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Paula Patton Covers Complex

by Complex • 422,647 views

Can't get enough of our stunning cover girl Paula Patton? Check out our feature cover story here and this video we...

Wow! Absolutely amazing.
Cute. But no curves.
What's the soundtrack called?
She is so fucking pretty i would love to tap that
all I have to say is robin thicke is a fuckin idiot!!
Sure looks like that, doesn't it? I don't know all the facts but it looks like he was straying. With a piece of ass like THAT at home, you're gonna cheat? Bonehead! 
you know what Robin Thicke is saying ...DAM I FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This woman is a GODDESS!
+charvelgtrs Her father is African-American. Her mother is caucasian (she has German and English ancestry).  I got this from are they wrong?  The pics I saw of her parents support what I stated above.  Still curious where u got your info from?
i just came in touch with my lesbian side. oh my
so whatch the film "precious", she's playing a lesbian teacher there. that's where I "found" her! of the sexiest women on this planet! And part of my lesbian fantasies ;-)
linda Paulo Patton
One of the WORLD'S most BEAUTIFUL WOMEN !!!!!!!
I love Paula Patton so much. She's so hot and i love this video footage of Complex magazine with her looking sexy. I got some of these pictures from Complex of her on my bedroom wall. Please Paula can i be your man? LOL.
she's fucking perfect <3<3<3
That's one fine ass dizzy blonde
Her native american features are definitely more prominent. She doesn't even look white at all. But sure.
Her Father is mostly Irish and part Native American and her Mother is Afro/Cuban/Puerto Rican. She doesn't just have a little bit of white in her. Can we just agree that I was right and you were wrong?
she looks so much like jennifer lopez
robin thicke u son of a bitch smh
Robin Thicke you lucksy sob.... I still love your music
always found her sexfantastic hotttttttttt
i never knew gym equipment could be made so sexy O.O
super sexy, shes one of the most beautiful women ive ever seen
Wowzers. I nominate her to play Wonder Woman... if Warner Bros. ever gets off their butts and makes that movie.
@Cheese8787 Age is only a number. It's evident that Paula is fit and takes care of herself. There are 20something women who are fat and/or out of shape.
motherfucker damn she is gorgeous
Every body click the youtube video settings button and change the speed to 0.5x. What a babe!
Go on Google and under pictures search Rosario Dawson's Dad and the first picture will be of her Dad and her. Her Father looks just like your average white guy.
she-hulk. I want Paula Patton. I want her.
Paula Patton make you wanna cosign on sumthin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is amazing! I loved her in Déja-vu and MI IV
I'm going to start singing like somebody-is-squeezing-my-nuts: apparently it comes in handy if you want to bag a Paula Patton caliber broad...
Robin Thicke you lucky mother f^#%#@
Robin may be the luckiest man in the world seriously!
fuck robin thick i wanna plant my cock deep inside that pussy ++ eat her asshole
she is 36 and damn fine woman.husband is a luck fuck
Can you believe this woman's 36 and has a child?
@GOOBLE07 I'm here, because I've been a Paula Patton fan since 2006.
wow her core is so strong and flat, even after her baby!
robin thicke you lucky lucky man!
Where does she get her clothes.. hot.. omg!
Robin Thicke is a very lucky guy, oh but of course she's lucky too! SEXY COUPLE <3
I should really get in shape -______-, proceeds to get rice
She is rather incredibly hot.
she is so sexy omfg omfg omfg omfg omfg O.O
I'm straight and I find that hott. Robin Thicke is a lucky man.
Robin Thicke one lucky man and she a lucky woman because I want Robin Thicke LOL!!
Her breast looked bigger in Idlewild but because she's a pretty mixed girl, I can over look that. Mixed girls are better. Mixed chicks > other chicks.
I am a gay man and this almost makes me wanna be straight. Almost. I would miss trouser snakes too much.
Theres a massive difference between a video model and a stunning woman. wow shes hot
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