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The Sound Of A Bottle House

by Chris Postill • 141,165 views

I liked how my banjo sounded inside these buildings made of bottles. Colleen filmed me obsessing over it. If you want to hear more of me talking about sound and music, I now host a podcast about...

I like the riff you are playing. Very soothing.
Visually lovely however I wouldn't want to be in one of these houses in a mega quake shards of thick glass flying all over like projectiles I would recommend sticking with a Super Adobe Structure with a few nice colored glass bottle details for the safety factor, at least for the next couple of years until Nibiru, planetary alignments etc are completed for the next X 1000 years! People who build such houses need to check out Food Forest & How to Save the World Peter Proctor &
que construccion! me eencanta y en cuanto a cualquier vision apocaliptica me río mucho de la nueva moda rich-man de construir en sotanos! ajajjjajajque mundo tan inverosimil! FELICITACIONES A QUIENES MIRAN A TRAVES DEL CRISTAL!
I read this as The Sound of a Bottle Horse, lol, so was surprised... ps: sound of a bottle horse is, of course, clink clop. I'll get my coat...
just don't through any stones XD a house of Bottles energy efficient?...
This guy shouldn't throw stones...
We start our Earthship soon. Can't wait! :)
an obama supporter worshiping himself
Do your windows stand up to stones being thrown at them?
Don't throw stones around there :/
Aw, I was hoping to hear the sound of the wind blowing into/over the bottles....
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