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Let's Play DayZ: Day 3 EXTENDED with Destin and Jared - Lamb Chops, Matches, and Hospitals

by IGN • 75,730 views

EXTENDED Version! You're not bored yet? Wow! Watch Destin and Jared Skin a Lamb and continue the crazy adventure they started. Warning! Some swearing may take place.

Awesome series so far, is it worth playing if I don't have anyone to team up with? Ps- a clip is a piece of metal thet holds the round by the base ( primer end) a magazine is what you mean a magazine is fully encases the rounds so basically it is a rectangle block shape so 1911 m9 m4 m1a glock etc all take magazines. I'm trying not to be picky but it is the same as my dad (64yo) playing Tiger Woods on PS3 but he calls it Nintendo ( to him every console is Nintendo) we as gamers would correct that, so please try to use the correct vernacular.
the one problem i have with these guys is that they don't go for head shots when they easily could. 
I don't own DayZ, but a cool mechanic would be the louder you are on voicechat ingame the more likely you are to be seen.
Credit where it's due, this game got so much better in the last 2 years!
how do i play this game
Canadians are supposed to be nice not killers 
How do i get this game? do i have to pay for it?
why is it that they cant gt on the dark grey areas near the dock?
Funny, you're one of those people who seek attention, looking at the top comment and checking who they replied, and reply back to see if you can also get a top comment. Two things, note the date, 11 months ago, the guy i was backtrolling was a troll (taste of their own medicine, ever heard of it) The top commenter failed to look at that too, responding to 6 months old comments. Still, I had my fun by then. Now I don't log on much so respond what u like, you'll get no attention from me anymore...
nah, the only ones hating me are other nerds, who read the comments, and feel identified with the losers I described and bashed, and comment stuff like that to try ad feel better, cause they know it's true. So they can hate me all they want. I don't care, is not like they're important. hehe are u one of those losers too? or like @NanoGhost2 who tries to act all adult like, yet spams the inbox ignorantly? loser kids nowadays... XD
Same as me, so you don't annoy other users, with your pathetic grammar correction. ;)
LOL "When the police ask, he had a weapon!"
I Wish I Had Money And A Better Computer You Can't Play Any Games On A 7yr Old Computer!
You guys really need to keep making these cause I cant play the game. I only have a macbook pro not a desktop to play the game!
how do u get a bigger daysack ?
11:35 should of hidden the animal... oh god the lolz
I agree with this one-hundred percent. It's a shame decent videos get spoiled by such behaviour.
lol it's hilarious, tiny brain? yet I figured you talk to yourself XD haha
I wouldn't have to correct if you weren't so messed up in the head...seriously, go back to school.
I wonder if those idiots farther down in the comments know that a faggot is a bundle of sticks literally that's what a faggot is.
lol my friends (even the new ones) dont try to take my gf ,money ,or leave when shit gets real =P you just have a bad taste in friends and well life decisions
You need Arma 2 combined ops (arma 2 + operation arrowhead) from steam, then download the mod and play6.
Well good luck and be safe, it's nearly 1 AM here so...yea, that's about it.
I've noticed the immense difference having a partner makes!
Thing is, what 'everybody' says has been similar to my opinions too. I know some cool nerds, I used to be friends with some, i was a social guy back in midle and high school. I hung with them as well with some jocks too. You see I don't discriminate people who behave normal. But when someone TRIES to be smart, i can't resist the temptation to make fun of him.
Well he has no common sense, that's the main issue. I have slow internet, so if I had multiple accounts, I wouldn't be able to log on and off over and over again or else...heck, it'd just take forever. Not worth it.
Hey, i'm an aspiring artist on DeviantART, and it would really help me out if you could check it out. just search OhCreativeOne DeviantART thank you!
Lol, What I am, is a person with good honest friends. Not someone who's afraid of talking to people because of a few jerks they once trusted. Life isn't all sunshine and daisies, and some people just don't see that. Not every person is an ass, and not every person is trustworthy. I'm a person who's willing to take a risk, and make friends. Sorry if that upsets you, but I don't really care.
The fact i have to wait over a minute, for the two channels to reply to me is intriguing lol and hilarious too XD. Now the excuse of the delay is slow internet, i guess both have slow internet huh!? I have a storm in my home, yeah I live in Puerto Rico, I do have poor signal, yet I am still fast!! How cool is that.
I don't use Chrome. I use Firefox and Firefox only. Good to see you're calming down. Remember, I don't have two accounts, I have no need for them and if I did have two accounts, I'd delete this one and transfer the videos over to the new one. Obviously easier said than done, but not worth it to deal with someone who's going crazy.
Should have started a fire at the end
well, all the times nerds correct grammar, is because they are mad at the person, and don't know what else to use to defend themselves. So no, nothing gives me an idea, I know that you are mad. If you was calm, you would realize how stupid you look lol also there is nothing giving me an idea of people discriminating you, I know people discriminate you. I still haven't seen a nerd with friends, (well other nerds are their friends) but that sucks XD band of losers hehe
Woooow I can't believe all rhe CLOWNS in the comments
Steam , You need Arma 2 Combined Operations , then download the Day Z mod. That's all I know. - Mavis
How much is arma 2? He should go stand alone pre-alpha like right now.... make a deal with steam, ya know <3
ahem................ get off the internet before shit hits the FAN! up in this bitch
Makarov is pronounced mah-kah-rov, not mack-a-rov. The way Americans pronounce that name annoys me to no end.
Same thing, hmm... this is too damn funny man. How am I retarded? Cause you need to use two channel to try and look smarter? HAH!! I think the retarded is the other person ;)
I love your vids. Your like 10x better then video 1 now
have to but arma and a add on then down load mod
i love watching these series so much! x)
Go into more populated cities, shoot people, and take their stuff. U should have killed that guy earlier because if there was a gun in that town he would get it, hunt u, and kill u. Plus u needed a gun anyway. Also if u needed food and water and he found some u made a mistake. U might die of hunger while he sits there pigging out. NO MERCY!
how am I denying you are talking to yourself? how does that work? XD moron, And my proof is simple. You just said the same shit in both, talke the same, made the same mistake, and also the it's funny that it takes a while for one to comment, after the other commented XD plus you getting angry over the fact that i found out, also shows me i am right hehe. Come on, keep talking to yourself boy, i love to see that hehe. Go on kid, reply to yourself!!
Oh my God!! I guess you are right!! lol (sarcasm) nahh, not really, I feel good the way I am. But, I know a nerd when i see one, since I had some friends, they weren't losers though, they were nromal people. Sure they used proper grammar than you, but knew people like to shorten words. By the way I have this feeling that you have two accounts just to defend yourself, hmm... lol I can type, I just don't use the perfect grammar cause of the 500 characters, and I know you are a kid, your behavior
So is the dock thing a bug or is that kind of a safe spot in the game?
I know this is an older video but if your going to record playthroughs, please for gods sake stop coughing into the mic. I listen to my videos through earbuds and each random cough was ear splitting.
lost it when he said think of the rabbits! LOL
Sounds like your='re 11 months late for the party pal. lolol jokes on you. The troll failed, and now so did you ho ho ho XD
cause nerds are dumb, simple as that. lol they think they are smart because they get good grades, guess what? I had good grades too, and I didn't bragged about it. i didn't used glasses and I could defend myself. Unlike you dumb nerds, trying to act smarter makes you dumb, and a loser ;) you was calming down, why are you raging again?
Personal? Man, this is the internet. If you take anything personal on the internet, then you have issues: simple as that. Fail troll is still, fail troll.
Don't reload so much, clips take up space so use them up fully rather then having 6 clips each holding 1 round, you need to break the cod/halo habbits.
does arma 2 combined Ops. require windows? if so what version? only because steam games usually require windows
dont reply probably this guy is mad beacuse he played with them and they killed him by accident
haha who else? the guy that just went to his senses and figured out that he was wrong and leaved? HAH!! yeah, it's normal seen nerds made fun of, since they are pathetic as you, grammar may be important on jobs and school and profession, but not on youtube kiddo, here, the importance is that you understand everything we say, and see WHAT we write, not how we write them lol losers try to be smart and important, yet embarrass themselves in the process, like u are doing yourself just now XD u mad?
@FearTheImpaler Then you live a sad life. I hope it gets better.
Yes. You're denying the fact I don't have two channels. Which I don't. You're just another fail troll on Youtube. Now think of this, you have no idea if I have two channels. See, my and XII know if we do, and I don't, but not sure about him. And besides, you have absolutely no proof as to whether or not either of us have two channels each. If you do, I'd like to see it.
Do you realize that when you misspell every other word you have no room to talk shit on youtube?
lol do you have one? I doubt it, cause u ain't smart enough to fool me hahaa There goes the pathetic nerd thinking he is smart, cause he have a definition of a brain lol hilarious
You really are messed up in the head. You're calling me a moron? You read my statement completely wrong. I said you are denying the fact that I don't talk to myself. Let me break it down for you. You are DENYING, that fact I DON'T talk to myself. Simple...well, obviously not for you. Now you're saying we talk the same. Yea, now you're just being stupid. There's MILLIONS of people on Youtube that talk just like I do, and you have yet to show me proof that these are 2 accounts by 1 person...idiot
I shall run around your bullets, and hatchet you in the groin. Break your legs and leave you to fend off the dead heads.
m1911 is the ww2 version of the 1911 idiot know your shit before you go talking shit to dayz peeps
Gay meant happy before it meant homosexual, things change. unfortunately
u mad cause I found out? awww why u so mad? lol you have been pathetic the whole time. Now you say i am pathetic haha ohh the irony!!
thats not an insult your just making yourself look childish.
How the hell do I deny the fact about you talking to yourself!? lol even dumber than before. And you really should reconsider calming down kid, otherwise it will keep proving that my statement about you having two channels is right. I can't prove you are the same guy, cause in your other channel you have it empty, with no vid whatsoever. And I have seen millions of people talk the same yes, but saying the same thing, to the same guy, for the same reason, on the same conversation? lmao try again
lmao, its funny, that I said that last night, and you say it now, nahh, man your behavior is childish, that's why I know you are a kid, and if you are indeed 19 or 20, man, you are an embarrassment lol just stop struggling, calm down, I don't want you having a heart attack cause you are been exposed and made fun of hehe, take it easy kiddo, why u so mad?
lol damn kid calm down, u mad again!? u really have short temper huh? fragile much? and what the hell!/ correcting me again? HAH! yeah you are really pathetic, you need to get a life, and if you read before, you called this a fight early on, an argument is not a fight XD moron, and it ain't my opinion boy, why you think nerds are the jokes on school? that pissed you off huh? ditto, still, grammar is not important in youtube, lol get a life and stop embarrassing yourself correcting grammar kid ;)
hehe now I am trolling lol and also running out of things to say too!! Actually I just ask if u are mad, just to stop bothering you cause I don't want you to rage or something XD I don't have to see both of your channels, since it's the same talk, and the same thing you mention. And I have some pals that have multiple channels, with different shit. I ain't failing at nothing, I am just enjoying how you use two channels to act smart hehe you kid, are funny.
Well I'm in the 10th grade, but yea I also see people in there 30's talking like that. Basically, lots of people.
lol so funny, looking for an excuse of his delays. Does xll have that same problem too!? hahaha
me calming? lol no man i haven't calmed yet, I am still laughing my ass off at you trying to prove you don't have two accounts lol have you calmed your anger? I hope so, I don't want this to get personal ;)
theres a button to actually salute in arma 2
winchester is a rifle not a shotgun
How cool? No one cares. My internet is slower than 74% of the whole USA. You know why? Because I have an expensive house far from the internet's source. That's why. How cool is that?
Srsly people stop being so worried about some thing so little! Little brats. ( Go live with your mom and do it to her instead of somebody you barely know dumb ass )
Don't worry peeps Xgoldberg vs predatorX is only a troll if you pay attention to him you'll only get trolled so just ignore the troll
XgoldbergvspredatorX is a fucking retard! Simple as that, good bye. :)
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