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Dead Rising 2: Walkthrough - Part 2 - Royal Flush Plaza - Let's Play (DR2 Gameplay/Commentary)

by theRadBrad • 433,159 views

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - Walkthrough Part 1 |

+TeknoGaming Lady from the walking dead game I think
has anyone noticed that he forgot to close the door?
When she got bitten I knew hope was lost. Wait does she die I can't quite remember from my gameplay
They never showed her getting bitten in this game...
Do you have a partner
im a big fan of DR 2 and DR2 off records so Does DR3 worth buying Xone or Upgrading my Pc (cuz my pc is shit) or should i w8 for Dragon age Inqustion and Upgrade my pc pls tell me
In dr3 it's annie, in dr2 it's Katey how the fuck does that work?
ha this was my favourite game about 5 years ago
Brad do you whach vanossgameing
      2:01  (Insert Arnold Schwarzenegger voice Here) AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH
I know it's a huge part of the game, and it's like.. a main selling point. But I never cared for the whole "3 day" part of Dead Rising. I like to be able to take my time in a game. Like for example, with something like Fallout, I'd ignore what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing, and spend 4 hours looking at random things. If Dead Rising didn't have a time limit, I'd probably do the same. Check out the stores, read some of the entertaining signs, play slot machines, etc, but because of the time limit, you either have to rush, or lose the game and restart. Even more annoying when you have to keep stopping to give your daughter Zombrex. Again, I get that it's part of the game. You lose, but get to restart the game with all your upgrades still, to make it a bit easier next time, plus you learn each time. But I'd prefer to just be able to take as long as I want, instead of having to restart 20 times. If they didn't have the time limit, I could just level up by normal means, like doing missions or killing zombies, before heading on to the main stuff. But instead, you level up a bit, finish the 3 days, restart the game, and level up some more. Seems a bit pointless, and a bit of a waste that you have this entire giant area to play in, but only 3 days to it in, before you have to restart, and sit through the intro cutscenes and shit again. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying the game's bad. It's still fun, I just think it would be MORE fun, if they removed the time limit. Also I wish I could use the camera from the first game without having to buy a 2nd copy of dead rising 2, but with a new character. I don't see why it would have been such a big deal, to just add it as a simple, cheap DLC. Pay a few dollars, get some DR1 features shoved into DR2. Instead of paying for a whole new copy of the game.
Yeah, but you could always make a new file (there are 3 spots, as you probably know) and just fuck around on two of them. At least that's what I do.
hey radbrad I am watching every walkthrough video u ever made
ther semons a have zmon and demon
Wait are you telling me that the emergency bunker bringing safety from zombies dos't have zombrex
I cant belive you found a axe
Everyone stockpile on bricks
You know what, Brad? Your new self is a lot more relaxed than your classic self! I love either one of you though xD your videos are just awesome. Keep it up, man! :D
those shoes are awesome
Brad having fun with the zombies and Ketty turning
at 0:45 i was thinking TAKE THE GIRL LET ME LIVE
"I'm in heaven right now" LOL!
I want to put your voice in bed and tuck it in , you sound so young! Lulz
I love how brad is going to earn so much off of these old videos! It's like getting interest from the bank!
I remember as a little kid seeing a random commercial for this game, I knew about the first one from listening to a conversation my brother had with his friend, and this looked fun and freaky at the time
badass character, badass music, OMG, THIS GAME IS BADASS!
does the multi player work split screen
+pig king Isn't that what Split Screen is? Because if so, Nay means no.
+txfnero i know what it means but some games have multiplayer that is local that you don't use split screen for which i don't like because your not allowed to far away from each other and i only like split-screen when your able to change it vertical because the screens are smaller when horizontal
Those captions add an indescribable humour to any video.
I go virgin girl da like that
Guy: GET TO DE SAFE HOUSE!! Brad: GET TO DA CHOPPA!!! Me: No Brad, That happens in the end.
XD what if Katey killed him!
if you have it can you do the first one i don't have it and i never seen it  
I would suggest buying it to be honest. You can get a pre-owned copy from gamestop for $5.
gamestop is too far  from my house and don't have money  just wanted to see it played  
Dead Rising 3 brought me here Brad!
I just watched your recent deadrising 3 vid where you actually mentioned deadrising 2 thats why im here. But u sound so young lol it kinda sound like your voice is cracking
Ahhh the Terminator reference XD
just look at this guy playing DR while trying one and another stuff for weapon hahaha i love ya man. how could you be so calm alhdkahsdl
There was a gun in that spray shop
The rad brad sounded different back in the day
futcher brad sent me here
If u were stuck in a closet with 5 fat zombies they might explode and u will die that fast
Are those zombies called "boomers"?
Why do you say Jesus alot
lol! 7:19 some guy named KIRBY!!!! XD
the fat guy that runs is in dead rising 3
Heheheheh... the servebot helmets at 6:58... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Can we use katey as a melee weapon?
My names chuck,cuck Norris
Like a bite, these boobs taste good
Get to da chopper Arnold schrnazaneggar
no im from the future way far as far as dead rising 3 came out like xboxone and ps4
uve come so far brad good job
chuck greene? Mre like Chuck norris
3:07 can't get a signal first world problems still exist in a zombie apocalypse
You are so funny Brad you just make my day!
Get it free from where?
this game sucks graphics are phony as hell
and DAMNIT Brad! When you picked up that sandwich box/pizza box/whatever is was made me want pizza -.-
Make your vidios longer
3 day response time for a zombie outbreak? God we're fat America!
future brad sends his regards
Where the fuck is the police and S.W.A.T?????????????????????
Brads voice has changed so much since these videos
Future Brad sent me here.Lol I didn't think I would like DR2 but it's actually good.
1:45, He got some some Second Base ;)
How do you scroll through the items in your inventory? ( top left corner of the screen )
Why didn't they get Liam Neeson to be the voice actor for the FCS Guard. I mean it looks just like him.
The little girl will have a trauma for life
2:50 ever wish you could rewind time and go back before well you can't and that's why youtube is here so that I can say the stuff I really say when im the one on the xbox or playstation or pc or whatever call me at 1-800-I-don't-give-a-damn for no reason whatsoever
The best combo weapon is bear with a gun
Next time you play this you can get a torch and some gems and make a light saber
this is y u dont play with zombies kiddos
i wonder if life would actually be like that in real life if zombies were real
if this game were in 2013 the "badass" music will be changed with a dubstep song
6:56 Why are there bonne robot faces in dr2?
Play call of duty black ops 2 zombies
me to have you herd his voice in his newer vids...his voice is deeper in this one
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