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文欣 / 苗家姑娘过山来 Wen Xin - Hmoob Ntxhais Saum Toj Siab Los (MV) H'Mong H'Mông

by TheMiaoKingdom • 322,095 views

Zaj Nkauj: 苗家姑娘过山来 Miao Mountain Girl Coming Hu Nkauj: 文欣 Wen Xin 文欣苗家姑娘过山来 H'Mông H'Mong Trung Quốc Tus Ntxhais hu nkauj no tsis yog Peb Haiv Neeg Hmoob nws yog Neeg Suav This Singer is not...

First off, there is no 'Hmong' as a race. The term 'Hmong' is only the figment of one man's (Yang Dao) imagination as he failed miserably to define 'Hmong' as "free man"—another delusional attempt to find context and significance where there is none. With this said, every 'Hmong' is a Miao; and every Miao is a 'Chinese'. How am I so certain? Look at all the 'Hmong' surnames, nearly all are Putonghua (Han) surnames.
+Chris Lau When have we actually started talking about the this writing system? And to which writing system are you talking about? Of course I know all three main writing systems of the Hmong were invented in the mid 1900's; I am not that delusional to believe that the Hmong of SE Asia had a writing system. Have you actually try to understand why Dr. Yang Dao tried to define Hmong as "free man?" If you have you should at least acknowledge the reasons why he would do that. Whether it was successful or not is a different topic. Whether there is context or significance is also another topic. Every context and significance for anything comes from someone and was given to them when there was none. You cannot blame the guy for trying (assuming there is none significance, which I do not believe so).  And if you traced the Hmong/Miao's ancestry, they were the first group of people (as far as it is known) to have settle in the Yellow River basin, developed the rice agricultural procedures that is still widely use throughout the world (with modifications as years goes by of course). That's one of the theory for why the Miao are call "Miao". 
We never call ourselves Chinese.  We always refer ourselves as Hmong. In a war the victor always wrote of how the story should be but "Chris" you won the war.  Let us call ourselves the way we want to. Thanks to your people we are free from oppression. Soon will see who will write the next chapter.
All I know is that chinese dont like to farm and do hard labor even now han chinese are like high in tech stuff and engineering, so thus this song can not portraits han chinese, this is likely portraits as miao ethnicity or something close to that. But the woman is at least likely be han chinese girl I may be wrong. If I am wrong please point it out for me cause its always a pleasure to learn from your mistake and I do sometime admit that I'm wrong or have offended someone. If i did then my apologies.
Thank you brother Xiongxiong.
..........hmong is HMOOB... chinese is CHINA.... MIAO is people who lived in Mountain areas.. got it??!??!  however, when come to love and interracial sex = miao + hmong + chinese = hmong chinese...
Wtf? education sir.
Hey!  Cov kwj tij kwv npawg thiab phooj ywg txhua tus...puam chawj mas nawb.  Tus neeg ntse ces yuav txawj/paub xav me ntsis.  Tus ruam thiaj hais lus luam thuam lwm tus.  Miao/Hmoob yog ib yam xwb.  Kuv tau hnov tias Miao yog ib lub npe zoo kawg uas Suav tau tis rau peb Hmoog tiam sis tom qab tsiv mus nyob Nplog ces txawm tis txawv me ntsis lawm los peb sawv daws tseem yog Hmoob/Miao li qub.  Kev tsim txom peb muaj txhua lawm, teb chaws peb poob los ntev es txhob sib ceg sib ntxub..rau2 siab sib hlub xwb luag lwm haiv thiaj saib taus peb.  Ua tsaug! 
Don't know what her sing. Nws tsis yog hmoob pob
Song hunter Singer, (and anyone other inquirer) She is not Ayoudou. We, US-Hmong, do not know for sure who she is, or if she is even Hmong -- though many of them claim they are, yet mainly sing in Chinese/Mandarin, so how do we know with any certainty. (True, these artists are born, raised, and live in China so Chinese is their native language -- speaking and singing. No argument there.)
To Han and Manchu, if you don't know the beautiful girl and the good singer in China. Then i tell you Miao and Hmong girl is the best, that's why you claim me Chinese but i'm not. I'm a Miao and Hmong and we still know who we are so Han and Manchu, you crazy people. That's why all the super star and singer star is Miao and Hmong claim, but you call me Chinese. I'm sorry that you're hungry me, but i'm not Chinese, i'm a Miao and Hmong original in China by Hmong King.  
latin songs are the best .fools.phygiant mode .very romantic.12345B67  the fifth is half note,flat.spanish scale.latin very very good.i like
no one gives a shit what u identify yourFUCKINGself 傻逼玩意
Now you guys see why we Hmong don't have a country.  If you guys really look into the custom and tradition of all Hmong.  We all have similar trades no matter how other people called us but yet you guys argue about who is Hmong or Miao or Mong etc...We Hmong are all over the world and in different country we were called differently but we as "HMONG" know who we really are.  Why can you guy stop criticizing each other and look for what we all have in commend.  I'm sure Chinese called us Miao same as some Laos people called us Miao too but we all know we are HMONG so stop the argument and just be proud of who you are.
All you shut up before I school you on hmong and miao ....There the same people ...miao just a long time term that they call hmong before the French call miao people hmong ..
人靚歌甜 小第暈眩了~~~
hmong, miao, hmu.  "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." willian Shakespeare.  not that im anywhere near her (wen xin) level, but once I hop on the lusheng, we would see eye to eye.
Wow! Who is that pretty girl?
Beautiful and very lovely, I like.
All Hmong are pretty, doesn't matter where they live.  It depend on where you meet them.  The reason they marry Hmong Laos is because most of the Hmong in the States are from Laos.  Communication is easier.
Y hmong meka dont marry hmongsuav? Way better looking then the hmong laos  lol  just sweet n lovely..
Very nice song ! 
lol i dont think miaos is the mandarin pronunciation of hmong its what they called us by like i told my little brother whos taking mandarin i told him miao isnt hmong in mandarin its what they called us in example korean we called them koreans but they called themself hanguk we called japanese japanese and they called themself nihonhjin
You are correct, Miao is the name given to them by the people of China, I'm sure in Laos, Thai, & Vietnam, they probably have their own way of calling us too. When we say our peopel in Hmong, we said hmoob but in English we say Hmong.
I love my people .
I know, as a Hmong person how we feel when other call us differently then who we really are, but as a Hmong person we never call other that is not their races or something that shouldn't be called. Be proud of what we are, who we are, and the way we are, because  " Hmong "  mean we never revenged other people even though we are hurting, and that because   " We  Are  Hmong "  
So who is this singer? Is she Ayoudou? Is she Hm/Mia or others? Anyways she sings pretty good though. Like it!
Sam Sam Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
@lordnas Miao was the name asked by Miao people themselves, you know nothing about China, and just want to use your idea to think about the world, you are Laos, and if you want to talk about politics, please talk with Laos government.
Most of what tiezi00 say is true. The age of warring, political persecution, and resisting came to a dead halt when Mao turn the country into a socialist republic. Life for the Hmong/Miao has changed more favorable to the Hmongs. The new generation of Han are not that of the old bunch. The new generation can not be hated for what their forefathers did. tiezi00, you have to bear in mind what Han forefathers did, from 2700 B.C. to recent 1980 Miao endured extreme hardship.
you wish you were chinese! fuck you you disgraces pieces of shit. Go be a chinese. Fuck can't believe u a xiong too. I like chinesee too but i don't wish i was one
Miao, or Hmong as you stated are not Chinese. They are very different in culture, language, and many other ways. Miao were chased out of there homeland 5,000 years ago. Our ancient leader was Chiyou, or Txiv Yawg(Father Grandfather). The Miao people fought back but lost and was forced to speak Cantonese or whatever. They refused to give in to Chinese rule and fled there homeland. They fled south through vietnamese and into laos. During there migrations, they divided into serperate groups.
@kamichamamink She is HAN CHINESE. This is her only video that I known that she dress as a Hmong person. All her other videos she's in Chinese or modern clothes. The song talks about the Hmong girls up in the mountain. I would translated but I can't understand everything.
inno wtfuck she sdaying but she look gewd uhhuh damn i wish i was chiness
since every1 share about their family history I share mine 2 I'm HmongAmerican surname Hang known as Hang tiger, parents&grandparent HmongLaos greatgrandparent HmongChinese My Hubby surname Yang, the 9 Yang brothers group HmongLaos as will as his parents&grandparent Greatgrandpa adopted Chinese child something to know about the yang families the curst, all son cant eat the heart of any animals/theyll become blind. dont know much of the Hang history but know lots about the Yang families histories
@niamtxiv Your culture? You are not even Chinese Miao, how can you know Miao culture, you are just refugees in American, have a clear identification for yourself. Pathetic people.
The horns on her head resembles alot of Txiv Ywj...
miao, se miao, mong, hmong, hamong, lub ntsej muag hmoob is always unique! that no one can ever change...
She's Hmong? I don't understand a word she is saying and i am Hmong. hmm....o.O
she is Miae not hmong because i don"t understand wat she singing
This singer is not Hmong/Miao but she looks fantastic in the traditional outfit. Props :D
lol, I agree with you. Ayoudou and Song Zuying are in the Chinese military right? I'm Hmong and very proud about that. However, I'm also a American and extremely proud that as well. I was born an American; I will live an American; I shall die an American.- Daniel Webster
@IwasUnknownUser Man, shut the fuck up. You don't know about our culture, so stfu. Go learn about your own culture.
Tus me ntxhais koj puas paub peb cov lus hmoob memkuj os? yog paub no, koj qhia kuv puas tau os?
im 100% HMONG...n from generation to generation, we are never been told that we WERE Chinese. Oh and whatever happened in the pass that we forgot how it happened, doesnt mean that we forgot who we really were. Plus Hmong isnt Miao too. =D
First, you should appreciate the land where you live now, the America, which give you a home, you should be proud to be a American just like being proud as a Hmong. Second, Miao is NOT a bad word in Chinese, "Miao" means fresh plant sprout, "Miao" is a very good word in Chinese Dictionary. "Miao" people in China is very repected, both Song Zuying and Ayouduo are famous Chinese stars and are paliament members in central government.They have concert cross the world and represent Chinese culture.
She is either of Han Chinese or another Chinese ethnic, dressed in Miao/Hmong attire singing about Miao/Hmong girls from mountain sides... it's just for show. Chinese Propaganda? Ethnic Cleansing? Tourism?... Still a great song & wonderful culture ;) Carry on *applause* ...
Miao is just the Mandarin pronunciation of Hmong. Hmong derived from Hmiaun, Hmao....
koj pua yog ntxhwab sinb lamg os tus ntxais zoo
Its sad some people are claiming Menggu and Monguor as Hmong. Both of these people did not enter China until after the Han Dysnasty. They have nothing to do with Chiyou's bird people of the San Miao. They have no record of migrating to Southern China. They have no DNA connection to the Hmong. Only the White Hmong have Northern DNA and they are connected to the Qin. Hmong Leng/Yunan Hmong have O2 DNA. How are they connected to the C DNA of Northern China? Funny.
@yengthayaj : i agree with you. Hmong are originally from china therefore there are resemblance. THat's why she look so much like a hmong girl...
It was during this period that the Miao name acquired the bad connotation. Much of it had to do with the defeats during the rebellions. If it was the other way around the Miao name would have had a different connotation just like Chinese after the Korean and Vietnam war. Before that Chinese was equated to dogs.
Hmong and Miao are the same people when general vang pao had power in Lao we change Miao to Hmong dr.yang Dao helped to translate the word Miao to Hmong we are Hmong. The word Miao in Lao mean cat and in china means people live in the mountain or babarrian
@visvwj Some Americans say they can't understand British accent and language. Think about it. It's only been a few hundred years since the divergence of Americans from Britain. When you have thousands of years separating you and the original Hmong people living in souther China, and with no telecommunications or TV to watch and learn, how do you think language can change? Search for "Suab Hmong News: Exclusive with Lee Yang from China" which will show Lee Yang, who performs with this gal.
@VamYang Sorry, not to ignorant. I know Hmong are originated from China. But this isn't Hmong to me. sorry! im not putting them down, as long as I don't understand them. They are not Hmong but Miao, though people say Miao and Hmong are the same. There are so many dialects spoken in China, some sound like us, (in the U.S.A) and some, we have no idea, like this girl. it's fine if they say i am the one that changed because the miao language is no use for me, for i dont live there. :)
They may indeed have called themselves "Hmong" as many assumed, but "Miao' is probably a name given to them by the Chinese, at least in writing. In his "Insurgency and Social Disorder in Guizhou: The "Miao" Rebellion, 1854-1873," Robert Jenks wrote, "The most convincing explanation of the origin of the term 'Miao' is that it represented an effort on the part of the Chinese to recreate the sound of the word (pronounced 'Mong' or 'Mu,' as the 'H' is unaspirated)
You have to be more specific when you mentioned "white people." Genealogy with Anthropology is a very complex thing, especially when history is involved.
I'm planning to take my family for a vacation in China where most Hmong are located. If you know any interesting place(s), please let me know. I saw on the Travel Channel about Zuizhou province, but not so sure about it. Your reply is greatly appreciated. Dr. Richard Xiong
Well say, well say my friend. The past is the past, don't hate your close asian neighbor. =D
Hmong and Chinese the same wtf fyi
@niamtxiv Yea you tell him/her that!!! I got your back!!
@miracle6848 Where did you get that information? I would like to read about it.
Again and again. You Humong/Miao guys are very lucky with so many beautiful girls and wonderful music and art traditions. I wished I could speak you language. If any lady out there in the Austin Texas area is willing to teach me Hmong please send me a message. Of course I will pay a fair rate. I would like to understand the lirics and of course make some trips to Hmong lands. Thank you.
Don't argue people, just listen to the music and let it sooth your soul.
have you guys ever thought of going through your hmong roots? If you go far enough back the hmong name is just a blurr. Keeping in mind there was never hmong people to start with and the name miao was name by the chinese. we was some mountain people and the chinese call us miao we was chase and kill for our land so to protect ourself we changed miao to hmong using our own language and during all those years of chaos we lost our identity as miao people and took the name hmong and ran off to laos.
Well, I don't know if you notice, a word can be used in a negative way no matter how you use it in a sentence. As I know, old folks say "Miao" is a name for Chinese to call us in a Negative way. Most Hmong are content where they live. If you don't know, we want to be known as Hmong doesn't matter where. As for Ayouduo, She works along with Geli Yang, they use Hmong Instruments... so they are still representing for Hmong. And our Leader, GVP, met them before and they wish to represent Hmong.
The definition of Chinese include 56 ethnic groups, Miao is one of them, we have 9 million Miao people in China, there are only 400,000 Hmong is outside of China, they live in Laos or USA. China does not belong to Han Chinese, it belong to all 56 ethincs. Han itself has many different culture and different languages in different provinces. It doesn't has to be seperated to different countries, if every ethnic has its own country, then there would be over 6000 countries in the world, rediculous.
wow imma so confused is she hmong or chinese! to me she looks chinese.... but there is "hmong" everywhere!
Hmong and Miao are totallyy different kind of people.
@miracle6848 You are making conflicts between people, Miao is just a name for ethnic group in China, and now it has no any derogatory meaning, you are still living in the 19th century, you know nothing in China, and the reason you can watch the video already shows the job of Chinese people to preserve every ethnic culture, so use your brain, and don;t talk like you know the fact in the world, and if you go to China, maybe Miao people don;t think you are the same as them.
Tus ntxhais no nws yog hmong tab sis ntshe nws yog hmong txua ho mas nws hais lus sis sis es
Hello, tus hmoob suab hub nkauj no, do you have the lyrics for this song? Like Romanji?
She is an ethnic Manchu Chinese, born in northeast of China, grow up in XinJiang and Sichuan province, after High school, she went to Minzu ethnic university of China in Beijing, Major in Singing, now she is a Chinese military singer just like the Miao singer Song Zuying, very famous across the country, here is this song in live on youtube "Un2vNuA4mgk". btw, all 56 ethnics in China enjoy each other's culture very much. There are many ethnic universities in China to develop those culture.
Oh Wow Hmong Clothing are so pretty :) I love It !
@miracle6848 then what's ur point? Miao people will be inevitably assimilated into Chinese society through urbanisation cos the younger generation no longer value their own culture & language.
She is not HMOOB, like peb cov hmoob no nas. Nws yeej yog neeg Suav. ..haha.. goodness..haha..
She kinda looks like shes hmong. But shes not , right ???
If she's a little chubbier she'll look exactly like Ayouduo.
hmong or not/chinese, she's pretty, like to visit their place one day
fuck yah ill tell her she not Chinese, becuase she is not Chinese. Of course im hmong american because i got the god danm citizenship that says im american, but dont call me american. crap how my comp didnt fck up but w/e read my other comment
I don't understand a word of she said but glad she is Hmong breed.
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