BuzzFeed Brews with Marco Rubio

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A conversation with Senator Marco Rubio. Hosted by BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith. Filmed in D.C. on February 5, 2013.

it feels like a high school paper interviewing him
And not everyone wants the same thing. You have to do the thing that does the most good for the most people, not the thing that is most popular. The most popular idea is not always the right idea.
Yes, lets talk about something other than gay issues--seriously!
The audio sounds low and unbalanced.
As a die hard liberal and Obama supporter, I was very pleasantly surprised by this interview. Rubio is very likable and, it seems, very reasonable. There are things he said that I really disagree with, but he was very respectful of the other side of the aisle and I'm very impressed by that.
Yes sound guy needs to get a grip!
Michael Hastings should be doing this interview.
He's going to be a fantastic president.
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Yep, enforcement on border control a key issue!
¡Me gusta este hombre mucho! parece muy elocuente y muy inteligente. también, sus opiniones hacen mucho sentido para mí.¡ y me votaron a favor de la elección de Obama pasada! Espero que corre para el presidente...
Ben has no idea what he is talking about with football....
I hope Marco Rubio has his sight set for a high position in 2016. I really like his political views.
This is the guy running the politics section on Buzzfeed....
Inmigrant cuban fucked up white wanna be!!
Yeah it's soft because the commentator sucks on his line of questions!
And so ends the last ever Buzzed Brews interview.
So as of today, what are your plans in regards to repealing & defunding Obamacare?
Let's be blunt. Marco Rubio is wanting to hve it both ways. He wants the benefits from Tea Party support and then turns around and admits he likes Karl Rove who IS against the Tea Party. Doesn't work for me. The goals of the GOP are to crush the Tea Party. Why? I have no idea. It just hates us. He can't possibly be for one without being for the other. Just my view.
I could do a better job on lines of questioning--geez!
That fuckers fat!! lol. - The interviewer - ... lol .
anybody else has a problem with internet connection? my is pause/stop and have no idea what is the question discussed. Volume is bad too. BuzzFeed I'm going to watch this when you post it later.
In regards to Immigration reform explain how you will make this possible without making our nation a welfare state by not increasing tohe numbers of people on subsidized living?
Now I understand why Romney didn't choose Rubio as his VP... Rubio seems pretty reasonable.
Yep, Politics ar ever evolving and we have to keep up the needs of the current society!
Ha! Looks like Saddam just clean shaven
What's not good for our country is for Senators to ignore the People's wishes and common sense.
Couldn't you guys switch between cameras using BoinxTV or something similar? Looks cool and fun though
Smith is a nasty passive aggressive weasel mixing in cheap shots into the questions at every turn.
get off gay marriage, too many important things...budget, immigration and gun control
losing respect for buzzfeed here...
Gonna go for the presidency sen. Rubio?
It would be nice if more of our elected representatives could be as reasonable as Sen Rubio.
Dirty Justice,You Tube ErieParties/Joel Atkin,20-30 sec. missing on 911 tape,knife missing,kid shot was relative of the arresting officer.If you believe in the 2nd amemdment check this out!Send to all
Couldn't help but notice Senator Rubio didn't take one sip of his beer.
We have bigger issues like budgets, immigrations 2nd ammendment stuff--come on!
Oh come on how about taking questions here!
I'm a die hard Conservative, and I wish that people on the left and right could be civil and kind toward another as you have shown.
conservatives need a hispanic on the ticket
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