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Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Sing a Duet!

by TheEllenShow • 22,954,182 views

This incredible duo teamed up to perform an original song for Ellen! They may not have had a lot of rehearsal, but it's clear that this is one musical combo it would be great to hear a lot more of.

I forgot that Zac can sing omg.. 
me too i was like wow he can sing so good, and then i was like high school musical. duh.
I NEVER KNEW ZAC COULD ACTUALLY SING. I wonder why Disney made him lip sync to that Drew Seely guy... cause Zac is actually a good singer
+Katniss Grace they hired zac late. the audio recording was already done by then with drew seeley. So instead of rerecording he just lip-synced.
Awkward when the actor sings better than the singer...
+AnimalLover24561 Which means, after they snookered folks with a professional's chops, i.e. gained the fandom, they decided it was okay for him to sing. Kind of proved the guy's point, with your, "Only on the first one" he didn't sing. He has a nice sounding voice, not arguing that, but him sounding better than her here is really a cut on Swift, who makes her bones from singing and songwriting.  
I feel as if they should date but I'm not sure
+Aphrodite890 Really? Do you know where? I'd love to read that article.
+julesdanser It was in a dutch paper, but i'm sure if you googled ityou will find it :)
I know Taylor Swift dates too much, I think she should stick with Zac they would be the most amazing couple
+Lrdvltr Wow, that was rude, even for a troll! 
There's no way in hell this was a freestyle... lol
+UeberEighteen Ellen seems very likable (my woman likes her much), fun, all that, but the woman is so ELLEN centric, same as OPRAH, it sort of disgusts me.  "It's my birthday week, so I get to do what I want", I saw her a bit ago say (really--your birthday WEEK, not DAY?). The woman seems to so OFTEN turn every bit into some reference to her own show, and let's face it--all those rabid fans of hers are bought with all the free gifts, i.e. I kind of tend to think THAT, as much as Ellen Degeneres, fun dancing fake friend, is what keeps them tuning in and trying for tickets--FREE STUFF. The other day she had some bit about whatever, to do with real estate, i.e. things to watch out for, and she says, "as everyone knows, I love real estate, love buying houses", and I thought, how stupid are all these women, who seem to cry and get all aflutter, thinking Ellen is just one of them? She is the white-gay Oprah (forgot, Oprah is gay too, which I have no care either way about), i.e. TOTALLY into herself. Always making jokes about someone not watching her show, or did they watch it, etc. There is an entire and important world OUTSIDE your show, eh? And some of the bits that she gets away with, I cannot imagine a man doing, in this sad, feminizing state of American culture--Mila Kunis is a guest, she speaks of Astin (her boyfriend, baby daddy, or hub, I do not know, but they had a kid) Kutcher being a "great swaddler...if you need someone to swaddle your baby, call him", i.e. perpetuating the emasculation bit, then Ellen says it is time to play the game, "Stripper--I hardly know her", an adolescent male type joke, only with Ellen being lesbian, I guess it makes sense, strip HER, the play on words--only they trot out two male Chippendale type, shirtless dancers, and the two ladies pretend to try and answer never before heard questions (of course about Kunis' latest piss poor movie) and the winner or loser of each round GETS to strip off articles of clothes off of these metrosexually shaved and likely gay males. Apart from some beer drinking, fart joke making MAN SHOW, tell me, where is the quid pro quo for such objectification and second tier placing of women? Oprah made her bones on EVIL MEN shows, her first cpl years, which made me dislike her right off--"Men who beat their women, on the next Oprah Winfrey", "Men who cheat, on the next Oprah Winfrey", always a BAD man show, gaining her minions, until she got big enough to do the odd, "LES-BIANS, on the next OPRAH", i.e. losing the last name. Ellen seems to do The Man's bidding, if you will--her part to further dumb down and emasculate male energy, to a degree, at least with that bit. Like I said, she seems quite likable, and fun...but the subtext, not so much.  She also did a bit (hey, my girlfriend likes the show, so I try now and again, not to leave the room when she comes on while we are together, so I have seen some, yes) where it was all these toys shaped like penises I think, I mean products and real toys, not sex toys--and she is on in the middle of the day, seemingly wholesome and family friendly, doing dick jokes and stripping men, while talking about them being home diapering. I never trucked with John Waynes' politics at all, but at least he was a Damn MAN, and they are in VERY short supply in American culture now, just watch any commercial, or sit com, always some Beta, unsure, afraid of his wife or girlfriend (and kids, who are always portrayed as smarter than Dad), depicted. Wake up, ladies--this empowerment shift you think was begat by the likes of genius women's libbers like Steinem (who I hear told in a recent book of her magazine being funded by the CIA (!)) was likely indeed kick started by Rockefellers and such, to tax the other half of the base, and kick the strong male presence out of the house, and bleed him dry in court, and weaken the family unit, and make sure not only was marriage killed in ONE generation (my folk's), but that spoiled children, raised on this 500 channel, smart phone culture insured we ALL could be check mated all the easier. We all work harder, for less, and nobody eats mom's pot roast together at 6 pm, talking about their lives and the world at large. Pitting us all against one another. I am all for EVERYONE'S rights to do what they want (am irreligious, agnostic, SINGLE, by the way, so not on some marriage kick, just saying, not some moralist, far from it, live and let live, but we are being conditioned, and I think it MUST seem to women like, "good, our time", but that is NOT the intention, I do not think, of the grand plan, my point). PEACE      
That playing would take more callus than 1 lesson and his speed is decent through his transitions. Also he would have an even more awkward transition since the baby taylor is a little more awkward to play. Also there were two guitar picks set on the table.
Zac sings better than her.
This little scene here just proves how disposable Swift really is. She sounds like shit compared to Efron. She's just a carefully orchestrated persona with a huge team of marketing, directing, writing, production, make up, costume design & pr experts behind her. Now 25, well past her peak and I give her 3 years max before her Swift career comes to an end. It's a huge red flag when 90% of her pr and fans compliment her looks rather than her singing. She'll be a hasbeen before she turns 30 & I'd bet my bank on that.
+Nun Ya You have a lot to say, and some very interesting points.  Some I agree with and some that I don't.  You do, however, have a few things incorrect.  First of all, you are not older than I am. (I've got you beat by more than a few years.)  I clearly remember 3 channels in B&W were all that was available on the TV, the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, and the assignation of our president.   I started playing the guitar when I was 10 years old. I know a great guitarist when I hear one. (Jimi Hendrix, Chet Atkins, and Charo all come to mind.)  I never said that Taylor Swift is on their level as a musician.  But she is quite good, and more than competent enough to accompany herself, especially in her acoustic sessions.  Her father did invest in Big Machine Records, to the tune of ~120K, about a 3% stake in the company.  But that was after Taylor was already signed.  She was actually the first artist to be signed by the label.  The whole thing could have gone wrong in so many ways.  I'm not sure where the number you referenced came from.  Could be related to the current value of the 3% share. The company is apparently being shopped around for sale. I grant you that there are a lot of unscrupulous people in the music industry, willing to push whatever they think they can make a buck with. Talent sometimes takes a back seat to marketability.  I don't believe that Taylor Swift falls into that category.   Her primary talent is in song writing.  As for some industry mogul pushing her career????  She created her own management company and runs that herself. It's a business savvy that most other artists just lack. Don't believe everything you read on the internet, or see in the media.  They get it wrong, a lot!  Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds had nothing to do with drugs or LSD, according to the song's author.   I'll throw another one at you.... Puff the Magic Dragon was not about marijuana.  (It was loosely based on a poem by Ogden Nash written in the 1940's)  I happen to enjoy Taylor Swift music. I keep her CD's right next to Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, and the Dixy Chicks, and P!nk.  (there is also the odd CD with Irish drinking songs, but we won't get into that...LOL)  I'm okay with agreeing to disagree.  Cheers!
+stepanova8 Much obliged for your honesty and the extra information. While I tried not to come across as arrogant, I knew, the length alone, I might get a bad reply. I will keep looking for clips of her playing her guitar (so far, nothing special, but it is early in my looking), and again, I did come looking because someone who WRITES their own stuff is a thing to be admired. I have, unfortunately, amid my early listens, found some clips where she is off key, or outshined, or perhaps using autotune, etc. And I have, again, seen a wee too much, for my money, self promotion, but it is a different day, I understand. When she sang her Shake It Off, with my gal and I watching, my first thought was, "Pretty bubblegum", i.e. simple pop. Tastes, obviously, are all different, but your own indicated collection/palette is diverse, and mine is eclectic, too. I sure do appreciate your candor, and diplomacy, friend, I do. All my best to you, as well! P.S. You sure about that Lennon admittance? I know he was a cheeky monkey, and who knows if he was trying to avoid the heat...coincidental, then, all those marshmallow pies, looking glass eyes, marmalade pies (etc.)--Ha! I'll try not to lump her in with these others, as a rule.  PEACE
Ellen works a long day. Giving weird interviews in a slick, cool sweater. And it gets kinda weird. yet ya calling us out, like we're boyfriend and girlfriend. But it's not cause we're just sitting here. And we got cat videos and dance on Betty White and stuff. And it's always gonna get weird.  Cause this song is all about Ellen.  It's good, yeah Every single time I come on this show, it's really weird, really weird, all because of Ellen. Every single time I come on this show, it's really weird, really weird, always end up dancing. I've been on this show eight times now, and I still remember Ellen hiding in a bathroom, with a hidden camera and she scared me so bad. And I fell and I coulda died. She always asks me who I'm dating every time I'm on this show and I don't even know why. But it gets 5 million hits on youtube. Cause, Every single time I come on this show, it's really weird, really weird, all because of Ellen. Every single time I come on this show, it's really weird, really weird, always end up dancing.
Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People :)
that was amazing! they should so do more duos
they are so cute and so good
While I was watching this I was thinking to myself "OMG ZAC CAN SING ASDFGHJK" but then I remembered he was in high school musical haha but like real talk why isn't this on iTunes?
+Jess Collins he didnt sing in the first one because he was going through puberty but the rest he did
+abby shoop he was not going though puberty he was like 20 something ( they all were that old playing 16- 18 year olds) did you have health class even if he was a late bloomer his voice change would have happened long before then
The feels though...
0:28 tay hand signaled the guy to give her the larger guitar hahahaha
+Novella Cinephile I just liked or +1'd your comment, Novella. I like a good debate, when civil, where I find it, but I wasn't or don't generally seek them out.  And yes, not a dearth of opinion or short winded, my comments. This likely has as much to do with recent months or last year's worth of instinctively "Shaking Off" if you will allow, writing Jones rust. It just spills out, when there be a strong belief or passion of some sort. Folks are, of course, free to see the length and not read, easily enough, or, as too many have, say, "I skipped your comment, it was too long", which is fine. Anyway---will wind this up, already getting long (smile). You make quite good points, and I will tell you if I didn't already, "Shake It Off" is just as catchy to my ears as anyone elses. I like my own fun stuff, others would either not like or ajudge banal or simple, etc. No problems there, or me thinking I am better or an elitist snob, etc. Just came hoping, believe it or not, for a little more, since she writes. My search is still in the beginning stages (probably I should go to her first album, etc). My larger problem personally was and is with many of the others, and the state of the industry, and the folks RUNNING things, promoting or not promoting what they do, etc. Lastly, just to be honest (not that I expect you care either way, or should etc), it DOES restore my spirit when I hear younger folks exploring and liking what came before, as well as their own artists. THAT--the knee jerk conditioning a lot of younger folks have foisted on them, earlier and earlier with all the social media, etc, is what is at the crux of the angst--all generations up til the last cpl were raised, orally, traditionally, to honor and be curious about the past, too. THANK YOU, for taking the time to respond as you did, so diplomatically, when I was passionately raging against the machine, in long fashion. PEACE     
I read comments if someone replies, it amuses me people don't read anymore and by amused I mean saddened since I was a librarian, but speaking of the machine I hope you've listened to Florence & The Machine, beautiful lyrics and a powerful voice. Taylor is fun, when in a bad mood I listen to her. But I also listen to Bon Iver, Edith Piaf, etc, and Billie Holiday who has a painfully sad autobiography. No need to thank, I personally don't enjoy debates, but music taste is very subjective, as is subjectivity itself. We form a lot of opinions on a person based on music taste which is interesting. But enjoy what you can and laugh whenever possible. 
Zac Efron actually has a pretty nice voice. I didn't expected that.  In a way, he reminds me of Jared Leto. 
He didn't sing in hsm it was some other guy I forgot his name
In hms1 he lip sync but in the other 2 movies it was him because he hit puberty and had lessons Jenna p
My two favorite people in the world singing on Ellen.😭😭😭💥💖
You forget yo mama !
Alyson McCarthy Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Omg they got a new duet 😂😵 I love it. Its so funny👏👍👏👍👏👍👏
Taylor's face at 1:47 lmao
It's 2015 and I still hit replay at least 3 times every time I watch this.
am i the only one who finds it extremely distracting that Zac is SOOOOOOO good looking?
coral S Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
That moment when you realize: Zac Efron was in High School Musical...
How did Taylor and Zac know each other?
I have the same guitar that Taylor's using, that's weird
Zac is a better singer than Taylor...
He sing better an Taylor
That moment when your like zac can't sing then remember he was on high school musical
His voice here sounds like the voice he had in HSM 2.. I think he lip synced in HSM 1 only. (Or maybe I'm wrong..)
wow did they seriously make that up on the spot? it's like a scene from a movie! cant believe it
I really like this for some reason
That was fucking great!
That guitar Taylor plays! I've seen it before. Is it the Gibson Hummingbird? It think I've seen it before.
Didn't recognize the song they're covering until I'd click the play button 2x again. Oh Pumped Up Kicks suits great to Zac's voice! Hope they recreate this version of them and share some download links too for the benefit of whom those might request it. :D
I ship it! I SHIP IT! FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!! <3 <3 <3 The two most attractive celebrities by FAR!!
god i so love this it just perfect them the lyrics the melody everything :( its the video which made me love taylor seriously <3
taylor seems really in her world
I thought that the comments are blocked..
Is it just me or you also think that they should record a song together? I mean omg it would be amazing!!!!
I love it all so big fan Taylor Swift you and him sound good together
no, but dude, they need to sing a real song together! I dont care that he isnt a singer, he has a good voice, and sounds good with her. :')
Obviously rehearsed, but still like it. Also, Zac, call me.
He lied.. He can actually plays a guitar, i saw a clip of him singing while playing guitar before. LOL! He got game :P
5mil hits on YouTube more like 23 mil
They are perfect for the roles of Link and Zelda <3
Does anyone know what strumming pattern taylor uses in the beginning? ?
Taylor Swift 13 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Best moments with Ellen. #6
You guys are really good!!! You should do this more xD but don´t forget the cowbells next time xD you both are awesome btw  
One of my favorites!  Love this clip.
And Zac continues being a better singer than Taylor...
Zac Effron sings pretty good, he has good voice projection then both of them together was nice 
They shouldn't date, She shouldn't be able to corrupt Zac Efron, no offense to Taylor and all...I love her...but yeah. My personal opinion... 😌
You can tell how they can write songs in just a few days
What is the name of this song ??? I love them 💗💗💗
more like 22 million hits on youtube..
this is my favorite video. It´s very good song.  I like you taylor and ellen
Troy Bolton is back bitches
hey that video pissed my friend emma off... sorry. 8/10. it had to be said.
BAck when they were a couple
izzy tremblay Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
wow i didnt know that zack Efron can sing he is amazing
what is the name fo the music please ? !!! 
They r perfec for each other
think they should all get it on
Is Taylor and Zac dating ?
mrs. salvatore Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
Look at Zach and Taylor singing together its really funny
Omfg I want that song as a ringtone!!!!😍😂
next months hit single....
they sound amazing together
He can sing better than i thought
whats the nam of the song ?
Pumped Up Kicks-Foster The People
Yonda Clara Goni Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Sing a Duet!:
omg zac efron is so hot and ellen your the best im 11 years old and i live in canada and i woch your show wiht my mom
Omgggggggggggg love herr
I forgot he could sing omg
Seeing Zac Efron sing makes me cry. Troy Bolton.
Yes it is. I´m sorry, but you can google it. Also, Drew sang Live during the High school musical in concert. Zac wasn´t there.
+Sassyland Princess he did that in first part but in the other two it's his voice
Jamie Anderson Shared on Google+ · 19 hours ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Which chords were it? Didn't get it! Em G D? A
Okay, thank youuuu :***
Please someone tell me what song is!!!
This is a real song right? Can someone tell me the official song?
Wernher Pottaren Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Sing a Duet!:
Name of the song? Let the ''Darude Sandstorm'' battle begin...
Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy JENKINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
why are they a duo?do they have a movie or something?
They did an animated movie together called 'The Lorax '
Loved this !! They make a great couple !!
hey everybody! just created a new my videos and please subscribe...
Jeffron Huesca Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Did she write a break up song about her break up with him yet?
They didn't even date
lmao dude they was never a couple u got fooled!!
whats the name of the song they are were singing first?
Pumped Up Kicks- Foster The People
Guys what name of these song ?
i forget!.. what sing is? please..
+Alfredo CC pumped up kicks by foster the people
Ya it has my face on it wich is a little AKWARD
anyone knows the original name of the song?
Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People
What is the song....?
It's by Foster The People: Pumped Up Kicks. But they made up extra lyrics.
Straight Outta Compton - NWA
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