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by Lakai Footwear • 122,067 views

Featuring: Danny Brady Filmed by: Sam Newman Daniel Magee Rob Harris Niki Waltl Matt Williams Joe Bressler Edited by: Sam Newman Visual Effects by: Johannes Gamble Music: 'Who?' by Brian Jonestown...

thumbs up for the four foot frontside 180 at 0:48
this guy is a good skater.
His style is weird and sketchy, like a bird on a branch kinda of style.
really reminds me of Toby Shaull at 1:08
Err, wrong! British actually. When switchbladeromance said "pissing about" i'm guessing he meant in a more general sense, and that's certainly how i took his comment. You have your own interpretation on the term "pissing about"...and you're wrong! Of course it's about having fun but it's also for some about taking it somewhere and possibly making a career out of it. In terms of making your mark on skateboarding and being remembered as one of the greats.
He's no Mike Mo. But since that scumbag left he can be a decent replacement :D
this dude is def my favorite on the team, he has his own style, and his own tricks and not that fully flared shit that everybody else on lakai (that isnt marc johnson) is STILL doing
look alike of Malto's last pro model on Etnies..
Marlboro duffel bag , this guy loves his dons .
@Trytobedifferent The cupsoles are a different story though.
@Tommimatsku and that is why they won King Of The Road
1:28 I fucking love those boxes over at Wall/South Street, they're perfect for street lines for anyone who lives in/goes to NYC, and Coleman Park - where Manny Mania was this summer - is like a 10 minute skate from there
@TokoroaAce yeah maybe he was staying with someone who rides for them haha idk
mark gonz was doing many of these tricks back in the early 90's and $hit!!!
I agree with switchbladeromance. British skaters have always been weaker. Apart from say, Tom Penny and Geoff Rowley. Danny Brady is a good skater but i watched a part of his and they slowed down a crooked grind on basic rail, like it was amazing. That sort of trick is standard for most US skaters and is something they would do while popping to the local store, brushing their teeth as they grind!! :)
@Rickthomas7 thats usually how it goes if the spot isnt in cali or barcelona or any other place where everything is borderline perfect
how do all of you bastards know about bjm?
It would be so sick to rip like danny
@Trytobedifferent are you kidding the pico is the best lakai shoe it's only problem is durability
Lakai didn't go out of business ?
Lakai how could you allow a SCOOTTEEEERR ad on this video grrrrrrrrrr wtf!!!!!
@Tommimatskua really? lakai is one of the best skateboarding companies nowadays, not only because of their quality and extremely solid team, but because they are a company for skateboarders by skateboarders. No corporate bullshit here, unlike nike sb
Selection of cool tricksヽ(´o`;
Does anybody know the spot in 0.31????? I live brooklyn and kinda get my rail tricks down. Help please!!!!! Train if possible?
@fingerlurker He got kicked off stereo when they realized he wasn't up to snuff. He's being flowed by zero at the moment. Don't compare a legend to a flow bro.
Hmmmm, I think i want a pair of Xlk's not haha.
who did :O at that pupecki grind flip out??
YES BRADY!!!!! always...such a british style!! nice filmin magee!!!!
damn, i just realized this was filmed all over the world
@turkeynuggettt I wasn't trying to be a dick with that comment, but i've gone through a lot of shit in the last 3 years and i've made a lot of sacrifices to be where i am now. So it bums me out when people try to spread false information.
ive watched this everyday since it came out lol... shit gets me hyped!
I keep thinking of Josiah Gatlyn because of the song hah
didnt even know he was pro. definitely underrated
@balthorpayne i feel your pain, welsh, lenoce, brady, and half the team won't ever get pro models lol, just colorways.....
this dude is so much better than all his footage makes him look because all the spots are always fucked. not like he doesn't look good, but the footage does not tell the whole story. SALUTE!
@RetardedRhys unfortunately its not his pro shoe, just a couple colorways. hopefully lakai wakes up and gives the man a well-deserved shoe. nick jensen too.
1:30 ... one of the best moves ever made on a ledge.
that bs 180 over bar was as majestic as a unicorn
lakai needs to sponsor payton hamilton. hes undiscovered from oklahoma but good as fuck
holy shit! this guy is the icetruck killer!
does he live in england or the us now?
hes been putting in work for so fucking long now
was that a noseblunt in the beginning!!!?sick
"every guy on earth has been inside of you" LOL funny song
This was Josiah Gatlyn's welcome to Stereo song..
@element0027 alot of shoes are startig to look like that:the emerica laced, malto 1, malto ls, es RIP edgars,lakai carroll 5 nd alot of other shoes
Frontside ollie over bar at 0:48 reminds me how Jack Sabback olllie's over bars, (real street). With 70,000 views this vid is about underground as it gets. Anybody see Danny's BluePrint part where he likes triple kick-flips a set of stairs? "Shitz OFF THE HOOK SUN!"
the 180 5-0 kickflip out was raw
@fingerlurker no, just no. josiah gatlyn is a product of the berrics. danny brady is a legend from the uk. if you think josiah gatlyn is a better skater, than your simply retarded.
Good to see Brady still ripping. Some of the bits on here remind me so much of old Toby Shuall stuff.
I always see the spot at 1:31 in NYC footage and think, how the hell is that thing fun to skate?
Brady your fucking amazingg !!!
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