Hairstyles for your Bangs!

by Lexie Lombard • 105,530 views

NO HEAT! (except for one..) OTHER CHANNEL: TWITTER:!/1andonlylexie TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM: 1andonlylexie

My hair is too short for the braid
We have the same hair colour and hairstyle
Put full hairstyles with bangs
they aren't even hairstyles lmao, you're just pinning your hair back a few times. I love every other video you've made tho
this is a day after my birthday :)
You are so pretty! i love how u do your make up and hair too!
she reminds me of a young andrea russett
How to do a fast simple waterfall braid
I need new styles for my bangs! I usually just braid mine.. its so boring now.
i'm like actually obsessed with your voice...
-___- But what if you have short hair with bangs?
How do u get your hair to stay straight? My hair is naturally curly and it won't stay straight I will sit there for a long time trying to straighten my hair and it wont stay straight at all!
My bangs are straight across, and I have really curly hair...It's a pain.
You fall was at 3:30 best part of the video!
you look like a really young amanda bynes. C:
Nice fall lol!!! Thx for the tips:)
Could you do a video for your natural hair routine? (:
I'm wearing a shirt like that right now O.O
you dont really have bangs you have grow out bangs there different
my two friends Nicola and Emma (who happen to be twins XD) always do the first one...but it ends up falling out
hahahahahahah omq sry but that was soo funny lol
but you suit your hair back...and some people dont...
omg she look like a actress : Vanessa Pose.....i like verry much this actress like beautyrush315 too....
I use the Redkin 07, and I hate it. My hair stylest (did I spell that right?) reccomended that to me too.
Love these hairstyles!!!!!!! Most days i really dont know what to do with my bangs.SO THANKS!!!!! :-D
I think it was because of her face as she fell, then the friction of her hair on the curtain lol
i think it would be easier to call the french twist and all the other twist the same? they look the same O.o ''this twist goes like this and this like this and ..'' girly stuff confuses me O.o
lol when you fell i laugh, but it is something i would do :) oh and im wearing one of your styles tomarro :)
sometimes it's hard to do a lot with your hair when you have bangs, but these are really cute and easy hairstyles to try out! @Cameothenovel1 @MilanParkAve
i was so excited seing your comment...when ever i see these on videos i'm always like YES! picked the right video(:
LOL!! that fall (: ha. loved the vid
Can you do a full hair hairstyling video please? Also is there any way you get your bangs to stay up like that in the front? (like any product or anything?)
3:29 keep watching it over and over again
try the tresemme heat protectant. i love it
are you in the bathroom ???????????????????
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5:50 is would look really cool if you dip dyed yor hair pink and pple just a little tip
those clips are called butterfly clips:)
You are so pretty!!!!! I use your hairstyles everyday at school or where ever and they work so good expecially the french twisting thing!!!!!!
i cut my bangs by myself and made them to short formy face. this video saved my life :)
those little clips are called butterfly clips! :)
You fall at 3:30 lmao!!! Ur face cracks me up(:
watching your videos makes me feel like an ugly potatoe:P
dude im the same way my could look like ass as long as my fringe looks good im fine
you fricken look like my sister with your smile and hair
if possible have more space between you and your background :) just a suggestion...
when you fell i couldnt stop laughing!
How do u get your bangs like that
hahaha i kept keep watching her falling, it was sssooo funny!
You're so cute and friendly and bubbly! :3
What did you ask for when the hairdresser cut your bangs? How do you stye your bans to go to the side?
Lexie i'm trying to make my hair healthier so this helped alot i love the different hairstyles:)
So funny when you fell. SO UNPROFESSINAL!!!! (just kidding)
thank you for the video, i have the same bangs :)
Yu remind me of Amanda Bynes Lol.!
Please do makeup tutorial for what you have in this video!!!
this was HILARIOUS when she fell
Omg! I probably laughed a bit harder than I should have when you fell!
thanks sooo much!!!! i have bangs!
you are one gorgeous Chikita:) if you don't mind me asking, what nationality are you?
i tottaly agree , if you have messy hair , it looks fine , as long as your bangs look good , because i always were messy buns , and i pull my bangs too the side and they bounce , and it looks super cute (: thanks for the other ideas also (: - Ashleigh Gonzales <3 ^.<
You uploaded this on my birthday and you're pretty :D
We have the same straightener and it makes the same creaking noise when you open and close it
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